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Dinner With Elegances Part 3

Posted on 26 May 2016 @ 5:21am by Ensign Aidan Crehan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Mila's Quarters
Timeline: MD 10 Evening

He looked up at her and smiled. Those deep feelings he had been having for her, she had the same for him. “Mila, I love you, too. So very much.” He held her, rubbing her back…staring into her eyes. “And I will do all that is within my abilities to never let you go.”

"You do?" she asked breathlessly as she met his blue eyes and saw the truth. "I will never let you go, either. I am so happy and I never thought I'd ever meet someone like you."

“Yes, Printsessa, I do. I do love you,” he replied. “I am glad that you are happy, too. I could not bear it to see you otherwise.” He paused and smiled at her again. “Shall we move to the couch, beautiful? It should be more comfortable.”

"I love you, too, Aidan," Mila said consciously for the first time and smiled at the warm feeling which swept over her. She got up off of his lap, then raised a hand to her mouth. "Oh...what about dessert?" Suddenly, she burst out laughing and nearly doubled over, which caused Chow to look at her as if she had cracked.

Aidan started laughing along with Mila. “Oh, yes…dessert. Well I made medovik cake with Bashkir honey. It is a cold dessert, so it’s most likely still good. But,” he said, with a roguish raise of his eyebrow, “we could always put it back in the cooling container and enjoy it later.”

"Dessert..." she gasped between laughing. "I love you...let's have dessert!" she staggered for the couch and practically fell onto it as she continued to laugh until she was crying. "I must be only person to put two together in such way!" She burst out laughing again. "Medovik cake is like love!"

Aidan looked from Mila, to Chow, and then back to Mila. He got up and grabbed the back of the chair. He slowly made his way around to the back of the couch. He put his hands on the back of it and leaned over. “Umhmm, I think you are the only person to put the two of them together. Because I still have no idea what you find so funny?” He started to laugh again, but only because Mila’s laughter was contagious.

Mila finally managed to catch her breath and looked up at him. "Do you not get it?" She asked. "After past several days, it is a joy to be normal again and tell you how I feel...then I get distracted by dessert. it is funny, Aidan. Not my love for you, but that I associate my love for you with dessert. You are the sweetest man ever, Sir Knight and you will forever be my Medovik."

Aidan now understood what Mila was talking about. He leaned all the way over this time and put his lips to hers. He stayed there a several moments, his mouth pressed against hers. He enjoyed the feelings of kissing not only his girlfriend, but the woman he loved. “You, my Printsessa, are precious. And I love you… Now would you like more dessert?” he asked, and gave her quick kiss. “Or the actual medovik?”

"Why, Sir Rogue," she said as she batted her eyelashes. "Are you trying to get me in bed so soon? Or would you prefer the couch?"

Aidan looked down at her oddly for half a second. Then his eyes went wide as he realized what he said. “Oh…I….uh,” he stammered. He cleared his throat and started over. “I was actually meaning more holding, more kissing, and more, um, loving as far as your dessert.” He dropped his gaze momentarily. “It has been a while since I have put these actual feelings into words. Forgive me if I was too forward, Mila.” Then he chuckled, “Of course, I have never had non-synthehol vodka, either.”

Mila gave a laugh. "I will let you off the hook, but I meant what I said to you in sickbay," she said softly. "I am yours as much as you are mine. I want to know all of you, Aidan, and I want you to know all of me."

Aidan moved around to the front of the couch and sat on the floor near Mila’s head. He put an arm up and around the top her head, twirling her hair with his fingers. With his other hand, he reached down and held hers. “I remember what you said to me in sickbay,” he said quietly, and smiled. “And I heard what you said just now.” He took a deep breath as he looked at her, laying there in her purple minidress. “I want you to know all of me and, believe me, I want to know all of you. But I also remember talking about knowing when the time is right. Mila, I know I said that I want to hold you, kiss you, and love you.” He pulled her hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it. “And if loving you, includes taking the next step…” He smiled and courtly dipped his head to her, indicating that he was willing when she was. “But I want it to be right for you.” Aidan then squeezed her hand ever so gently. "Is it?"

She gave his hand a squeeze. "For now, I am happy to simply be with you, Aidan," she said. "You are my Medovik, my Knight in shining armor, and my reason to be happy once more."

He leaned over and kissed her forehead and smiled. "Of course, my Printsessa. I am glad that I am your reason for happiness. And I hope that I always will be." He just had to say it again, "I love you. Now if you will excuse me a moment, your Sir Knight Medovik needs to get the cake." He twirled her hair once more before letting go.

Mila smiled and sat up on the couch. "I love you, Sir Medovik!" she called out as she watched him. "Could you bring the vodka back, too, please?"

Aidan grinned widely. He liked hearing those words from Mila and hoped that she would never stop saying them. “Of course I will bring the vodka back. Is there anything else I can bring you while I am up, Printsessa?” He picked up the bottle of vodka and tucked it in the crook of his elbow, against his side, as he picked up their two plates of cake. He turned to Mila.

She shook her head. "Only you, Sir Medovik," she said with a smile. "I have a feeling that it will always be just you."

He smiled at her and quickly walked back, setting the plates on the table in front of the couch. “I hope I wasn’t gone too long. For me, it seemed like an eternity that I was away from you.” He then set the bottle of vodka down. “Shall I get the glasses or do we share the bottle?”

Mile reached for the bottle and took a drink from it before she set it down, then she reached for him and pulled him close once he was within her reach. She held the liquor in her mouth as she gave him a kiss and transferred half of it to him before she broke the kiss. "Have you ever had drink like that before?" she asked after swallowing hers.

Aidan liked being pulled in by Mila. It was…different. Then she surprised him by sharing her drink. “No, I haven’t,” said Aidan. “I have never had a drink like that before. Perhaps we can do it again.” Aidan grabbed the bottle and took a drink. Putting it back down, he pulled her in close to him and returned the favor. Except, he only pulled back a few inches from her face and swallowed his liquor. Whispering, he said, “You are full of surprises, my Printsessa. And I am enjoying finding them out. You are different…and I like different. Correction, I love different.”

She smiled when he returned the liquor kiss. "You catch on very quick," she said. "I am thinking that you love many things where I am concerned, Sir Medovik. I am also certain that I love many things where you are concerned. Together, we shall explore many new things which we can love together."

“I like that idea,” Aidan said. For now, he leaned forward and picked up one of the plates of cake. As he was cutting a bite, he looked at Mila and smiled. Then he slowly raised the fork towards her mouth. “Would you like a taste?”

"Da," Mila said as she leaned forward and delicately took the bite of cake off of his fork. "It is as good as what I used to have back home." She licked her lips and got her own plate before she offered him a bite. "Now it is my turn."

“It makes me happy to hear that,” he said. “To me, it means that I have done well in cooking some of your native dishes.” He watched as she licked her lips and a half grin crept across his face. “You know, I could do that for you, if you wish.” Then he opened his mouth as a bite of cake came closer. He slid it off her fork with his lips and savored the flavor. “This is good.” Then he cut another bite for Mila. Only this time, when he brought it up to her mouth, he pulled it back a little…playfully teasing her. He looked deep into those hazel eyes, smiled, and winked.

She laughed when he pulled the fork back, then pouted. "Here I had thought we had reached new plateau. It turns out that it was only a false ledge and I am left without my sweet Sir Medovik to give me a sweet treat so that I may gaze into his eyes a while longer. Alas, 'tis the life of one destined to reach for new heights only to be denied," she said dramatically, even though her eyes were shining.

Aidan chuckled at Mila’s dramatic portrayal and watched as her eyes seemed to twinkle. He liked that. “Ah, dear Printsessa, but the false ledge only means that there is more mountain to explore before you reach the summit. And your sweet Sir Medovik will always hold you and help you as you climb to those new heights.” He then moved the bite of cake close to her as he scooted himself a little closer. “Indulge in the sweet treat, my love. Gaze into my eyes so that I might lose myself in yours.”

Mila slowly wrapped her lips around the fork slowly while she kept her hazel eyes on his blue ones and slowly pulled the bite of honey cake off of it. She let it dissolve in her mouth before she moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue, her eyes still on his. "Like this, Sir Knight?" she asked him.

Oh, he was certainly lost. Aidan’s breath escaped his mouth slowly as his heart tried to pound its way out of his chest. Never in one-hundred years…never in one-hundred eighty years had a woman made him feel the way that Mila did. “You crawl inside my mind and make my imagination run wild,” he said softly. “And I will never get enough that. Never.” He reached over, without breaking her gaze, and put the plate of cake on the table. Then he took hers and did the same. “I love you.” He leaned in, putting his hand on the back of her head, and kissed her.

She watched the expression his face and could almost hear his heart pounding and smiled as she met him halfway to return the kiss. "I love you as well, Aidan," she said as she caressed his cheek. "You are in my mind and my heart and I will treasure you there always."

Her warm hand on his cheek felt good. She felt good. Aidan brought his hand from the back of her head and laid it on her knee, giving a squeeze. “I do not believe I’ve told you yet how amazing you look tonight in your purple minidress. At least, not in those words.”

"Why, thank you, Aidan," Mila said. "You are looking very dashing yourself. The fact that you went out of your way to cook traditional Russian dishes and came over looking as handsome as you are makes me think you have many talents that I do not yet know about."

“Thank you, Mila. I did it all for you,” he said. “The traditional Russian dishes, the shirt and coat, it was all with you in mind. And yes, there are many more talents in addition to drawing and cooking. But I think that you have many talents, and surprises, that I have yet to discover as well.” He scooted over and snuggled against her, putting his arm around her. “I want you to surprise me again. Tell me something about you that would surprise me?”

"Hmm...that is a tricky question," she mused. "I would have to say that I used to be incredibly clumsy. I once broke seventeen bones playing Parrises Squares the very first time I played it. After that, I suddenly gained a lot more grace and coordination."

“You? Clumsy?” he said. “Well now, I am most certainly surprised. I would never have guessed you for clumsy at any point in your life. You move like a swan upon the waters or a flower swaying in the breeze.” He paused and thought of the times he had watched her as walked in or out of a door. “And believe me, I have seen you sway,” he said. “It is too bad that we do not have any doors in here for me to watch you walk out of. I would simply love to watch you sway from behind.”

Mila gave a delighted laugh. "Is that all you love to watch, Sir Rogue?" she asked as she fed him another piece of the medovik cake. "If that is the case, you should watch me do my morning exercises."

He swallowed the piece of medovik cake and cut a piece to feed her. “Oh no, far from it, far, far, from it. I love to watch every part of you,” he said, a noticeable roguish tone in his voice. “But since you offered, I would thoroughly enjoy watching you do your morning exercises. What time should I arrive? Or should I even leave?”

She laughed again after she ate the offered cake and took a sip of the vodka. "I get up and start my routine at Zero Five Hundred," she said. "Would it be worth it for you to come and watch? Oh, I guess that means I will have to put clothes on if you do..." She let the sentence trail off as she watched him.

Aidan’s eyes slowly widened and a smile curled his lips. “Sir Rogue indeed. I believe that I have seen the Lady Rogue.” Then he grinned as he considered her last sentence and the reply that was forming in his head. “Well, not all of the Lady Rogue, at least not yet. What time did you say? Zero Five Hundred? For this, I am certain I can wake up.” He put his hand on her knee and let it rest there.

"Shall I wake you up in the morning in that case?" Mila asked him innocently, but her eyes were challenging as the vodka finally took a hold in her system and made her bold.

Aidan was silent for a moment as he stared at her. “Sure,” he said, “wake me up in the morning. How, I’ll leave up to you, Your Ladyship.” He’d had three glasses of the purple stuff at the table and who knows how much more at the couch. In any case, it seemed to be lowering Sir Medovik’s inhibitions and allowing his inner Rogue to shine.

She lifted the bottle of vodka and took a deep drink before she saved a mouthful and leaned in to transfer half to him in a long, soft kiss. She finally broke it when the need for air was most pressing than the feel of his lips against hers. "Then shall we retire for the night, Sir Knight?"

Aidan liked this new way of having drinks with Mila. He also liked this new part of their relationship, saying ‘I love you’ to her and her to him. He liked kissing her, holding her, and loving her. “Yes, Printsessa, let us retire for the night.” He stood and extended a hand to her, intent on holding it all the way.



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