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An Assimilated What?

Posted on 21 Jun 2016 @ 5:32am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Jadzia Melcox

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Whenever

Jadzia's next stop took her to sickbay to check in and get her weekly checkup done. Having nanoprobes and a few implants in her symbiont meant she was likely the last host for the Melcox line. Thus she had made her health a priority.

Stepping into the Sickbay, she looked around at the larger medical receiving area and let out a low whistle. This was more than she'd gotten used to by a long shot.

Jayla turn towards the doors as she heard them swish open and spotted the Trill with a few Borg implants. Luckily, she had gotten her file and so wasn't terribly shocked at the sight. She headed over to her, ever present smile in place. "Hello," she said. "How can I help you?"

Smiling back, Jadzia offered her hand for a handshake. "Hi, I'm Jadzia Melcox. I was just assigned to the ship and I want to make sure you got my files. I'm also a day overdue on my weekly checkup, if you don't mind doing that as well. Have to make sure both myself and my symbiote are healthy."

"I did get your files," said Jayla with another grin. "Marked important, too. We can absolutely do your checkup now if you like. I'm not really doing anything important at the moment. Come right over here," she said, leading the Trill woman to one of the nearby bio beds.

Jadzia hopped up onto the biobed and laid down, letting the scanners run over her. As usual, a few implants warned her of the scan, but that was normal. They didn't do anything other than that and it wasn't like she had a cortical node or any of the implants that blocked such scans. "So am I your first patient that the Borg tried to assimilate?"

"Yes," admitted Jayla, watching the scan results as they came up. "I've been reading up on partially assimilated medicine since I got your file. And I have a request in to your previous doctor for any notes he has. With his help, we'll keep you and the symbiont healthy."

"Thank you," Jadzia replied, closing her eyes for a moment. "Have you read the part about the possibility of being the last host for Melcox?"

"Yes," said Jayla sadly. "I've come across a few articles that have some treatments that sound promising. i have to research them a bit more, though."

"If you think there's hope, I'll take it. That's more than the symbiosis commission gave me." Jadzia replied.

"Yes, well, the symbiosis commission also opted to allow a 15-year-old girl to try to cope with a symbiont with very little help," Jayla replied with a touch of bitterness. "I don't really put much stock in their decisions."

"They also gave one to a rogue smuggler." Jadzia said with a wry grin. "Their track record isn't the greatest."

"This is true," said Jayla with a grin. "Well, the scans look good," she said, studying the readout. "Although, once I've thoroughly gone over your medical records and gotten a response from your previous doctors, I'll have a better idea what I'm dealing with."

"That works for me." Jadzia sat up and slid off the biobed, standing with a sort of fluid motion few had. "I'll let the medical professionals worry about what things are said. I honestly barely understand any of it as it is and I have a neuro... something... array in my head."

"That's one of those terms I'm going to have to read up on," Jayla grinned. "Tell the truth, there's not a lot of it that I understand. It involves nano technology and I don't know the first thing about that. I'll have to confer with sciences, it seems."

"Confer all you need. I'll be here weekly." Jadzia reminded her with a wink. "And if you need me for anything, don't hesitate."


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