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Tactical Disadvantage

Posted on 26 Apr 2014 @ 9:58pm by Lieutenant JG Noxa & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Pursuit
Location: Bridge

It was all official now, the extra pip on her collar that she wore with a gleeful yet secretively protective smile on her face was now accompanied by a new title. She had been the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer and Assistant Chief of Security when she first came aboard the Black Hawk, but found herself quickly in an Acting capacity as the Department Head. Now, the dust had settled. The Hu-Mons had dotted the the 'i' crossed the 't' and it all became official. She was no longer Ensign Noxa, Assistant Chief...she was Chief Tactical Officer slash Security Chief, Lieutenant junior grade Noxa. More than anything though she was making a name for herself, something most fee-males on Ferenginar would have never even dreamed of. She scoffed at the very thought of the ridiculous customs and beliefs of 'her' people. She was Ferengi, yes that much was evident by her short stature, golden orange skin tone and well those gigantic ears that were often too useful for her her own good. She had heard many of conversations that she most likely should not have. Sometimes, people got so accustomed to different species on starships and starbases that they never really took into consideration that a Betazoid could be sensing tension or anxiety nor did they factor in that their whispers and mutters could be heard by the nearest Ferengi ear from across a crowded room.

Security & Tactical was something she was made for. Her aspirations were to be as useful as she could be, show people that size did not matter all the time. She had been laughed at when she was at the Academy by fellow cadets pursuing Secutiry and Tactical studies for a few reasons, but two of them were physical. One being that she was a Ferengi which made her incredibly short compared to humans or much larger and bulkier species. Two unfortunately was still the age old sexist ideology that fee-males as males of her species would say, were not built for security. Noxa paid critics little attention. She may have been not the most physically threatening security officer, but she was still a security officer. She made it known very early in Starfleet career that she meant business. She had taken Advanced Tactical Training after graduating from the Academy and was now proficient in many weapons that Starfleet Security officers rarely use, if ever. Some of which were only ever used in extreme situations or by special forces such as I-MODs, TR-116s both standard model and the 'A ' model variant as well as being trained on some technology not yet cleared by Starfleet Research & Development for field use.

Even if someone managed to disarm her before she could fire her weapon or pull out a bladed weapon, Noxa felt more than confident that should could hold her own in a fight. She was stubborn and string willed, nothing was ever going to change that. She had hand-to-hand combat training and though it was not her strongest area, she had the knowledge she needed. She just was not sure how much practical use she could get out of it. Ideally, hand-to-hand would be a last resort for her, well that and having to use a kill setting on a phaser. She prayed that the day would never come that she would have to use lethal force to stop a threat. Fighting Klingons, Firing a phaser, engaging starships in dogfights...who would ever thought a 'Fee-male' like me would be worrying over things like this? And fully clothed too she thought to herself with a toothy chuckle.

It was not uncommon for the Chief Tactical Officer to be extra careful and thorough when it came to security measures and tactical systems. She had more authority on the Black Hawk now. There were a great deal more responsibilities as a Department Head than being Lieutenant Kerr's pushover. She had always known that the man had meant well, but his social skills were much to be improved upon. At times, she could have sworn that he had gotten into some genuine alcohol and was intoxicated whilst on duty. Conduct serious unbecoming an officer and yet she said nothing and followed his orders. Now, she needn't follow them any more. He was gone and the department was hers. His tactical station on the bridge was also now hers for a shift or two which brought me to a small problem, pun certainly intended she thought with a chuckle as she approached the station while the majority of the crew were off duty or sleeping. It was Gamma shift, she was not due on the Bridge but she wanted to check on things before heading off.

I had better talk to the Captain or First Officer about this thought Noxa as she scurried off the the Turbolift. The discussion could wait until the morning. She was tired and at that hour it was not likely that anyone would be up who was due to work Alpha shift. When she finally did get to retire to her quarters, she slept rather soundly. However, when the alarm she set via the computer woke her up for her shift on the Bridge, she rolled out of bed determined to take care of the problem.

Dressed properly in her newly replicated Starfleet uniform, the polished pips on her collar, her lobes cleaned and head waxed, she proceeded to the Bridge a few minutes early, hoping to catch the First Officer or Captain before the start of Alpha shift. She had a mug of hot tea in her hand when she left her quarters but made sure to finish it before heading up to the Bridge and placed it on a replicator pad to be 'recycled' by the machine.

When the Turbolift came to a stop and the doors parted ways, there were officers leaving their stations, and Alpha shift replacing them. She looked at the Gamma shift tactical officer. “Just a few minutes. I'll be right over” she said letting him know that she may need him to stay a little longer. Then, she saw the ship's Commanding Officer, Commander Geisler.

“Captain Geisler...Captain, if I may have a moment of your time, Sir?” she asked scurrying across the bridge and looking up at the man who towered over her, though not as much as Lieutenant Kerr or Beh'ruken did.

Harvey had just left the Ready Room. For the last few nights, he'd purposely rearranged his schedule. With no First Officer or designated Second Officer, he knew the crew demanded a good presence from the command team. Fortunately Senior Chief Sikes, Chief of the Boat, was ready and willing to lend a hand. Harvey had volunteered to supervise Gamma shift for the week, even donning the ship's unique cover, a brimmed ball cap with the Black Hawk's duty patch embroidered on the front. He was still wearing this hat when he saw Lieutenant JG Noxa approach.

"Certainly," he replied to the Ferengi, gesturing to the aft turbolift the crew had purposely left for him. It was about this time that he left the bridge to the newly promoted Operations Chief for an hour while he and Yeoman Carter did their morning tour. The Yeoman would meet him in the galley with a fresh mug of tea and the first round of reports. But it was up to him when exactly to arrive.

After they entered the turbolift and Harvey instructed it on where to go, he asked his newly minted Security Chief, "What can I do you, Lieutenant?"

The young Ferengi woman followed the Captain into the lift and squinted her eyes, wrinkled her knows as she put together his words. Ah she thought to herself. "It is a rather embarrassing request Captain, but I really can't see the tactical controls at my station" she explained nervously.

"I do not mean to request any special treatment. I'm a Starfleet officer, I should be able to adapt to anything but...I'm not growing any additional height. I've tried wearing boots with heels but they are incredibly awkward" the Ferengi continued. "I can reach the controls but I can barely see what it is I am doing. I know that we can't lower the station because my tactical officers are all taller than me...but could I possibly get something to stand on while I'm at tactical station?" she asked with a grin.

Harvey was unsure of the cause of his surprise reaction. Over the decades, Starfleet had done its best to accommodate different species and races, offering breathing apparatuses to some, exoskeletal braces to others. Years ago, he had a Keenser on his research team at Starbase 211. They got along well, especially after Harvey had made some accommodations for him.

"I'm certain the Engineering staff can come up with something," Harvey replied. "If we get into trouble, we don't want you falling off when the ride gets bumpy. Maybe a motorized stool or chair combo could work... What do you think?"

Noxa smiled widely and let out a good snorting chuckle. "I think some sort of extra ramp or platform to stand on will be more than enough" she said with a cherishing smile. "Nothing motorized. I have arms and legs that work just fine. I don't want to be too different from the rest" she added.

The Ferengi continued "I know that by replacing Lieutenant Kerr that I have some large shoes to fill" said Noxa. "But I have the lobes for the job" shed added.

Harvey did his best to restrain himself. Lieutenant Kerr was skilled indeed, and fewer than he were relieved when Kerr had decided to take a different assignment. "Nonsense," Harvey offered. When he assumed command, most of the Assistant Chiefs on board had been members of the crew for years. At the first sign of the exodus, Harvey did not immediately seek replacements, but instead looked internally. Every person had an equal chance to rise or fall, but it was only this Ferengi that had proven her worth thus far.

"But I would hate to be the person to fill your shoes should you ever decide to leave the Black Hawk." The turbolift came to a stop and opened its doors, but Harvey didn't take a step out of the turbolift. "A platform it is then. I'll inform Lieutenant Stiles and you'll have it before the lunch shift. How is your team coping, now that the staff change is permanent?"

Noxa smiled and nodded "Wonderful, I look forward to actually seeing what I am doing" she joked with a pleasant tone. "I won't lie, some of my personnel were hesitant to take orders from... well a Ferengi female, especially one who is only freshly made a lieutenant. There were many security and tactical officers who held Lieutenant Kerr in high regard. It may take some time before the majority accept the change, but a few were rather pleased to see Kerr take an assignment elsewhere" explained Noxa.

The Captain nodded in his first response. "All in good time." Seeing a couple personnel heading for the turbolift, and knowing that Yeoman Carter was waiting for him in the Mess Hall, Harvey took a step out of the lift and faced Noxa from the hallway. "In the meantime, keep up the good work. So far, your actions are speaking louder than your words, at least from the scuttlebutt I've been hearing.

"Thank you Captain. I'll do my best" she responded with a nod. "Enjoy your meal Sir. I will be sure to keep my personnel well trained and ready."

Harvey nodded his head to the Ferengi. "Carry on," he added before turning and walking off.

Noxa pondered if the Captain would be dinning alone or not, but it was not her place to find out. She was due back on the Bridge. So, she simply turned around and proceeded back.


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