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Posted on 21 May 2014 @ 12:43am by Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Pursuit
Location: USS Black Hawk, Bridge
Timeline: February 1, 2388 || 0945 hours

The turbolift doors parted, yet Harvey made no movement to step out onto the bridge. He watched joyfully as crewmembers moved back and forth on the bridge, carrying PADDs and conversing amongst each other. With the transport ship arriving in a couple hours, there clearly was a lot to do, clearing cargo space, preparing the launch bay for new fighters, even preparing quarters for the newly arriving crew.

For the last three weeks, their only contact with a living organism was vegetation on a quiet, uninhabited planet. Just to see another ship was a welcome sight patrolling the fringe of explored space.

And then, the crew would blink, and the transport would be gone. Their world would be back to the bulkheads in front of them. It did not matter. Having a spring in the step of each crewmate at the moment would keep morale at high point for the morning.

Harvey, at last, stepped out onto the bridge, adjusting his cap as he did so. Spotting Lieutenant Sherman near the Command Chair, the Captain casually walked over to him. "How's it going, lieutenant?"

Lieutenant Sherman look up and smiled, "All is going well, Sir. All the pre-planned maintenance is going along as planned. The new quarters for the addition Squadron are in the final phase. We have are still waiting to finish the receiving the compliment of Torpedoes for CAG."

Then Sherman picked up PADD and handed it to the Captain, "This is the current status from the Quartermaster. We are having some issues with supplies we are getting. Trying to locate where few things have been misplaced with trying to get everything ready for the big transfer."

Harvey, whom was relatively in good spirits, frowned when he accepted the PADD. "Would you believe I had more paperwork when I was a researcher?" The question was rhetorical. "How could supplies be missing on a transport ship?" After all, it had been spending the better part of a week attempting to catch up to the Black Hawk.

Sherman smiled, "Sir, how does Chief of Security, get a something transported aboard a Federation Starship without the Quartermaster in several locations along the chain of command not knowing boo about it!" As he shrugged,"I just hope that these supplies aren't finding their ways into other hands, outside of Starfleet."

"We're out here on the fringe," the Captain replied. "Anything can happen." He finished his quick review of the PADD, applied his thumbprint, and handed it back to the Operations Chief. "I suppose you also have the quarters and computer clearances ready for the new staff the moment they come aboard?"

Sherman responded,"Yes, Sir, everything will be set up when they board. The computer clearances will be activated once they transfer aboard and check in." The final touches on the quarters for the new arrival were being finished, and all the proper security clearance had been entered. Once the new arrival were in processed aboard the Black Hawk everything would be ready for them to settle in and start training.

Then Sherman had a question,"So does Lt Sheldon know about the addition to his CAG. I am sure he will want to some reorganization once they get here." Sherman knew that units like the CAG could become quite fluid once new assets were add to balance things out.

"He does." Harvey glanced at the viewscreen, not exactly willing to expound further due to lack of knowledge. His brief meeting with the CAG had gone well, quite better than he had expected. "Next to Engineering, Mr. Sheldon now has the biggest department on the ship. Let's just hope a bunch of pilots don't get cabin fever. Might not end well for any of us."

Sherman repressed a grin,"It could be worse Sir! We could have a Marine Detachment based aboard the ship. We all know how creative they can be once they get bored." Sherman had served with few Marine Detachments and it the stories he had heard from others. They were always source of trouble, then again Squadrons could be as difficult to handle when they get bored too.

The Captain offered a half smile, thinking of the USS Delaware he served on many years ago. It was crawling with Marines (not a terrible thought considering it was a Marine transport), and cabin fever set in just a couple hours after launch. "Carry on, lieutenant," Harvey said, sitting in the center chair and starting to check its readouts.

Sherman turned his attention backed to his station. With all the other new personnel aboard the Black Hawk meant. There was lot to get people in processed, and brought up to speed within their various Departments. Operation was busy with the assigning rooms and computer access to new people coming aboard. With those thought he turned his attention to make sure everything was running smoothly. Which everything seemed to be working properly.


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