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Teacher and Students

Posted on 05 Aug 2016 @ 8:49am by Lieutenant Commander Adam Casey

Mission: Risky Business
Location: A Small, Make-shift Classroom
Timeline: MD 0 : Morning

Jessa looked around her classroom. It was small, but adequate for the four students she would have. Four! She was used to a classroom of 20 or more. She wasn't sure if this would be a welcome change of pace or if she would go bonkers with far less work to do. Well, never mind. She had intended on working in the bar for her stay here, and this was FAR more preferable.

She took a deep breath and sat at her desk, ready to meet her students- who should be arriving any minute.

Adam walked in, followed by Amy and Maria. As they entered, Adam walked over to the teacher. "I'm Lt. Commander Adam Casey. These are my daughters, Amy and Maria." He said, introducing the girls. "Girls, say hello."

"Hi!" Both girls exclaimed at the same time.

"Hi, Amy and Maria," said Jessa cheerfully. "It's great to meet you. I'm Miss Meri. We're just waiting on two more students. One of them is pretty little, but the other one is about your age," she said to Amy.

"Now remember girls, be good today." Adam said, as the girls took their seats. "If there are any problems at all, call me. I'm in the main science lab, but if they feel ill, or anything, please do let me know." He said quietly so only Jessa could hear him.

"Absolutely," answered Jessa with a smile. "You'll be the first person I contact after Sick Bay. Don't worry; they're in good hands." The doors swishing open caught her attention and she spotted a woman entering with a Vulcan child. "Ah, here's one of your classmates!" she said cheerfully to the girls. "You must be Dr. Road and Serran," she said to the woman and child. "Come on in. This is Amy and Maria," she told Serran.

"Hi!" Amy said to the child. "You wanna sit with us?" Amy asked. Adam smiled as he looked at Jessa. "I think they'll be okay then. If you need me, call me." He said. "Be good girls."

"We will, papa." The girls said at the same time, grinning. Adam returned the smile, then turned and left the classroom. As he exited, he sighed, knowing he was doing the right thing, but still wanting to be there with them. But he wasn't able to always be there, and he knew the girls had to be allowed to grow.

Serran broke into a big grin, his cheeks showing dimples, at the two girls. He looked up at his mother as if seeking permission. "Go on, sweetie," she told him. "You work hard, okay?"

He nodded and turned to claim the seat next to Amy.

"Ugh, his first day of school," said Doctor Road. "I'm terrified and proud at the same time!"

"He'll be fine," Jessa assured her. "I'll take good care of him."

The doors opened and another boy of about eight came in with a man in engineering gold. "Hi!" he said cheerfully to Jessa. "I'm Neville. This is my dad."

"Well hello, Neville," said Jessa. "I'm Miss Meri. This is Amy- she's your age- and Maria and Serran."

Serran waved and smiled at the newcomer.

"Hi!" Amy said, as she waved at the newcomers. "So what do we do here? I've not been to a ship school before."

Neville shrugged. "I guess the same stuff you do in a Planet School," he said with a grin. "Maths and history and stuff. But, sometimes, if it's safe, we get to do biology on different planets!"

Jessa assured the parents- especially Doctor Road- that their children were in good hands and saw them to the door. The engineer guided the Doctor by the elbow, assuring her that her son was going to love school. Jessa grinned as they left the room, then turned back to the kids. "All right," she said. "To get started, I think I'd like to play a game so we can get to know each other. Let's all bring our chairs over here and we can get started," she added, wheeling her chair into an open space near her desk and helping the children- especially Serran- arrange their chairs in a circle. "Let's begin," she said....


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