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Things Worth Living For [BACKPOST]

Posted on 25 Sep 2016 @ 11:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Adam Casey & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Deck 6, Arboretum
Timeline: MD 5 - Before attack on Valdore


Adam smiled as he and the girls walked through the arboretum. It was almost like a park, with flowers, plants and lights that felt like it was outdoors. He smiled as he sat down on a blanket, with Amy and Maria sitting next to him. In front of them was a series of games that they wanted to play together, along with snacks. They were just waiting for the final member of the party to join them.

Cooper came jogging up a few minutes later, "Hey Adam, sorry I'm late Kidlets, work." The kids had been pestering their dad for days on seeing Cooper who seemed to be one of their favorite people. Now it was early evening on her last night before the mission. She'd promised to hang out with some friends in the lounge later but for now she was going to enjoy the company of another friend and two amazing kids. This was typical of Catherine before a highly dangerous mission, she liked to be with people. Remember what there was worth fighting for, it helped put her in the right frame of mind.

"It's fine, I'm just glad you're here." Adam said, smiling as the girls were already setting out the first of a series of games. "I should warn you, these two have been going on all day about playing games here with you. I think it's the most fun they'll have had in a while." Adam explained.

Catherine smiled, she didn't mind she was fast becoming fond of the two kids and was happy to spend time with them. "I could say the same."

"Are you leaving the ship soon, Cat?" Amy asked.

Catherine's smile didn't waver as she swung her attention to Amy "Just for a bit, got a secret mission to go mess up some baddies day." She said in a mock 'I'm telling a secret' voice' and put her finger to her lips, which were still smiling even as her eyes hid her concerns.

"But you'll be back soon, right?" Amy asked.

"You need to be back so we can all go swimming!" Maria added. Adam smiled at Catherine.

"Out of the mouth of babes." He said.

Cooper laughed, "Yes and Yes, so I see my social secretaries have arranged my calendar nicely."
they were such a joy to be around, it was good she was on such good terms with them all.

Adam smiled as he watched both girls wrap their arms around Catherine. "YAY!" Both girls shouted at the same time, clearly happy with the answer. Adam watched as both girls then went to the food basket, and began to pull out the snacks. "We brought food! You hungry Cat?" Amy asked, as she handed a tub of sausage rolls to Catherine.

"Give her a moment to breathe, girls." Adam said. "I haven't seen them this excitable and happy in a while."

Cooper laughed, "No its fine I don't need time to breathe" She said to Adam, then to the girls, "And always hungry you think I can keep up with you two without a lot of energy?" She liked the little family, the kids were great and Adam was a good guy who managed, by just being who he was, to make it easier to slow down. Cooper wasn't entirely sure she'd make it back and could think of worst ways to spend her time.

Adam smiled. "Oh, you'll definitely need a lot of energy to keep up with them. I'm starting to wonder how I manage it. I swear I feel old." He said, as he took a sausage roll from the tub. "So are you ready for your mission?"

"I like them they are just my speed..." She grinned, then shifted gears, "As ready as I'll ever be. I just.." She paused, "I just really hope they don't have one of those telepaths on board..." She said it lightly but that was her true worry. She could face the challenge of being on an enemy ship with a 150 people out to get her. A challenge to be sure but a known one. The idea that all she was could be wiped away despite best efforts was not a happy one.

"It doesn't matter who they have aboard. Just focus on why you're there, and coming back to spend time with these two, who will not be happy if you don't." Adam said softly, so the girls couldn't hear him. "I have found that one man fighting for freedom is more powerful than a hundred soldiers. It's why we won the Dominion War, because our cause was better. Just as it is now."

It didn't seem that easy to her then she realized something, "Isn't that my job to say these things to others? Is that what I sound like?" She gave a rueful smile as she watched the kids pull items from the basket and settle for the moment. She wondered how she sounded to others, did she come off as she meant or like with Casey's attempt she wasn't sure it was as easy as he made it sound. She appreciated the thought though.

Adam smiled at her. "It's a good sound, trust me." He said. He took her hand in his. "Just be careful, okay?" He said softly. "Like I said, the girls would really be upset if you didn't come back. I'd be a little upset too." He admitted.

"Well you'd be a crappy friend if you didn't..but thanks..." She said offering a smile and appreciating his attempt to make her feel better. They talked for a short time longer then,

Adam smiled, and then frowned. "Can you hear that?" He asked.

Cooper went silent and tilted her head briefly, "No..." Then she glanced where seconds ago she'd seen the two girls digging in the basket, there was food on the blanket but no girls. "Well that can't be good..." She said concerned but not overly worried, she was remembering when she'd been left to her own devices as a kid.

"Usually not." Adam agreed, as he stood up...only to be struck in the face by an old fashioned water balloon, one heading for Catherine as well.

Catherine dodged and only got it with splash damage as she rolled to her feet. She caught sight of a small pile to the right of the grinning girls, "Adam! Reinforcements! Cover Me!" She said making a run for the water balloon pile with a laugh.

Adam grinned and ran in the opposite direction, providing a distraction and diving behind a small group of rocks nearby. As he landed, however, he felt himself splashed with another water balloon, and shook his head. "Any chance of reinforcements?" Adam called out to Catherine.

Catherine laughed as she made her way to the small pile of balloons the kids had, they were clever. She hadn't even seen them filling these. She grabbed a few and quietly made her way around to the side doing a sneaking flank as Maria came into view. The little girl was taking careful aim at her dad and Cat gently tossed one of the balloons at feet splashing her. It had the desired effect, the two girls screeched happily and turned on Catherine who defended her honor tossing one, then moving to quickly hand Adam a couple of balloons, getting hit once in the leg and the other missing as she moved fast. The girls ran to get more balloons and for the first time in awhile the mission took a backseat as she celebrated life.

Adam watched as Catherine and the girls were laughing and enjoying playing with the water balloons. This was a moment...that he wanted to remember always. He knew Catherine was going on a dangerous mission, and he was worried about her...but he also wanted her to remember why she was fighting. He knew too many people forgot that. And there was something about Catherine that made him smile as well. She was the first on the ship to greet him, and straight away showed foresight and care towards his kids. It was...he hadn't seen anyone like that since Jessica, and he was glad the girls had someone they could play games with.

He smiled and made his way towards the balloons, to join in, after ordering the computer to record the entire afternoon. He wanted to have a video of the moment. It was one of those moments that showed that there were always things worth living for.


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