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Time With Like Mind[Backpost]

Posted on 19 Aug 2016 @ 6:40am by Lieutenant Jarveth Adan & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Before Cohrane Mission

Jarveth Adan was still sitting in the crew lounge eating the remainder of his cottage pie and Guinness. His meeting with Di Pasquale...NO! Camila went of without a hitch. They were going to be good friends. He liked that idea. Scooping some of the cottage pie onto his fork, he took a large bite.

Cooper walked in rubbing her neck briefly before heading to the bar to pick up something to food before she got back to studying for her upcoming mission in addition to her other duties. She got some pink juice and some weird chicken sandwich with avocado as she looked for a place to sit in the crowded lounge. With grin she spotted one of her friends and headed over. "hey Jarveth...I almost wish you were a marine then the Jarhead joke in my head might actually be funny...mind if I sit?" She she asked. Now here was someone she could relax with, thank god for like minded friends or she'd go nuts.

Jarveth gestured towards the vacated seat. "Sit. Sit." They were good friends and the Trill always enjoyed his time with Cooper.

Inquired he, "What's up?"

"Same old same old, training, meetings, preparing for future crazy. You?" She answered immediately relaxing as she sat down.

"Same here. What was the joke in your head or is it too complicated for a lowly pilot like me?"

Cooper laughed, "No joke just alot of extra training this week in the hopes something I can cram into this head of mine will help on my upcoming away mission. how's life in flight?" She asked, they'd both been too busy to catch up and so it was a genuine question.

Jarveth smiled. "Not much going on for the Chief Support Craft Pilot here, but things could change in a hurry. As for you, it sounds pretty busy. I'm sure it's all hush hush too."

Cooper shrugged with a feigned nonchalance and took a drink of her juice, "Corwin and I just have to take out a ship apiece no worries." She gave a wry smile and continued, "I'm to try to slow down the Cochran, all the extra training is to help the end game."

"You enjoy it and you know it," stated the Trill Officer. "Plenty of work-out time in the gym if you are bored," he teased.

Cooper laughed, "Well the Consortium it's something to be dealt with and not my favorite way to spend a day but you're right, I'm not fond of sidelines." And she wasn't. She was better in the action then looking on, doing nothing never sat right even if it was sometimes needed. All that being said she knew the threat they faced and was completely willing to do what she needed too in order to strike a blow for the ideals she held dear, she just didn't have to be clicking her heels about it. She continued, "I don't think I have time to be bored but I could use more time to work through all this energy, like my adrenaline keeps trying to ramp up..." She joked.

Jarveth picked up his pint of Guiness and lifted into the air. "Here's to the Federation," he said before draining it. He looked Cooper in the eye. "Promise me no matter what happens, you'll play it safe. The Consortium is nothing to joke about."

Cooper's smile gentled as she took in his concern, "I can't promise safe but I can promise if I don't have to do something crazy to accomplish the mission I most likely will not." A twinkle in her eye as she raised her glass too. She took a drink and put it back down, "Besides you promised a proper murder mystery in the holodeck, how can I miss that?" She said.

Jarveth sighed. "We always seem to have something come up, but I promise you time in the holodeck. Miss Marple and Poirot meet for the first time." He laughed. "I best be going," he added, rising up from the table..

Cooper nodded she understood suddenly remembering the need to adult. "Raincheck on the holodeck, I'll hold you to it" She grinned at him, "Good Luck eh?". She hoped for the best for him and the rest of the crew, which meant she had to succeed at whatever cost. She smiled and waved as he headed out. Then got back to work.


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