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Hatching Eggs

Posted on 18 May 2014 @ 8:31pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Pursuit
Location: USS Black Hawk, Flight Deck
Timeline: February 1, 2388 || 0905 hours

No sooner did Harvey sit in his chair on the bridge and read the PADD that was waiting for him in his chair did he turn control of the bridge back over to Lieutenant Sherman and step back into the turbolift. Most mornings, when he and Yeoman Carter performed their morning inspection, Harvey did not stop by the Flight Deck. From what he understood, the CAG was using this dry spell to run training exercises on both the flight decks and the holodecks. Occasionally, the Captain would stop by to observe them, and in fact had done so the day prior.

He knew the CAG was busy, especially knowing in a matter of hours they would receive twelve new fighters, pilots, and support staff, but this news couldn't wait. The Flight Deck was bustling with activity, maintenance crews and pilots alike. Harvey did not, however, immediately see the CAG. Spotting the Flight Control Officer, Lieutenant Smith, Harvey crossed the Flight Deck. "Lieutenant," he asked. "Where might I find the CAG?"

Lieutenant Smith wasn't surprise to see the Captain down here. All Captains from time to time came down to see how things were going during slow periods aboard ship. What amazed most Captains that even when most of the Departments of the Ship would be at min. activity. He smiled, "Sir, he has the Squadron in the training Holodeck. They are in mid-cycle of the training mission program, but if it is important it can be paused." During these time of low activity the Squadron pilots could expect to various training and plane inspection to take up 12 hours at times. He hit some controls on his panel, this was to alert the Lt. Sheldon, just in case they had to suspend the simulation.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Harvey replied, nodding and taking off in the direction of the holodeck. It took him a few minutes to make his way. Arriving at the holodeck, he entered the observation room, containing a few chairs, for briefing purposes, and a large screen. The room was vacant, but the screen displayed all he needed to know. The CAG was running his simulations, and seemed to be nearly done with one. He hoped that the CAG would take a break before the next simulation in hopes that they could have a chat.

As they were finishing, Lt Sheldon realize he had someone waiting to talk to him. He hope whoever it was didn't mind the Squadron finish the simulation since they were nearly done. He always believed in that the Squadron should practice together when ever possible. He only wish they had more fighters in the CAG. After he finished he turned the Squadron over to the his XO and went off in search of who was looking for him. It became clear who was the person smiling he stated,"Good Morning Captain, what brings you down to depths of the Troops? I hope, you weren't waiting for long. It not often we get to practice recovery with more than Division at a time."

He had notice over the last week that there had been lot what one would call renovations down on these decks, but he paid little attention to it as he tried to catch up on paperwork.

"Couple things," Harvey replied, approaching the CAG. "Firstly, today's the day. Several new birds and pilots coming your way. Looks like the Crew Chief down on the Flight Deck has got things ready for you."

He then turned to take a look at the simulation results that were displayed on the large screen. "Secondly, how's the squadron holding up? I know they've been tight-knit for the last few weeks and now we're adding some fresh faces. You think the squadron will accept them?"

Sheldon tried not to look as if he had guess this information, but he had guessed new birds would be added soon. His only question was how many, he was hoping for another Squadron. With smile,"Nice Sir. The Squadron is holding up good. They will be total accepting any new pilots that come along. I think the our maiden mission taught them that being in single squadron CAG isn't all it cracked up to be."

Then shaking his head,"Will have to see what have coming in, may have cross post some people between the various Divisions. In order to keep good mix of experience to all of them. So when do they officially arrive here?"

"1100 hours," Harvey replied. He handed the CAG the PADD he brought with him from the bridge. "Twelve birds and twelve pilots." Harvey folded his arms across his chest. "And support personnel. Next to Engineering, you're about to have the largest department on the ship. And I'm glad to hear you think the squadron is accepting. I'm sure things here in the Gamma Quadrant are about to get more interesting than the last few weeks have shown."

"It will also keep the various support personnel in the CAG more things to do.", Sheldon add. As it was with a new Squadron it meant there were more personnel in both the Squadrons and in the Support element of the CAG. Which would be good thing, maybe they would have to borrow personnel from Engineering on such a regular basis, and those who worked to maintain the Shuttles could concentrate on them full time.

"Good." At that moment, the entrance parted and Yeoman Carter entered. Harvey looked to her and accepted the small package she was carrying. "Thank you, Emily," Harvey said, dismissing the yeoman.

Harvey then turned back to the CAG. "I've been reviewing the 555th's roster. They're coming on board with several full lieutenants, and I know you had a couple recent promotions in your Squadron as well. With two squadrons aboard now, I don't want any confusion with who's in charge." He opened the small box and handed it to Sheldon. "Congratulations, Commander. You earned it."

He smiled,"Thank you, Sir." As he reach out took the pips from the Captain of the Black Hawk. He had been honored when he was chosen for the CAG-Commander position aboard the Black Hawk and to build it from scratch as Lt. Now with the addition equipment and personnel it was step in the right direction.

Harvey smiled. "1100 hours," he reminded the CAG. With that, he nodded and left the room, leaving the newly promoted CAG to his business.

<1030 Hours>

Sheldon was in his ready room and was about to go to meeting in which the senior staff of the CAG including the three Flight Leaders from the 3 Divisions of the Squadron. Before he left Ready Room he reminded himself to change his out his rank of Lt to Lt Commander. As he walked to the Conference Room, he thought about the records of the new pilots and support personnel who were coming aboard. Once he was in the Conference Room he looked around to make sure all the Officers, Warrant Officers, and Chief Petty Officers were there that he had asked to be there. For some of the support staff some of these people would suddenly be finding themselves turning their sections to new people. For the pilots there wasn't no need for changes, for Starfleet Personnel had either by design or by accident sent out a new Squadron that was on par with the Squadron assigned to the Black Hawk.

He took a position at the front of the Conference Room, trying to hie grin as many of those assembled realize the promotion before he started,"Gentlemen and Ladies in 30 minutes we the CAG of the Black Hawk will be welcoming a new Fighter Squadron. The 555th Fighter Squadron "Blackjacks" has been reassigned to the Black Hawk to give the CAG two Fighter Squadrons to work with. At this time I don't believe that there will be no personnel changes between the Squadrons as yet. They are similar make up, now support positions within Maintenance will change marginally. There are some senior personnel coming in, but that will be gradual change over. All Maintenance section leaders will continue to stay in charge of your sections until the new personnel get acclimated."

With that he turned handed the Maintenance Chief Warrant Officer a PADD and ask for only officers to remain. Chief Warrant Officer Bass had all the answers he needed to know on the PADD as he left with the other Warrant Officers and Senior Enlisted personnel. As the door closed behind then looking at his XO,"You will still be the XO for the Squadron, and will technically become the Second Officer of the CAG, due to the Lt Alex Harris being the Commander of the 555th. I hope you two can make a smooth transition."

Then turning to the Safety Officer and Flight Control Officers, "555th Divisions will be known as Green, Yellow, and Purple. This will be done to help avoid confusion of whose birds are on ready to fly. Also to make sure there is no confusion up on the Bridge."

Then turn to his pilot,"No Division Leader or Flight Leaders will be change between the two Squadrons. At this time I don't see the need to move either of the Squadrons junior pilot until myself and the newly expanded leadership of the CAG can evaluate the pairings, to see if changes are needed"

With that he look around,"Well I hope you take time to welcome the members of the new Squadron, and help keep eye on the support personnel, if you see any problem, make sure they are brought up so they can be settled. I don't want problems, because we not welcoming the new crew properly. As I was informed, we will basically be the 2nd largest Department onboard."

<1100 Hours>

The first of the Fighters of the new Squadron started to land. All personnel of the CAG, several off duty Shuttle pilots and handful other personnel from other Departments of the Black Hawk were at the Flight Deck as the new Squadron started to land. The twelve Fighters landed without incident, and the Shuttles that had brought the other support personnel and equipment had landed the Flight Deck doors were closed and entire Bay was pressurized. The Maintenance personnel went to help the new pilots out of their birds and to ready them to move them out of the way. As Officers and Chief Warrant Officers of the Support went to great the new personnel off the Shuttles and help them to unload any extra equipment they may have brought.

Lt. Commander Sheldon found the 555th Squadron Commander and welcomed him and the rest of his crew aboard the Black Hawk. He informed them they were needed in the Conference Room in 15 minute for meeting. Then he found various section Leaders of the support staff as well as those assigned to the CAG and informed them there would be meeting with all hand in two hours in the CAG-Class Room.

<1145 Hours CAG-Conference Room>

Lt. Commander Sheldon was back in the conference room with pilots from both Squadrons as well the Safety Officers and Flight Operations Bosses of the Black Hawk. Sheldon introduced himself, his Senior Staff of the CAG. For the 555th and his junior pilots, he gave them general overview of the reorganization of the CAG will look like, including assigning the new Division Identification for the three Divisions of the 555th. He notice pilots in both Squadrons were relieved that there wouldn't be no immediate changes in either Squadrons. Then he look nodded as the Flight Operations Bosses and Safety Officer as well most of his Squadron Pilots exited the room, while junior Operations Officer and Quartermaster Warrant Office entered the room to start the inprocessing of the Pilots of the 555th. The 555th Commander, First Officer, and Second Officer quickly signed in as Sheldon informed them he wanted to see them in his Ready Room quickly and they could come back after that.

<1215 Hours CAG-Ready Room>

Lt. Commander Sheldon entered his Ready Room. The Flight Operation Chief Flight Boss, Chief Safety Officer, Senior Support Officer, Senior Maintenance Warrant Officer, as well as the his Squadron First Officer and Second Officer were already there waiting. One of the few times when others would be in his Ready Room without him being there. As the 10 people took some seats in the Ready Room it was little crowded, but it would have to do for now.

Sheldon look at the command group from the 555th, "At this time I would like to say, "Welcome aboard the Black Hawk". You will find on the PADD you were given all the information you will need to start work once you have finished your inprocessing. This meeting is to discuss the organization of the CAG. As of now looking a Lt. Craig Elliot the commander of the 555th and informed him he will be assuming the position of First Officer of the CAG in few days."

With that he introduced his Squadron First Officer and informed the group that he would become the CAG-Second Officer. Then in case all three of those Officer weren't able to reach it would fall upon the CAG-Chief Flight Boss and then CAG-Chief Safety Officer before reverting back to the First Officer of the 555th, and then onwards to the Second Officers if it had to get down that far. He also set up Training Committee with CAG-Chief Flight Boss, CAG-Chief Safety Officer, and both Squadron First Officer to iron out training schedule with himself and the CAG-First Officer.

He introduced his Squadron 2nd Officer as well as the other Senior Staff in the Room to the 555th Command Group. The Lt. Craig Elliot introduced the 555th First Officer and 2nd Officer. With that he took the meeting over again,"Lt. Elliot I believe the 555th Squadron Commander Ready Room is ready. As for the rest your First and Second Officers will be sharing Office space with the rest of the people in this room. Most everyone works out of their Quarters as much as possible. The Office is for use in the future if another Squadron is ever assigned, but allows them to be closer to the Flight Decks while on duty." With he informed the gather group about the meeting scheduled at 1315 Hours in the CAG-Class Room.

With that the Command Staff of the 555th moved back to the CAG-Conference Room to continue inprocessing. They found most of their pilots had already finished inprocessing and were taken to their quarters. While the other Officer of the CAG went about to help make sure things elsewhere were going smoothly in the transition of adding the Squadron to the CAG. He knew there will be some issues, but hope it would smooth out before anything got out of hand.

<1315 Hours CAG-Class Room>

At 1315 Lt Commander Sheldon and CAG-Command Staff entered the class room. Sheldon welcome the new personnel aboard the Black Hawk and introduced the new command staff and outlined the chain command within the CAG. Sheldon looked out at the support staff, he new many of the people he had worked with the past few months would have to turn over their leadership positions to some of the new personnel. This is where things may be touch and go for a while.

He introduced Chief Petty Officer Charlie Bass as the Chief Petty Officer of the CAG. He would settle most of the junior personnel issues, while Sheldon and his Chief Support Officer who was Engineer by trade, and the Maintenance Chief Warrant Officer would have to sooth some ruffled feather from some of the Warrant Officers who had been operating in some senior positions as Fighter Captains. That was always to be expected when any CAG was expanded or as personnel came and went.

With that he asked how the position of Fighters and securing the new equipment had gone, to which he was told it already done. He told them he expected the old hands in the CAG to help show the new people around the CAG area and other parts of the Black Hawk. Then he dismissed those who weren't new to the Black Hawk, in came the same Operation Officer and Quartermaster Chief Warrant Office to begin the in-processing of the new personnel. At this time he was also informed the Shuttles that had brought the new Support elements had left the Black Hawk too.

With that Sheldon left for his Ready Room and with in hour was informed all personnel had finished in-processing. With that he sent a memo to the Captain with copy to Chief of Operation, Medical Chief, and Chief of Engineering of the additional personnel added to the ship manifest and equipment brought aboard. With that tomorrow would bring challenges as everyone learns to work together. One of the first task was gathering the Training Group to get both Squadron in training cycles so they start to work together.

The Easy part was done, he notice that Red Division of the 325th Fighter Squadron was on duty. He let out sigh, in couple hours he would back on duty with the Gold Division of the 325th along with Green Division of the 555th. Hopefully in week they could have it where each of the 6 Divisions of the 2 Squadrons would have to pull one Stand-by watch a day. Giving more time for training. Yet, it was the end of eventful and surprising day. Never a dull moment in the CAG.


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