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An Unusual Request

Posted on 07 Jul 2016 @ 9:28am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Operations
Timeline: MD 3 || 1300 Hours

Joey and Rico walked into Operations and looked around for a brief moment. It was one of her stops while running her end of shift patrol, so why not kill two proverbial birds with one stone? She had a pretty unusual request that was likely to earn her a raised eyebrow, but she had her reasons for needing them. Her eyes fell on what appeared to be a Vulcan man dressed in the same gold uniform she wore. Perhaps, he'd be able to help her. Clearing her throat in hopes of getting his attention, she began to move his way with a smile. "Excuse me?"

Sisserk looked up from the PADD he was working on and raised an eye brow. " Yes Lieutenant what can I do for you?" he asked takinh notice to the rank she wore.

"I've got an unusual request," She began. "I'm here to acquired two hula hoops for educational purposes. Can you help me?" Considering there was a canine sitting next to her, perhaps it might not have been so unusual after all.

"Lieutenant I have to say that I do not understand as for the need for such a arcane device as well as Why the Holodeck or Replicator is unable to fill your request?"

"As I said, it's going to be used as a learning tool," Joey said. "I think I can make the replicator work for my needs. I appreciate your help, and apologize for taking up your time."

"Curious Lieutenant, Why would the replicator cause a issue with your task?"

"Because they're too large for a standard replicator. I could, however, replicate them in pieces and assemble them myself. That should work just as well," Corwin replied.

"So then what you are truly asking is to use the larger replicator to replicate in one piece?"

Joey nodded. "Yes, but if that's not a possibility, then I can go the piece by piece route. It wouldn't be so bad doing it that way."

"I am sorry Lieutenant I do not know that I can assist you with your request as that replicator is restricted to certain uses, unless you can provide me with further detail as to the need of the request and they fit with in the restricted uses then I do not believe I would be able to assist you."

"I had a feeling that would be the case, but I didn't think it would hurt to try," She said, offering him a polite smile. "I doubt any further details would fall into the parameters of possible uses. A standard replicator will work for what I need it for."

Sisserk looked to the Lieutenant "Is there anything I might be able to assist you with?" He said not really showing any sympathy for her issues.

He was Vulcan, so that spoke volumes as far as empathy went, but one thing Joey was not was a sympathy seeking woman by anyone. She shook her head in answer to his question. "No, I don't think so. I think I'll be able to handle the next few steps on my own, but I do appreciate you asking. Thank you." She was polite most of the time, too, and he hadn't been disrespectful to her which earned some politeness.

Sisserk nodded to her before returning to the reports that he was reviewing prior to her entering his office.


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