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Good Morning

Posted on 02 Jul 2016 @ 5:03am by Ensign Elisha Cherno & Ensign Xavier Hernandez & Ensign Kelly Khan

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Xavier's quarters and Kelly and Elisha's quarters
Timeline: MD 3 : 0600

Elisha awoke slowly. She didn't want to be awake, yet. She just wanted to snuggled into the covers and wait for her alarm to sound. She tried to roll onto her stomach, but found a pair of strong arms pinning her in place.

Her eyes snapped open. Oh, that's right. She'd been with Xavi last night. And, contrary to what she'd been told, it had not been awkward or terribly painful. In fact there was only a brief discomfort and then... well, it was just fabulous. In fact, it had been so fabulous, she'd had to try it again.

She smiled to herself and decided that now that she was awake, she may as well get up. Very carefully, she attempted to lift Xavi's arm from around her so she could get up without waking him.

Xavier groaned and smiled as he slowly woke up to the feeling of Elisha pressed against him and in his arms the same way she had fallen asleep. The previous night had been wonderful and surprising at the same time when she proven to be enthusiastic about their activities and he was pleased that she had not left during the night. "Good morning, mi Querida," he said with a smile, his voice husky with sleep.

"Good morning," she said, twisting around to look at him. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

"I thought I was dreaming until I felt you moving," he said before a tiny yip came from the floor. He looked over and saw Pequeno there wagging his little tail. "And I would have been waken up about this time, anyway. Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm feeling great," she said, rolling towards him and nuzzling his chest. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Xavier draped an arm over her. "I've heard that...extreme often felt worse the next morning," he said diplomatically.

She giggled. "Well, I wouldn't know about that," she said. "But just about everything I've been told has been wrong so far."

"Judging by your giggle, I'd say you were feeling pretty good," he said. "I know you were feeling good last night. The first and second time."

"That's one of the things!" said Elisha happily. "Everyone sways told me it's really awkward and no good the first time and it totally wasn't. I mean, I don't know, maybe that just your skill. Or maybe you have to really be into the other person. All I know is if that was awkward, I can't wait to see what good is."

Xavier smiled. "I'm really into you and I'm really glad that it wasn't awkward," he said as he leaned in to kiss her. "And I'm also glad that you're a part of my life, Elisha. I didn't think that I had anything or anyone to look forward to other than Pequeno and had resigned myself to that before I met you."

She gave him a huge grin at that. He could be so sweet! And to think she'd been terrified of him! She was about to comment on how she hadn't had time to even think about dating when she became very aware of his body next to hers. "I think we'd better get up," she said, "or I'll never make it to alpha shift in time and then Carmichael will chew me out."

He groaned. "Do I have to let you go?" he asked her even as Pequeno yipped again. "I heard you, Pequeno. No, you aren't starving and yes, you will be seeing more of Elisha here." He stopped and looked at her. "He will be seeing more of you here, won't he?"

"Yes, he definitely will," she said, wiggling away from him and out of the bed. "I'll be back tonight, I promise." She began sorting her clothes from his and pulling hers on.

Xavier sat up and watched her get dressed before he got out of bed and stretched. "I'll be looking forward to it," he said with a smile.

She looked him up and down with an appreciative eye. "I will, too," she said. "Anyway, gotta jet. I'll see you later, okay?" she added, crossing the room and pressing her lips to his.

He returned the kiss and nodded. "I'll have something special just for you when you get off duty," he promised her.

She waggled her eyebrows at him. "I can't wait," she said as she left his quarters and headed for her own. She tried to plan what she'd tell Kelly, but decided she'd just have to wing it. She was really bad at lying to her friends.

She walked into her quarters and looked around for Kelly. "Kelly?" she called.

The fun-sized brunette cadet was sitting on her bed with a mug of coffee in one hand and a brownie in the other which was halfway to her mouth when she saw Elisha enter their shared quarters. "Mornin'" she mumbled before she took a bite of the brownie and immediately followed it by a gulp of coffee. Her hair looked like she had French-kissed a light socket and she had one rainbow sock on and one black one, and wore only a pair of blue panties and a green half top.

"Good morning," answered Elisha with a grin at Kelly's appearance. "Either you had a wild night or an extremely boring one."

"Well, it depends," Kelly said. "I came back and a half sentient plate of food tried to attack me. It looked like it had been abandoned in a hurry and left to mutate into a new life form. I'm guessing you ran for your life and didn't think to let me know where you were going or that the room was booby trapped." She took another gulp of coffee and more of the brownie.

"Oh, right," said Elisha, trying to think fast. "Um... yeah, Xavi... well... uh..." But it was no use. She couldn't come up with anything.

"Xavier's dead?!" Kelly jumped to her feet. "Who did it? Why? Was it the food? Did he get fresh with you and you killed him and stuffed his body in a Jeffries Tube? What?!"

"No, he's not dead!" exclaimed Elisha with a grin. "Kelly! No, we just... decided to go to his place and I fell asleep." It was technically true, after all. She had eventually fallen asleep.

"Is that so?" Kelly asked as she stripped off the black sock and looked at it as if she had never seen it before she tossed it into her wardrobe. "You're grinning way too much for that. Spill it."

Elisha mouthed wordlessly for a moment, then sat cross-legged on the floor. "He had his shirt open," she said finally. "And I couldn't... We had to go back to his quarters," she finished, unable to actually say the words.

"You had to?" Kelly asked as she sat down in front of her friend and took another drink of her coffee. "Did the food force you out after it ripped his shirt open?"

Elisha gave her friend a withering look. "No, he opened his shirt," she said. "Or didn't even close it in the first place, I'm not sure which. It was open when he got here. And we had to go back to his quarters because I wanted to rip his clothes off and I didn't want you walking in on it."

"You didn't want me to see you ripping his clothes you went back to his quarters and ripped them off there instead. Is that right?" Kelly asked as if she were confused and then looked at the brownie in her hand. "Ahhhh! Where did this half eaten brownie come from?"

"You've been eating it," answered Elisha off-handedly. "Yes, we went back to his quarters where I ripped his clothes off. And he ripped mine off. And... and it was excellent."

"Well, I guess there could be some excitement caused by ripping each others clothes off, but what happened after that?" she asked.

"Oh, honestly, Kelly, what do you think happened after that?" said Elisha, turning a bit red.

"You put each others clothes back on?" Kelly guessed, enjoying Elisha's squirming and blushing.

Elisha sighed. "You're gonna make me say it, aren't you?" she asked.

"Uh huh," Kelly chirped before she took another drink of coffee with a smirk.

"Fine!" said Elisha, opting to just get it over with. "We had sex. Happy?"

"Woohooo!" Kelly exclaimed as she put the coffee mug aside and hugged Elisha like she'd never let her go. "Details, woman, details!"

Elisha grinned in spite of herself. "It was really good," she said. "I mean, everyone always told me it's kinda awkward and painful the first time, but I didn't think so. I mean, if that was awkward, I can't wait to see what not awkward it like."

Kelly laughed. "I'm glad you finally took that step, Elisha," she said. "You're now in the club and I can tease you without mercy."

"Please don't," replied Elisha. "It doesn't really seem like anything to tease about. Especially when it was so good. I mean, sure if I'd made a fool of myself, but... I might not be back tonight."

"You're right," Kelly said. "I really can't tease you now that you've had a taste of what it's like. At least it's not like being in the Academy and having a curfew."

"That's true," agreed Elisha. "At least I don't have to worry about anyone looking for me if I'm not in my room by 2200."

An alarm went off buried under a pile of clothes and Kelly went to dig around until she found it. "Well, it looks like it's time to start getting ready. I'm glad you and Xavier has taken it to the next level, but just take your time." With that, she started getting her uniform out and headed for the shower.

"Oh, man!" groaned Elisha. "Don't take forever, okay? I need to get in there, too!"

Kelly came out ten minutes later in her uniform and began to braid her hair for her duty shift. "All yours," she said.

"Thanks," said Elisha, heading for the shower. She was already looking forward to tonight....


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