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Girls Night In Part 2 (BackPost)

Posted on 03 Aug 2016 @ 9:23pm by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Ensign Katniss Sutherland & Selah Eireanne

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Lounge

"Come on, Jayla," said Selah, hopping off her bar stool. "Hey, our names rhyme! We should write one of those detective holonovels. Jayla and Selah." She let out a little giggle. "Anyway, let's go!" she said, motioning Jayla towards the other women's table.

Jayla grinned at the friendly barkeep and followed her with her own drink. "So, ladies," she said as she took an empty seat. "What's up for tonight?"

"Whatever we can get away with..." Catherine joked.

"Sounds like fun, I'm in," Deborah answered sipping her synthale. It was nice of the group to let her join in, as she didn't know most of them. But, considering her interaction with Summers moments ago, personality and attitude probably had a lot to do with their decision.

Katniss had been wondering the corridors for hours. She was trying to familiarise herself with the ship, but it wasn't going that well. Then up ahead she saw some doors. 'That must be it' she thought to herself. Her pace quickened and the doors opened and she'd stumbled into..."Oh no, this isn't the swimming pool" she muttered as she was faced with a room fool of people. 'Maybe they didn't notice me' she thought to herself. As she slowly began to turn around, ready to leave.

Seated relatively near the door, Jayla spotted her newest nurse trying to sneak back out. "Katniss!" she called. "Come join us!"

'Damn it' Katniss thought to herself. Just what she needed, she turned around and gave a little wave. There sat not far from the doors were Jayla and a couple of other women that she didn't know. She slowly headed towards the table they were all sat at.

"Ladies, may I join you?" she asked politely, even thought she had already been asked to.

"That's why I called you over," said Jayla cheerfully. "Everyone, this is Katniss Sutherland, my new nurse. Katniss, this is Selah- usually the bartender, but it's her night off- Deborah Ballar, Medical technician- have you met her, yet?- and Catherine Cooper, the assistant chief of security and Jadzia Melcox, counselor."

"I think I met the back of her head in Sickbay earlier," Deborah said.

Katniss sat down next to them all "That's a tongue tier, Jayla, Selah." she joked "Deborah, Catherine, Selah pleased to meet you. It's nice to meet a few people, it's hard knowing no one and I was actually looking for the swimming pool when I stumbled into here" she said as she started to laugh "I really have no sense of direction and I warm you all now, if you ever invite me to anything and you want me to be on time, always lie to me and say it starts fifteen minutes before it does."

"Ooo, swimming!" said Selah. "That's totally what we should do after this!"

"Nice to meet you Katniss..." Cooper said even as she tried to remember where she had heard the name 'katniss' before. It was someone else, evergreen, underhill? she pushed the random thought away as she finished her second drink and gestured for another, "That sounds like fun, I'm in but it must have tropical breezes and men with palm leaves to wave. I think the holodeck is finally free..." She thanked the waiter as he brought her another drink, this time, it was purple with hints of red.

"That does sound like fun, men waving palm leaves." Katniss giggled, but also noticing that she was the only one without a drink.

She turned to Selah "What's good to drink and please none of that crap replicated stuff. You're the resident bartender, what's in your personal stock, something that burns as it goes down." Katniss politely inquired.

"Absolutely!" said Selah, jumping up. "I've got just the thing, wait right here." And she hurried off to retrieve the drink.

"She's gotta have great stuff hidden away...though yours is excellent too..." She raised her glass in thanks at Jadiza. Cooper was starting to feel a bit mellow but wasn't properly drunk yet. To get drunk she had to drink a lot of serious alcohol, fast and it always burned through her system too quickly. To quote a friend, she was an expensive drunk. So it was with just a warm, mellow feeling she waved a waiter over for another drink figuring to nurse this one awhile as she enjoyed her new friend's company.

Selah returned in a few moments with a translucent amber liquid with a slight purple hue to it. "There we are, Gojaberry ale," she announced. "It's tart and bitter and burns nicely." She set it in front of Katniss and resumed her seat, leaning over to whisper conspiratorially to Katniss, "but, shh! It's a secret!"

"Thank you and you secret is safe" she replied smiling as she took the glass from Selah. She paused for a moment before taking a smell "mmmmmmm" she said out loud, before looking up at the other women and taking a mouthful of the drink. "She coughed as it went down." it certainly did burn and pack a punch.

Catherine laughed, "Don't worry if you need medical attention you are set..." She joked, taking a drink of her own burny liquid of awesomeness.

Katniss smiled "Sorry, it just took my breath. It's been awhile since I've had the proper stuff, but it's one hell of a drink Selah." she said smiling, already feeling the drink going to her head.

Deborah smiled and sipped her own drink. While it was just a regular synthale, she enjoyed the bubbles.

"So have we decided what we're doing?" she asked.

"Well, I believe the plan was to drink here a bit, then running amok in the holodeck if it's free," Catherine said on her 5th multicolored oddball drink and feeling fine. These Medico's and the bartender knew how to hang that was for sure.

Katniss took another mouthful of her drink and gave a smile looking at Deborah, Jayla, Catherine, Jadzia and Selah. "Something fun, exciting and could get into trouble" she giggled. The drink had really gone to her head.

"I wish but if I do something that crazy the Chief will have my head with some fava beans....." Catherine Quipped, "How are you guys finding the Black Hawk anyway?"

Katniss took another mouthful of her drink, by this time it was nearly gone. She wished people wouldn't ask her questions when she was feeling tipsy as she had a tendency to answer truthfully.

"To be honest, I'm finding it hard to settle in..." she started before hiccuping "It's hard when you don't know anyone."

"Well, you've started right, just by walking up and talking to people. It's the easiest thing in the world to say hello."

"Yeah, now you know all of us," agreed Jayla. "And I love this ship. It seems like there's more camaraderie among the crew than on any other ship I've been on."

"Exactly" Catherine said to Katniss, "Now you know us and besides us 'Cat's have to stick together..." She said feeling it a bit as she started on her 6th concoction.

"Cat...Kat" Katnisss began to laugh uncontrollably "Oh thats funny, Cat..Kat..Jayla and Selah" for some odd reason it had really tickled her, rather that or that drink was a lot stronger than she had thought and it really had gone straight to her head. "Come on girls, we need to go do something fun." excitement washing over her. She hadn't felt this good in a long time and it was actually nice to be with other people for a change and not alone in her quarters.

"More drink" she yelled a little louder than she wanted and the group got a few looks from others in the lounge.

"I think Katniss is already having as much fun as possible," said Selah with a grin. "We might have to carry her home later."

Catherine laughed, "How about one more round then we hit the holodeck, I think its actually empty for once..." It felt good to relax with friends new or otherwise. It had been awhile, now if she could only get a date her social life would be set. "Because I'm starting to feel the urge to sing loudly off key and I'm not sure I can resist too much longer...." She quipped getting another drink.

"Holodeck sounds good," said Jayla, sipping her drink. "I've got the Doctor Who holonovels loaded."

Selah let out a bark of laughter. "Can you imagine The Doctor dealing with all of us?" she giggled. "He'd probably accuse us of being Daleks or something."

Jayla grinned. She was probably right.

Cooper looked puzzled, "Doctor Who? That doesn't sound like a club or a beach..."

"The Doctor is a time and space traveler," Jayla explained. "And if you've never traveled with him, I'm gonna force you to the Holodeck one of these days for an Adventure in Space and Time."

Catherine smiled, "Sounds like fun sometime and now let us go..." She goes to stand then immediately sits back down, "In just a minute..." Then stands up again much more slowly then pleased she has remained upright looks at her new friends.

Selah suppressed a snicker, then whooped and jumped to her feet. "Let's go have some fun!" she agreed.

"Clear the corridors." Katniss yelled, while downing her second drink that had just been brought.

"Because we are allowed out in Public...Silly Public..." Cooper agreed randomly and laughing the group left, in one of the time honored tradition of those about to put their lives on the line went to enjoy themselves.


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