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First Day

Posted on 09 May 2014 @ 11:53pm by

Mission: Pursuit
Location: USS Black Hawk

Ezerin arrived at his quarters having retrieved his things from cargo bay two. He entered his authorization code on the panel beside the door and it slid open. The room was the standard officers layout with three rooms, the sleeping area which included the bed and closet, the bathroom just off the sleeping area and the living area which included the standard furnishings, and a desk in the one corner. He moved the two shipping crates that contained his belongings into the bedroom and placed them on the bed. He then began unpacking.

It only took him an hour to get his belongings stored and his decorations up, he also rearranged the furnishings in the living area and moved his desk so his back was to the view port. He hung his degrees on the wall behind his desk one on each side of the view port. Once he was satisfied with his quarters he sat down at his desk. Activating the computer he quickly tied in the primary and secondary data bases and created a link to the computers in the science labs so he could have access to all ongoing scientific research on the Black Hawk at his leisure, he then activated the com system.

“Lieutenant Vex to ensign Kito”

The assistant chief science officer responded to his page almost instantly. “Ensign Kito reporting sir.”

“Ensign, I need you to prepare a report on the current status of the department be sure to include any ongoing experiments or tests as well as the current duty shifts and status of all science personal. Have it to me by 0800 tomorrow, understood?”

There was a few seconds pause before she responded, “Yes Sir, ill have it to you by 0800 tomorrow.”

“Thank you ensign, that is all.”

The com line went dead and Ezerin got up, deactivated his computer, straitened his uniform and headed out of his quarters. He passed several service men and women before he arrived at the turbo lift. The doors slid open at his arrival and he stepped in.


The doors slid closed and the turbo lift headed up the shaft. The trip wasn’t long being that his quarters were only three decks below. The doors slid open and he stepped out onto the bridge and headed to the science station, his post for the foreseeable future. He dismissed the ensign that was manning the post and sat down punching in his authorization informing the computer that he had taken over the post.

Hitting a few buttons he did a quick sensor sweep of the area noticing that the sensor calibration seemed to be off by factor of .008 degrees, too high for his standard so he made a few adjustments getting it just below .002 then he did another sweep. The display show the standard readings of particulate matter and cosmic radiation, there was also a class 4 comet on the edge of the sensors range.


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