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Healing a rift

Posted on 05 Aug 2016 @ 10:04am by Ensign Katniss Sutherland

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Hanger Bay
Timeline: MD 5 || 2127 hours

Katniss was sat in her quarters, she had put her arm back into the sling, her shoulder was throbbing. She didn't know if it had healed right after she had dislocated and popped it back into place on her own in the holodeck. That was a couple of weeks ago but it still throbbed, especially since she had been using it all day in sickbay. But when she was on duty, she just had to grin and bear the pain, although she had been surprised security hadn't been knocking on her door, but maybe they did not check such things. Then she began to think about why she had done it in the first place 'the sky jockey' she signed.

It all stemmed back to that incident with the red haired Vulcan, whom for some reason took immediate offence when she had introduced herself as the new nurse and when she had jokingly tried to lighten the mood, he threw his food and drink all over, before getting so close she thought should would have to defend herself, but then he suddenly apologised to Selah and left. She had asked Selah what to do, but said to avoid him and let him cool off, but that had been weeks ago and she couldn't leave it. After he could be telling other crew about her or anything, she had to make this right, but how did you apologise and make amends to someone you don't really know that well. What could she give him....she thought back to her first encounter, then it came to her.

"Computer, replicate me a one-litre carton of an American diner style fresh chocolate milkshake, chilled"

The computer gave the usual confirmation tone and her replicator burst into life. 'This should be a start' she thought to herself as she gently took the sling off, she winced in pain as she made her way to the replicator.

Katniss had made some discrete enquiries, after all, she only knew him as Discord, but she had managed to find out he was an Ensign called Dzhossen.

"Computer, Locate Ensign Dzhossen." she said picking up the replicated chocolate milkshake

"Ensign Dzhossen is in the hanger bay"

Down in the hanger bay Dzhossen was arguing again with Petty Officer Tabayoyung, both people taking turns waving around a bent landing strut animatedly.

"According to the manual, these things can withstand at least 20 kPa more than what I did in that landing! Just have the next one replicated harder!" The Vulcan shouted, shaking the part at the crewman.

The little human snatched the strut from his hand and chewed vigorously on her stogie as she shook the strut back at him. "Listen to me, you pointy eared wrecking ball! You push these specs any farther and Singh says you'll shatter the next one! You put my damn bird on the deck and I'll beat you with a spanner to within an inch of your long life!"

"It's the third one I've bent since we started manual landings! Are you sure you're doing it right?"

Tabayoyung took a step forward and stood on her tip toes in an attempt to look Dzhossen in the eye. "Discord, I like you, but you question my kids again and I'll make you wish you were flushing pipes with the waste disposal engineers..."

"Okay, okay," he said, raising his hands in defeat. "I'll try not to slam it to the deck anymore."

"And I'll double check Singh's work. Just remember, if my crew muffs it up, I'm the one who chews their ass. I don't want to hear anything from you but 'Thanks, boys!'" The little woman growled as she turned away.

Smiling, Dzhossen began picking up the wrenches he'd used to remove the strut, cleaning each tool before putting it away. He was glad the fiery little Asian was his crew chief, she was best and completely unafraid to speak her mind. Together they were going to squeak every last bit of performance out of the Valkyrie.

Katniss stood chuckling in a distant corner, it was so funny to watch the two of them waving things at each other and for small her size the smaller women gave just as much back 'good on you girl' Katniss thought why making a mental note of the pointy eared wrecking ball comment. She stood for a moment, chocolate milkshake in hand, should she just leave it in his Valkrie? After all, she didn't want a commotion like last time and she did not know how he would react, plus she didn't want to upset him further.

"Discord" she went to yell, but a faint squeak just came out, she wasn't accustomed to this, after all she much preferred her own company and found it hard to make friends, just look at her first attempt, something that she blamed Lieutenant Cooper for "Well, you've started right, just by walking up and talking to people" was her advice, look where that got her. Katniss cleared her throat before trying again.

"Discord" she shouted again, no doubt she would give him the fright of his life or he would run a mile but she was determined to try and make amends. " I come in peace" she said holding out the chilled American diner style chocolate milkshake in her hand.

Hearing his name, Dzhossen looked up from his work and scowled. Nurse. He focused on his wrench. Hearing his name again, he glanced askew in the direction of Katniss, noticed the milkshake and sighed. This wasn't going away on it's own. He'd better go talk to her, and hopefully before the milkshake melted.

Stalking across the bay, rag still in hand, he stopped rigidly a few meters from the nurse. "Am I late for an exam, Ma'am?"

Katniss shook her head "Ma'am" she chuckled "I'm not a superior office and I'm not on duty." she said smiling at the red haired Vulcan "I clearly offended you last time we met, I really don't know how and I was only trying to lighten the mood when I said I'd get the Doctor to randomly select you. But clearly I offended you and for that I'm sorry" she said trying to put on her puppy dog eyes, looking for forgiveness. "Anyway I've brought you a peace offering"

She reached out to give Dzhossen the chocolate milkshake and suddenly a noticeable popping sound echoed around the hanger bay and Katniss fell forward towards Dzhossen screaming in pain, her shoulder had clearly popped out of it's socket again.

The distance was too far for Dzhossen to catch her as the nurse fell to the ground in obvious pain, but he did close the gap with only a brief thought of trying to catch the milkshake. The way the arm hung, it was clear Katniss had a dislocated shoulder but he had to wonder how she had received the injury. Just as suddenly he realized that he was now kneeling next to a nurse and his eyes went wide.

"Um... I'll call medical. That is if you want. Or I can put it in. I know how to do that. See, one of guys in my firm, his Dad was a survivalist, you know 'end of the world' fellow," Discord rambled on energetically, gaining steam and seaming unable to stop himself. I don't know why they're still around. It's not like humans are trapped on Earth anymore. Anyway, I got pushed off a shipping dock and dislocated mine in the fall. Rick, that's my friend, he took me home and had his father do it. Guy was an absolute nut. Made good beer though, home brewing is just part of survival if you're an alcoholic I guess."

Katniss hit the deck with some force, the pain was excruciating. She couldn't believe this was happening, all she could hear was the mumbling of the Ensign, she reached out with her good arm and squeezed his arm hard.

" medical." she hesitated for a moment before looking at him, his eyes were wide open "Your going to have to do it for me, but you have to promise not to tell any...." she screamed again as the pain pulsated through her body. "you can't tell have to promise not to tell anyone." she said still squeezing her arm with tears rolling down her face. "I need to warn you as well...I always pass out due to the pain, but it should only be for a few minutes."

She looked at Dzhossen, her tone had changed, she was scared and it was visible, she was clealry in agony, fully vulnerable and she was trusting someone who weeks earlier she had nearly come to blows with.

"Will you stay with least until I come too?" she asked in a gentle voice, trying to disguise the pain and suffering, but she still hadn't let go of his arm, no doubt she must of being hurting him.

The human's grip was surprisingly strong and Discord was surprised to find that he couldn't easily pull his arm away.

"No. No medical. Right. I don't like them anyway. Bunch of vampires and sadists. Always poking and prodding and 'Does this hurt?' Of course it hurts, that's why you did it. You're going to have to give me this back if you expect me to do anything," Dzhossen kept up the frantic chatter as he waggled his arm around until Katniss let it go. "Now lay down and shut up. So this one time right, Rick's Dad beat him pretty bad. Alchie like I said. Had this huge cut over his eye. Rick, not his Dad. We sewed it up with fishing line and one of his mum's needles. Couldn't go to the hospital right? All those questions and stuff, Rick was afraid they would take him from them. Snitches too. Doctors and such, snitches. I don't think he would have cared if it was just his dad, but there was his mum to think about. Pretty thing, a hugger. Hugged everyone. Absolutely shocked me when she hugged me to first time..."

As he spoke Discord gently pushed Katniss down to the deck until she lay flat, unconsciously wiping his hands on his uniform after touching her. Bracing one boot into the nurse's ribs, the Vulcan grasped her wrist and slowly but firmly rotated the limb up until it snapped into place with an audible pop.

"Nurse? Ma'am? Katniss?" Out. Emotionally spent, Dzhossen flopped back onto the deck and heaved a sigh before realizing that he was now laying in something cold and wet. Hands flying to his hair, Discord jumped up, feeling the remains of a thick milkshake covering the back of his hair, smeared across his shoulders and dripping down his collar.

"Arrraaggh! You! You! You!" He shouted, stomping his feet with frustration as he ran his fingers again and again through his hair. "You spilled the chocolate!"

Katniss was lifeless. Good job no one else was around, they probably thought Dzhossen had killed her. The seconds were ticking by and for him they probably seemed like hours, a shallow breath and the movement of her chest was the only indications that she was still alive, then slowly she began to regain consciousness.

"You know, we're not all like that." she said slowly opening her eyes "Vampires and sadists and we only ask if it hurts because we'd be more concerned if it didn't. And I can tell you now, my shoulder defiantly hurts... and when you get to know me, you'll know I'm not a snitch."

She slowly sat up, the pain wasn't as nearly as bad as it was and she was actually she quite surprised at how well he had done. "Thank you Dzhossen, I owe you one." she said as she held out her good arm gesturing for him to help her up.

Taking her hand, Discord helped the human to her feet, again surprised at her grip. Muttering sullenly, "You spilled the chocolate." It took him a moment to realize what the nurse had said but when he did... What was the Ferengi saying... His lobes tingled.

"Owe me?" He asked brightly. "Can you help me get out of my yearly physicals?"

Katniss smiled "I'm sure I can help with your next medical" she then turned her attention to the brown liquid split over the shuttle bay floor "If you help me back to my quarters I'll replicate you some more and if your lucky I'll explain about the shoulder, after all you did help without question. I think I can trust you." she said bracing her arm against her chest.

Dzhossen winced visibly as soon as she touched him but couldn't bring himself to let her fall. Not from any personal feeling, he told himself, but because it went against everything ingrained in him as a Star Fleet Officer to leave a shipmate behind. Besides there was the promise of chocolate. He guided the fragile looking human out of the Flight Deck and back into the ship.

Several other crew members threw knowing smiles their way as the couple traversed the ship, but seeing as they were technically off duty, according to regulations, there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. That didn't keep Dzhossen from staring daggers at anyone who giggled or winked. In fact, only the fact that Katniss seemed to be leaning heavily on him kept him from moving off to confront one man after a muttered innuendo.

After what seemed like forever the pair finally arrived at Katniss' quarters. Opening the hatch, Dzhossen stuck his head into the room first, looking about warily as if suspecting a trap. The room was surprisingly normal, no devices of torture or mad medical experiments visible, and he reluctantly led the injured nurse into her quarters.

The doors to her quarters closed behind them "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drag you into this and I can tell how uncomfortable that made you." she said trying to smile as he helped her to one of the chairs "Computer one large glass of american style chocolate milkshake and one cup of green tea." she commanded as it acknowledged her command "Please take a seat, unless you prefer to stand of course." she said gesturing to Dzhossen.

She thought for a moment, maybe he just wanted to leave and get out of there, but she wanted to try and get to know him, after all she didn't know that many people and she normally spent time on her own when she was off duty, but it felt nice to be in the company of someone else for a change.

"Please don't take offence, but you don't seem like your typical Vulcan. You seem....seem full of emotion." she said reaching for the medkit that was already on the table. "Not that, that is a bad thing."

Eyeing the seat suspiciously, Dzhossen could find no sign of tampering and after a moment decided that there was nothing to it but to commit. He flopped down into the chair as casually as he could manage given his present company and draped one leg over the arm in what he imagined was a rakish manner.

"A Vulcan without logic is no Vulcan at all, or so my father tells me," Discord recited as he eagerly took the milkshake when it was finally offered to him. "I guess you could say I'm not a Vulcan. I'm V'tosh ka'tur."

Slurping at the chocolate with a satisfied sigh, Discord tried to force himself to relax. The heightened tension was simply too hard to maintain. "I know that story though. What is yours? I've fought Klingons who'd lust for a grip that strong. And given that, how in the known galaxy did you pop your shoulder out?"

Katniss was busy putting her arm back in her sling, but she was still paying attention. "You would be surprised at the human body, especially when adrenaline is pumping. It's been known to give people the appearance of super strength, hell I've seen a person lift a shuttle craft off an injured person." she said lifting her head back up and looking at the red hair Vulcan while sipping on her green tea. "My shoulder however...I suppose you do deserve an explanation."

For a moment she thought about telling him the truth, however he was already on edge and weary about her, and she wanted to try and forge a friendship with him.

"Nothing exciting I'm afraid, old sports injury at the academy. It never really healed right, I was in the holodeck running a fighting program and it just popped back out of its joint, I tried to put it in the best I could without paying a trip to sickbay and I guess, I just didn't do it right and when I reached out to give you the milkshake, pop." she said smiling "Just one of those things." she said getting to her feet slowly moving towards him.

She could see Dzhossen watching her, his eyes wide open, no doubt he was wondering what the hell she was about to do... and now she was defiantly going to shock him. Katniss leaned in and gently placed a soft kiss on the side of his cheek. "Thank you....." she said and she leaned back out and made her way back to her chair. "I really don't know what I would of done without your assistance." she said smiling as she plonked herself back down and gave a sigh of relief out. "Anyway, from what you said before, I guess you really hate medical personnel, but I'm no grass...hopefully I can prove that someday, when you know me properly you will never question or doubt my loyalty." she blurted out as she took another mouthful of green tea.

Still taken back from the kiss, Dzhossen hardly heard what Katniss was talking about. What was he suppose to do with that? Smile? Say thank you? Maybe offer one in return? All he really wanted to do was to wipe it off and he was certain that was rude. That wasn't a road that he wanted to go down again, it had cost him most of a steak last time and the nurse had given him chocolate. Instead he pushed past it and tried to focus on what he could control.

"You're lying." He said flatly, tipping the shake up to get a better angle with the straw. "Not about not being a vampire. Or at least not evil. You brought me chocolate, and felt genuinely bad about what happened in the bar. Medical people don't do that. Combat medics from time to time, if they're attached to your unit, but not real Doctors & nurses. You brought me chocolate, so you're probably not totally evil."

"Still, you're lying about your shoulder, but that's okay. Nobody likes to seem weak." The Vulcan straightened up in in his chair and poked vaguely at the remains of his shake. It was easier than looking the human in the eye at the moment. Why was this so difficult? Humans were never difficult, they just... Did. What was the phrase? 'Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.' That almost seemed like a mantra for the whole beautiful race, floating through space from beautiful flower to beautiful flower but loaded with a poisonous sting when tested... Too much chocolate made him philosophical apparently.

"So... I'll let you keep your secret. For now, but you did mention needing a sparing partner. You don't want medical involved, and neither do I. That's two things we have in common, so let's start there. Trade you? One secret for each fall?"

"No honestly, it happend in the holodeck." she protested, she wasnt lying in that aspect, she just didnt mention that she had the safety protocol off. "And I hope you have plenty of secret's to tell me." she said grinning, implying that she was confident she could at least knock him on his ass a couple of times. "Another chocolate or are you wired enougth?" she said as she turned the conversation to something ligher.

Dzhossen stood and crossed the room to place his glass in the replicator before turning back to Katniss. "I should call it good for the night, one does lead to another for me. I'm simply looking forward to being able to punch a nurse and not have to deal with Security. Thank you for the chocolate. Good night."

As he walked back to his quarters Dzhossen thought on this most recent interaction. She was... Weird. Why was Katniss so strong? What had really happened to her shoulder? Had he really been so stupid as to go back to her quarters for chocolate? Should he tell the Counselor in his next session about his apparent chocolate addiction? No, he had enough problems without having to attend addiction counseling as well. In the end, he settled for being able to hit a nurse. A Doctor would have been better, but punching a nurse would do. With the computer playing The Zeros at a level high enough to drown out his thoughts while still letting him hear the shipboard alerts, Dzhossen lay staring at the ceiling looking for sleep and realized that for the first time in his memory he actually felt something other than hatred or terror about a person in the medical field. Curiosity.


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