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Securing Deck 16

Posted on 05 Aug 2016 @ 2:22am by Ensign Xavier Hernandez & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Deck 16
Timeline: MD 6 || 1200 Hours

Ensign Xavier Hernandez ran down the corridor and into the turbolift, a Type III phaser slung over one shoulder and one cradled in his right arm. "Deck Sixteen," he ordered. "Security Override." The resulting drop and increase in the speed of the turbolift nearly lifted him off of his feet and he had to use his left hand to brace himself. The ride was short and when it came to a halt, he shook his head and raised the Type III to his shoulder, the holographic reticle active and he took a breath as the doors slid open. Nothing. He stepped out and began to navigate the corridor, pausing by every doorway before he moved on. "Computer," he said softly. "Locate intruders."

The computer beeped and whirred before replying, "One unauthorized person is secure in Junction One Six Charlie Two Two. Two others are in motion along Corridor One Six Charlie Delta."

Xavier changed direction and headed for where they were. "Computer, erect force fields every ten meters on Corridor One Six Charlie Delta," he ordered as he ran down the corridor and tapped his combadge. =^=Hernandez to Security. Intruders are in Corridor One Six Charlie Delta. I am erecting force fields and on the way.=^=

Summers rounded the corner, phaser raised and ready. She quickly surveyed her surroundings premeditating anywhere the intruders could have been hiding not obvious as first sight. She let her ego build as she considered the reaction should she be able to detain both the intruders on her own. It would surely have to build credit with the Blackhawk Command Staff. This in addition to being able to stick it to both Lieutenant's Pasquale and Cooper made the hunt more enticing.

The two mobile intruders were suddenly heard a force field erected behind them, only to have another shoot up right in front of them. "Dammit," said one of them. "What do we do?"

The other, a Bajoran, was already at work. He was not a security officer, but an Engineering specialist. With a single smooth motion, an equipment cover was pulled off the wall, exposing an EPS power conduit and an ODN junction. "Get ready to run," he warned his compatriot, "We'll have about ten seconds to make it out of this corridor." Once he saw the nod, the Bajoran took aim and fired at the ODN junction, melting and fusing the isolinear chips. The action disrupted all automated processing in the surrounding sections, dropping all of the force fields. It wouldn't take long for the backups to kick in and restore the force fields, but it gave the duo all the time they needed to disappear into a nearby Jeffries Tube.

When Xavier came around the corner, he saw the melted ODN junction and sighed. "Computer, reroute all functions in Corridor One Six Charlie Delta to nearest junctions. Erect force fields at every junction and flood all Jeffries Tubes from One Six Charlie Delta to Two Seven Delta Echo with Neurozine. Scan for intruder movements and report."

Inside the Jeffries tubes, the two intruders could not help but hear the hissing through the vents behind them. Immediately, the engineer, who had been taking up the rear, began to panic as the gas crept up to him. The security officer in front quickly made his way to a hatch and popped it off. He turned around to see if his compatriot was still with him, only to watch the man slump to the deck.

The security officer fled the tube, somehow in an area unaffected by forcefields. The ship shuddered, likely from a phaser blast from the Cochrane. Perhaps all of the continuing damage would make his capture a difficult time for the Black Hawk crew.

Xavier grunted when the computer informed him that the other intruder left the Jeffries Tube and was in another section. He reversed course and headed down another corridor. "Computer, erect forcefields at every junction and access hatch on deck sixteen and seal off all doors to non-authorized Black Hawk personnel" he ordered as he ran.

SLAM!!! The foreign security officer collided with a new force field, sending him to the floor. He staggered back to his feet, minding not that his nose was bleeding. Backing slowly away from the force field, he set his phaser for level eight and aimed at the emitters hidden in the wall. He took a deep breath, wiped some of the blood away from his lips and fired.

Xavier rounded the corner of yet another corridor and was in the process of ordering the computer to remove the forcefield and wishing he had brought a tricorder with him to do it faster when he saw the flash of phaser fire and the sparks as the forcefield he had been about to disable suddenly flickered out. The intruder had a blood nose and a phaser in his hand and Xavier had his phaser in his hand, too. "Don't move!" he called, bringing it up and aimed it in the general direction of the intruder's torso.

Summers rounded the corner and to see the two in a stare off, phasers pointed at one another. She raised her phaser as she approached Xavier, "Reinforcement has arrived," She remarked with a smirk. "Yours on the other hand," she turned her attention to the intruder, "Secured behind force fields at best. I think we have the upper hand. Put down your weapon."

The intruder knew he was beaten, but he wasn't the type to surrender. He had no time to reset his phaser for a wide beam, nor reset the intensity, so he thumbed the trigger, discharged the weapon at the male security officer and swung the weapon towards the redhead.

Xavier screamed when the beam hit him and suddenly found himself off balance as his right left vaporized under the lethal phaser fire. He hit the wall and fired his phaser, but at his awkward angle which became even more off balance with only one leg to stand on, the shot went wild and he hit the floor. A gasp escaped him before consciousness fled and the young man knew no more as his life processes stopped due to the disruption effects of the beam, shock and blood loss.

A backup team of Security arrived, two enlisted officers and both of them fired on the intruder at the same time.

The intruder, unable to finish swinging his phaser towards the female Lieutenant, quickly succumbed to the stunning power of multiple phaser beams. He wouldn't be waking up anytime soon.

One ran over to where he had fallen and the other went to Hernandez and checked his pulse before he tapped his combadge. =^=Officer down on deck sixteen. One intruder is secured and the other is being retrieved from the Jeffries Tubes now.=^=

=^=Acknowledged=^= a voice said. =^=Get them to the brig and report back to Security=^=

With that, the prisoners were collected to be taken to the brig and Hernandez's body was taken to the morgue.


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