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Broken routine

Posted on 02 Aug 2016 @ 4:35am by Vorian Sulvai & Captain Harvey Geisler
Edited on on 05 Aug 2016 @ 1:42pm

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 6 || 1130 hours

Something was wrong, out of place almost, a new wave of emotions swept over Vorian as he looked around the room curiously. Then it he realized what was so off, the ship had stopped shaking violently. Just as he was about to consider both options of the enemy ships being subdued or them preparing for a whole new assault, the alert on his screen changed to yellow. They had won, which in turn explained the feelings of relief that came from those in Main Engineering and the nearby rooms as well.

Letting out a sigh of relief as well, mostly just to unload some of the now growing relief sensations growing inside of him while it took him a few seconds to gain control of his mind and system once more. With his head clear again, especially after having to deal with the whole range of emotions that accompanied the crew during a combat situation, it was nice having them toned down. It meant he could devote less mental energy and stress to dealing with that nuisance and focus on his duty.

"It would appear that the ship is out of immediate danger. Now I would ask all those none essential at this time here, please prepare your tools to head out. We should start closing any breaches or damages to essential systems first as soon as possible." he spoke calmly and with authority behind his words.

"I will assigning you where to go in a minute." Vorian continued as he turned back to his screen and brought up the ship power system and hull integrity charts. They had been dealing mostly with rerouting power and damage control until now, so he had been focused on more pressing matters and not able to asses the full extent of the damages taken by the ship.

His fingers were working quickly on his PADD, assigning the available engineers based on their specialty and experience to the systems that needed repairing the most. "Attention please. You've all received your assignments on your PADDs. Head out as soon as possible and then report when you are done with your repairs and I'll assign you your next one. Tanner, take my PADD and rely assignments to any Engineers we have spread out on other decks."

Watching his orders being relayed he turned back to the screen and saw that there was some minor damage to some of the panels and systems on the bridge. =^="Captain, Lt. Sulvai from Engineering reporting. Repairs are on the way to vital systems across the ship. Are there any critical repairs on the bridge that need to be tended to?"=^=

On the bridge, a standing Captain Geisler paused in the partially vacated room as he heard the Lieutenant's voice. His first thought was why was the Assistant Chief Engineer contacting him and not the Chief. Knowing Rykov, Harvey assumed there was a very good reason for it. He tapped his combadge in order to respond to the engineer's inquiry.

=/\= "We've got minor damage up here, Lieutenant," =/\= replied Captain Geisler over the comm. =/\= "Focus on those hull breaches. Forcefields won't last long against the nebula gas we're taking on." =/\=

=/\="I have already sent all available engineers to commence emergency repairs to the hull breaches that are within our current capabilities to repair. I would've dedicated all the teams I formed however some were needed to handle the damages done to our power grid."=/\= Vorian reported immediately on the status of the Engineering staff.

=/\= "Do whatever you've got to do, Lieutenant," =/\= the Captain boldly stated. =/\= "Just don't draw power from Security or Medical at this point. We have prisoners aboard and can't afford to let them loose." =/\=

=/\="Understood Captain. If there are no more instructions I'll then continue to manage the situation. Lt. Sulvai out."=/\= Vorian reported out as he turned his attention back at the screen, checking where his crews were headed to and which ones began working on the breaches already.

Back in main engineering Vorian was hunkered down over a PADD while at the same time keeping an eye on his monitor. He was conflicted between going out and helping close in the breaches that perforated hull or stay here and guide the teams so they would work more efficiently. It was hard to find a pleasing solution to this dilemma.

Don't draw power from Security or Medical. Was the Captain trying to be funny or did he mean it? I understand mentioning Security due to the prisoners, but Medical? It is illogical in a combat situation to hinder one's medical capabilities. he let out a loud sigh attracting the attention of the only two other engineers still left in main engineering.

He looked at them for a brief second then nodded at them to urge them to keep working. Never a moment alone with my thoughts. Though I find it particularly interesting that given the poor state the ship is in that I find myself rather in control. Might be the adrenaline helping me block much of the background static, but I was expecting to be overwhelmed by now. Maybe I should visit doctor Kij and tell her about this, that is if I don't cut the power off to her Sickbay. he smiled to himself at the joke he had made. Humor was not so complicated after all, thought it was easier to do and appreciate when alone rather than when with an audience.

But his train of thought was interrupted as the screen began to come to life with notifications of breaches being closed across the ship. His teams had been doing their job adequately and so far no casualties on their part. Not wasting any time he pressed his combadge and began contacting each team and delivering them their next target. One by one, leaning over the damage control screen he guided each team, making sure to minimize loss of time due to confusion or search for new breaches or damaged systems.

The ship's power grid was stable and not suffering any major leaks. The ones that were however were in the process of being patched. Apparently the Sickbay had some minor issues, the grid had been damaged nearby and was causing fluctuations to the systems operating in the Sickbay. No team nearby to go repair it, but if he could reroute some power that way, it should stabilize the Sickbay for the time being.

The ship's defence systems had been hit pretty hard and a number of shield grids were causing more problems then they were worth. After the breaches would be sealed those would be their next priority. But until then, no one was in a hurry to eat right now, so the replicators were a good source of extra energy. Decreasing the available power of them he began rerouting the now extra, so called bonus, to the Sickbay and the Brigs, just to be sure in case of a power failure somewhere, that they would last a little longer.

With the next round of assignments ready to be handed out Vorian began handing breaches to his teams once more. These were the last ones that needed tending urgently. This meant he could go on the field as well. Picking up his tool kit he headed out towards Deck 4 to handle the leaks that threatened to cut off power to the Sickbay if left unattended for too long.


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