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A Visit

Posted on 05 Aug 2016 @ 8:28am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper
Edited on on 07 Aug 2016 @ 5:24am

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 6 || 1330 Hours

The dull ache she felt was slowly becoming a distant memory, to which, Joey was thankful for. It would only be a matter of time before she would be released, and she found she couldn't wait. Laying on her back as she was, and not doing anything, was something she just didn't like. There were a thousand other things she could be doing with her time. Things that actually mattered. But, her reason for being here in the first place was compliments of an explosion that'd taken place at the wrong time... or the right one, depending on who was asked.

The Andorian that tried to take her out would vote for the latter she was sure, and speaking of him, she still wanted to pay him a visit. Maybe chat a little, and by chat, Joey thought along the lines of smacking him around a little. She supposed she should let something like that go considering he was only doing what he was told, but it was next to impossible when she didn't even know if he was Consortium or not. Perhaps, that would be one of the first things she did upon her release... try to find out.

Cooper, who because of the 'all hands on deck' situation was still on duty. After helping with the prisoners things were finally settled a bit so she could take a few minutes to herself so of course she spent it trying to visit an injured colleague. She entered sickbay, now devoid of all her gear other than the standard duty belt etc, and seeing Corwin walked over, "Hello Lt., I heard you were hurt..." She said her eyes concerned as she skimmed the other trying to gauge seriousness. Unfortunately she'd been so busy she'd hadn't been able to follow up on Corwin's status and so wasn't entirely sure what her full injuries consisted of.

Joey turned her attention to Catherine when she walked into her room and smiled. "Just a bit, yes, but I'm okay now." She'd been dozing on and off for the past couple of hours, and after being awake so long, it was welcome. "I got the job done, though, and that's all that matters."

"Never doubted it." Cooper said confidently as she took a seat nearby, pleased the injuries seemed fixable.

"I did in the beginning, but after this morning, I knew I was going to make it. Since you're sitting here, I see that you fared well, too," the taller woman said, sitting up a bit.

"Yes, actually I got very lucky." People underestimated luck in a battle, one could miss being shot because they tripped or miss running into an enemy by being 5 minutes late who knew. "I ended up in waste extraction but at least it was empty of personnel..." She paused remembering the unpleasant smell then moved on, "I ran into one patrol, we had an exchange of fire and I hauled jets through the tubes to deck above, after laying a false trail, where I had to exit or be stuck in the tubes. Then I saw an unarmed, noncombatant science officer who came up on me all alone. So of course I stunned her, took her commbadge set off the device and then fried the force fields I'd gotten caught in. How did yours go?" She said summarizing, a vague tone of surprise in her voice as she talked about the lone target, as though she was surprised at how smoothly it went but was unwilling to argue about her good fortune.

"It was... eventful," Joey replied. "I started out on deck eight... cargo bay... which wasn't where I wanted to be. I made for the Jeffries tubes before anyone spotted me, though. It didn't take long for them to figure out where I was before the thing started to fill with Anesthizine gas. I put on my gas mask and kept moving. When I got to the next hatch, there were two officers waiting for me, but the Black Knights were firing on the ship."

She took a deep breath before continuing on. "I'd got as far as deck nine, and because of the gas, I knew they were coming in after me. I wasn't going to give them the chance, so I started sliding down the ladder and fired on two individuals. There was an explosion... plasma fire... one of the poor bastards got caught behind a forcefield with it. I ended up getting knocked off the ladder and had to catch myself, which is why I'm here now." She continued on with the story of the forcefields in the Jeffries tube, using her phaser to make her own way out, then finally the final showdown. "And... that's how it went down." With a messed up shoulder almost from the beginning.

Catherine blinked, "That is certainly eventful." She paused trying to order her wayward thoughts, "I'm sorry to hear about the accident. Though I guess we can consider ourselves lucky that between three ships we lost so few." She said thoughtfully, sadly remembering the loss of a few of the Black Hawks pilots. She mentally shook herself and her eyes refocused, "You however have big brass ones and I'd be honored to fight by your side anytime..."

"Thank you, Catherine," Joey said with a smile. "Though, I don't do anything that any other Security officer wouldn't do in the line of duty. This is the kind of thing we train our entire lives for the second we join Starfleet, but then you know that already. I'm glad things went smoothly for you over on the Cochrane, too. It could have been much worse. For both of us."

Cooper nodded, she meant every word. And she agreed with the rest as well, sometimes people seemed to think security just broke up fights and took phaser shots for people they didn't understand the full depth of what they were expected to know. Of course the same could be said of any department, when people didn't see the work go into an end result it was easy to overlook. "I can pass your report to the Chief, do you need anything? Doc's say how long you have to stay?" She said and with an apologetic look took a quick call and gave a few routine orders before returning her attention to Corwin.

Joey shook her head. "I have to give the report myself, but the offer to do it for me is appreciated. As for needing anything... I think I'm good for now. I'll make my way to my quarters to change once I'm released. Nurse Blake came in not too long ago to tell me she didn't know when I'd be released yet, but hopefully it will be soon. I hate laying around not doing anything."

Cooper laughed, "Sure no problem. And yeah I totally don't know how annoying that can be..." She quipped, sitting still was always a challenge for her. She then grew serious as she thought,"I can slip you a few PADD's. It's what I do when I'm not supposed to be working, don't tell the Chief. I call it 'portable office'. Get a few PADD's and a comm, you're all set but in sickbay try not to use the coms because its more obvious and nurses hate that." She said speaking from experience as she shared the confidence hoping she judged Corwin correctly as she shared the tidbit.

"I won't say anything, but my hope is I won't be in here long enough to need any of that stuff," the taller woman said. "My being here now is more for precaution than anything. Once I am out of here, I'm going to head down to Security and get some things done after I get Rico."

Catherine nodded, "Alright solid plan, And Rico is being well taken care of from what I've been told so no worries there." She smiled, "I'm glad you're ok..." She said sincerity ringing in her voice, "I've got to get going but if you need anything give a call ok? You'll most likely find me in security later when you can make good your escape." Her mind buzzed with the things she had to do but things like this were important so when she could make time she did make time.

"I know Rico's being well take care of. Captain Geisler has him," Joey said, offering the other woman a smile. "I don't want to keep you, either. I know you've likely got a thousand other things you need to be doing right now. Thanks for the visit, too. It means a lot."

Cooper was in the process of standing while Corwin replied and after standing fully she looked puzzled. She'd asked around because she figured Corwin would want to know but all she'd gotten was "Yeah he's being totally pampered." She didn't think to ask who and it was just odd. Not bad just odd and she glanced at Corwin puzzled as she paused. Not pushing, for once just honestly curious.

"You okay?" Corwin asked.

Catherine mentally shook herself, "Sorry wandered off there for a minute, Captain doesn't normally look after the K9 units himself, it's just unusual." She said mildly and a little sheepishly, "My mind latches on to puzzles until it figures them out. Just ignore me, I sometimes don't even listen to myself." She joked and waved off handedly.What was it to her that the Captain looked after a Dog? Not all puzzles needed to be solved. "Priorities Cooper..." She thought to herself, chastising. Forcing her mind to obey through long practice.

"Oh, well, he's doing it as a favor to me," Joey said, offering Cooper a smile. "And Rico likes him, too, so it worked out. After everything that's happened, I should push to get out of here so I can check on him."

Catherine smiled, letting the mystery go. She was not good enough friends yet with Corwin to push and despite what some felt didn't always steam roll over everything."Is plan. Need me to run interference on the nurse or are they actually letting you out?"

"Nurse Blake is supposed to come let me know. Thank you for coming to see me, though. It means a lot," Joey said with a smile.

Cooper smiled again pleased and touched, "Well you know we meat shields have to stick together you know, I'll see you in security later..." With a final grin and wave she was gone, as the sickbay doors opened Corwin could see Cooper's hand tapped her commbadge as she returned to work.

"See you later," Corwin said, watching Cooper head out of her room.

Cooper gave a final wave and was gone.


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