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Posted on 11 Aug 2016 @ 7:45am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Pre Risky Business

The turbo lift stopped and Erin stepped out. Taking in the scene of the busy bridge she approached a crewman at a wall console. "where would I find the captain's ready room?"

"That door right there lieutenant" the Bolian replied.

Erin took a few more steps down and pressed the door chime.

Harvey had just stepped away from the replicator with a fresh cup of coffee when the door chime sounded. He'd already had a visit just a few minutes ago from the new Security Investigations Officer, and he had a feeling that his door would be ringing all morning as they prepared to leave Unity.

"Come in!" the Captain called out.

Erin walked in and stood to the left of the seat in front of the captains desk. "Lieutenant junior grade Erin Dodson M.D. reporting aboard sir" she quipped handing her new CO a P.A.D.D. with her transfer orders.

It was good timing, thought Captain Geisler as he accepted the PADD with a free hand. After all, their last mission had been very taxing for the medical staff, and as some had stayed behind to handle the outbreak, replacements had become a hot commodity for the Black Hawk. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant," Harvey said, glancing at the orders before placing the PADD down on his unorganized desk.

"Thank you sir, it's a pleasure to serve aboard this ship. I hope I wont let you down" she replied. "permission to report to the CMO?"

"By all means, Lieutenant," Harvey replied with a smile. "I'm sure Doctor Kij will appreciate the extra hands before we ship out."

Erin and Harvey shook hands as Erin walked out of the ready room and crossed the bridge to the turbo lift.

A short ride later and a stroll down the corridor she arrived t the door marked sickbay.

Erin walked in and headed straight for the chief medical officers office.

Jayla sat in her office with the door open, reading reports. More reports. Reports reports reports. Ugh. If she'd known that being the CMO was mostly reports, she would never have accepted the job. Oh, well, someone had to do it.

She saw movement out of the corner of her eye and looked up to see someone she recognized from her personnel file standing in her doorway. "Hi," she said cheerfully, giving her a winning smile. "You must be Doctor Dodson. Come on in."

"Yes ma'am, you look like you're enjoying that paperwork?" Erin said with a sarcastic giggle.

"Dodson, Erin Annalise. Neuro surgeon and M.D. reporting for duty." Erin said as she handed the cmo a P.A.D.D. "I just wanted to personally thank you for accepting my application doctor." She said as she extended her hand for a shake.

Jayla accepted the PaDD and also the proffered hand with an easy grin. "You're welcome," she said. "I'm sure Doctor Abrams will thank you. He's been filling in for the time being. Have a seat," she said, gesturing to the chair opposite her. "So, tell me about yourself."

"Well," Erin said as she took the offered seat. "I can count on both hands the number of times my feet have been in dirt" she said with a smile. "I was raised on starships when I was younger. I went to live with family after my father passed when I was young. I lived in Midwestern United States, where I learned to appreciate agriculture and horseback riding. I attended starfleet medical. I lost my oldest brother and sister in the Dominion war. I learned how to treat and street soldiers during the war." Erin paused as she uttered that phrase. She hated it but it tuck as her last cmo used it frequently.

"I absolutely love brains" she said with a smile. "I specialized in neurology spine and nervous system medicines. Other than that I'm afraid I am a very boring person" Erin said with a smile. "what about yourself doctor?"

"I enjoy sports and Doctor Who holonovels," answered Jayla, "and I've been told I smile a whole lot." She grinned. "I suppose you'll have to judge for yourself."

"Doctors who do what?" Erin said raising an eyebrow.

Jayla grinned. "Doctor Who," she replied. "It's a holonovel. It actually started as a television serial on Earth in the 1960's. It was so popular, they turned it into a holonovel. It's about a man in a blue box that travels through time and space."

Erin now confused "so this blue box is like. An ambulance?" She replied literally scratching her head.

"No," said Jayla with a grin as she picked up a PaDD and began fussing with it. "It's a police box. They used to use them in one of the countries- I think it was called Cardiff. They had public phones on them and police could lock up criminals in them until a car could get there to take them to prison. Here," she said, turning the PaDD around to show Dodson the picture of the TARDIS.

"Strange" Erin said with a smile. "so when would you like me to report for duty doctor?"

"Beta shift," answred Jayla. "Although sometimes I like to swap, mostly so I can get to know the people on Beta shift. Otherwise, the only time I see them is during triage drills.


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