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Posted on 10 Aug 2016 @ 2:34am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Ensign Katniss Sutherland

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Jayla's Quarters
Timeline: MD6 : 0030 (just before Wake Up Call)

Katniss smiled as she thought about the red haired Vulcan, he did an excellent job putting her dislocated shoulder back in place, but she still had pain as a nurse she knew something wasn't right, but she couldnt risk going to sick bay, no doubt she had some nerve and rotator cuff damage as it wasn't the first time it had dislocated and over time that damage gets worse. Finally she reached her destination, Katniss looked up from the padd, Room 0404 deck Four, Jayla's quarters.

For a moment she felt guilty, she shoudnt be disturbing Jayla with this, especially not at zero three hundred hours. Maybe she just leave it, but suddenly a pain shot up her arm, she gritted her teeth and gave out a whimper. With her good arm she reached out and pressed the door chime.

A good few minutes had passed and still no answer, Katniss woundered if Jayla was a heavy sleeper. She pressed the door chime again a couple of times, in the hope of waking her, she just hoped that Jayla wouldn't be annoyed, but then again it was Jayla, she would probably open the door with a giant smile.

Inside, Jayla grogily came to consciousness. When she heard her chime again, she sat bolt upright and called for the lights, but regretted it immediately. Squeezing her eyes shut against the sudden glare, she amended, lights 50 percent," and the lights immediately reduced to half.

As the chime rang yet again, she pulled herself off her bed and made her way drowsily into the main living area of her quarters. "Come in," she called around a yawn as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Katniss was holding her arm as the doors to Jayla's quarters opened, she tried to give a smile as she entered but the pain was too much, her head had started to go fuzzy and her vision was blurring and she let out another whimper of pain.

"I'm sorry to disturb you so early, but I didn't know who else I could go to." she said stumbling into the semi lit room “I need your help” she said before nearly collapsing in a heap on Jayla’s floor.

Jayla gasped and hurried forward. "Katniss!" she exclaimed. "Are you okay?" She started looking the nurse over for wounds.

"My shoulder" she gasped "I've managed to dislocate it a couple of times over the last couple of weeks, it got put back in place but for some reason the pain..." she gasped again "It's shooting up my arm, my vision is blurred and I'm seeing double."

"Dislocated..." said Jayla, hurrying across the living area for the medkit she kept for late night emergencies; if she didn't have to stop at Sick Bay, she could get medical help to people quicker. "I don't remember any reports about a dislocated shoulder," she added, taking out the tricorder as she crossed the room.

"Erm....yes...twice." she replied. That was the only problem when you were trying to keep secrets, they had a tendency of coming out if one was not careful.

"And you didn't go to Sick Bay?" Jayla scolded, scanning her shoulder carefully. "Really, Katniss. You should know better." She studied the readout. "Well, luckily nothing is torn," she said. "There's some pulled tendons and it looks like you've pulled every last muscle clear up into your neck. And there seems to be a pinched nerve in your neck, which is causing the shooting pains. You're lucky," she said, snapping her tricorder closed. "This could have been much worse. You should have gone to Sick Bay immediately."

"I know, but I promised you I wouldn't make a fool of you, although I think there are going to be a couple of questions from security.." she said looking at Jayla "I was sort of running a holodeck program with the safety protocols off when I first dislocated my shoulder."

Katniss couldn't hold back, she trusted Jayla after all she was her CO and she hoped, a friend. She deserved the truth about what had happened, just nothing else at this point.

Jayla sighed, closing her tricorder. "Luckily, running a holodeck program with the safety protocols off isn't more than a reprimand, and not even an official one," she said. "But, really, don't do that anymore, okay? And going to Sick Bay with a dislocated shoulder wouldn't make a fool of me. In fact, it's the smart thing to do. Next time, don't be afraid to do it, okay? We don't care how you did it; we just fix it."

"No but you'd care if......." Katniss immediately stopped speaking, where on hell had that come from, but it was too late, she had already uttered the words but at least she had stopped herself finishing.

Jayla stopped what she was doing and took Katniss's chin in her hand, forcing the girl to meet her eyes. "We don't care how," she said firmly. "I do, personally, but as a doctor, I don't. I will never make you tell me how something happened, okay?" She released the nurse's chin. "Now come on. Let's get to sick bay so I can fix up these pulled muscles and tendons."

Katniss looked at Jayla. For some reason she had felt a connection with her from the moment they met, she looked up to her, sort of a like a mother figure. Especially as she had taken a chance with Katniss, after all no one else would, but then again Katniss was stubborn. " sickaby." she said objecting, if Jayla took her to sickbay and performed a scan, she would see the true extent of her self harming and she wasn't ready to share that. "Just patch me up the best you can, if you can't then just say"

"Katniss," said Jayla. "Be reasonable!"

"Don't make quote medical regulations to you, I'm quite within my rights to refuse medical treatment."

Jayla sighed. "All right," she relented, taking out a subdermal regenerator and carefully attaching it to the nurse's shoulder. "This would be much easier in Sick Bay, you know," she said. "There's bigger equipment. It would only take a few minutes. This way, it'll take at least half an hour."

Katniss sat their for a minute, if she refused to go to sick bay she would make Jayla suspicious, if she went to sickbay and she refused any scans again it would make Jayla suspicious. Scans would show the extend of her self harm and no one could find out about that. People would fuss, she would be assessed, hell they could even relieve her of duty. It was a no win situation, why did she come here.

"I'll go to sickbay with two conditions, you treat me and no scans, you fix the shoulder that's it. I don't want to be subjected to pokes and prods and people knowing my business. Otherwise it's hear on your floor."

Jayla studied Katniss for a moment. Was she hiding something? Jayla couldn't tell. She was tempted to call her on it, but decided to choose her battles. "All right," she sighed. "No scans, you have my word. Let's go," she added, standing and offering the young nurse a hand up.

Katniss nodded and reached out for the hand Jayla was offering, she grasped it and a gentle yank pulled her to he feet. She trusted Jayla and if she promised no scans than she would take her word, after all a persons word is their bond and with that she was ready to head to sickbay.

As they walked the corridors she didn't know what to say, so she said nothing. She was pondering on what Jayla was thinking, would could be going through the trills mind, after all she would have several generations of past experiences, it was going to take her long to figure out that she was keeping something from her. She had never told anyone about her self harm, partly out of shame, they wouldn't understand and partially because she didn't want to see a shrink, her thoughts were her own, she didn't like sharing. It was her burden to carry no one else's. After all she wasn't hurting anyone but herself, it was her life and her choice.

Jayla, for her part, had decided not to think about it for now. They made their way to Sick Bay in silence. While in sick bay, her words were few, but soft. She carefully kept her voice soothing. She really did care about Katniss and she wanted the girl to know that. "Next time," she said gently as she wrapped up the treatment. "Come to me right away. You're going to be a little sore for a couple of days, but it shouldn't hinder your ability to perform your duties- as long as you don't turn off holodeck safeties again, that is."

True to her word Jayla had treated her and not poked or scanned her, Katniss looked "Thank you Doctor." she said in a cold tone and with that she jumped down from the bio bed. It wasn't because she wasn't grateful it was because she was showing she cared and Katniss wasn't used to that, she was used to being alone and looking out for herself.

Jayla signed as she watched Katniss leave. She wanted to know what was up with her, but she wasn't going to pry. Instead, she just put the equipment she'd been using away and headed back to her quarters. Checking the chronometer, she saw that it was just past 0100. She really should get some sleep, but she was too keyed up. Instead, she settled on her sofa with a book. She'd read for an hour or so and then try for sleep....


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