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Duty Bound

Posted on 05 Sep 2016 @ 11:17pm by Commander Thiago Teixeira & Vorian Sulvai

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Teixeira's Quarters
Timeline: MD 0 - Backpost

Medical check up? Done. Psychological check up? Done. The only thing left on his list for the day was reporting to the Executive Officer of the Black Hawk so he could start on his duties finally. All he knew was that Commander Thiago Teixeira was human, which was plenty of reasons for him to have reservations. The higher in rank and position a human was, the harder was communicating and establishing a proper relation was.

He checked his uniform once more, just to be sure he looked presentable. Vorian let out a much needed sigh as he felt his nerves slowly getting tired after spending this first day getting used to the uncountable waves of emotions from the crew of the ship. He needed a drink, a very strong drink. It was as if he could almost taste it and the relief it would bring, but he shook his head and regained his composure.

Requesting entry into the room he heard the door chime his request. Placing his hands behind his back he wondered how the XO would react to a Vulcan with a ponytail, one dark blue eye and another black Betazoid one. He should make a mental list of reactions, categorize them and then try to play a game of guessing each time he met new people.

The sound of the announcer pulled Thiago from his report. Since coming aboard, he'd been focusing on getting settled, both arranging his personal items in his quarters and trying to get caught up on old mission logs. Being new to the Black Hawk, he wanted to get up to speed on what the ship had been through. Being the latest in a string of XOs on the ship, he felt added pressure to provide Captain Geisler with a strong support system.

"Entrar," he called out, knowing the computer would understand his use of Portuguese.

The strange looking Vulcan entered the room and made a polite bow. "Live long and prosper Commander Teixeira. Lieutenant Vorian Sulvai reporting for duty as Assistant Chief Engineer." he calmly, trying to sound as pleasant as possible. He took note of the state of the room within a second before shifting all of his attention to the commander.

"Nice to meet you Lieutenant," Thiago said, not offering his hand. Vulcans tended to not shake hands. "Welcome to the Black Hawk. Where are you coming from?"

What a curious question that is. Very general and with so many answers. he thought to himself before replying. "I come from Betazed originally. As for my service as an engineer I come from the USS Georgetown." He hoped the reply was satisfactory and that he covered both the options he had foreseen.

"What's your specialty?" he asked, motioning towards the chair opposite his own.

Vorian sat down on the offered the chair. "My speciality is, well if I could use a Human term, I am a Jack of all traders when it comes to Engineering. But I started in propulsion initially. Another Human term would be rocket scientist."

"I see," Thiago replied, intrigued by the engineer's repeated use of 'Human.' It was as if Sulvai was trying to make it clear that he was not Human. It was not a distinction that was necessary to vocalize, or otherwise point out. "Why engineering?"

"Because it is usually a very quiet domain to activate in. Not quiet if you take into account the amount of noise machinery usually tends to make. It is quiet when you factor in the amount of time you spend away from other sentient beings."

"I hadn't thought if it that way before," Teixeira said after a moment. "I'm new here too. But so far, the crew seems friendly and more than competent. I think we're both fortunate to be able to serve here." He waited to see if the Lieutenant would have any reaction.

"Fascinating point of view. I have yet to interact with the other members of the crew outside of few in my own department and the Chief Medical Officer. That sadly is not a large enough sample to form a general opinion over the whole of the crew. Nor do I wish to gather data from a larger sample as any kind of proximity and interaction tends to have its mental costs." he spoke calmly and as Vulcan as possible. He didn't see the need to interact with other crew members outside of those that were necessary for him to fulfil his function on the ship.

Tough nut to crack, Thiago thought. "Well, if you do decide to interact with more of the crew, know that they are likely to be welcoming." He looked across the desk. "Is there anything you need? I assume you've gotten settled in your quarters already."

Vorian shook his head. "There is nothing I need at this moment sir. And yes I have already identified my quarters and settled in. As for me interacting with the crew, that is a sensible topic." he made a small pause before continuing. "It is not that I do not wish to have amiable relationships with the members of the crew, but due to my special condition, being in proximity to multiple sentients for prolonged periods of time is rather tiresome."

"And what 'special condition' is that, Lieutenant?" He'd been too busy catching up on mission logs to get around to reviewing personnel files for the new crew.

"Both of my parents are strong psionics sir. I have seen them do things that border the impossible. Me and my brother have inherited their great potential, but without the necessary abilities to control that potential. Think of it like breathing, in order to exhale a large amount of air, one must inhale a similar amount. My brain had the potential to 'exhale' greatly, but in order to do so it had to 'inhale' properly. But I was born without the ability to control the amount my brain 'inhales', so instead it constantly 'inhales' emotional feedback from those around me. The more people around me, the more my brain 'inhales' the more information I have to sort through to function properly. There are many Betazoids who have this condition."

"Like Tam Elbrun?" Thiago asked. He was familiar with the former first contact specialist from case studies during command training. Elbrun had been a Betazoid with atypical telepathic skills; skills that had caused him some level of mental instability.

Vorian nodded, knowing the case of the Betazoid in case. "Exactly like Tam Elbrun. Me and my brother are similar cases to him. However unlike Tam Elbrun, me and my brother are also half Vulcans. And as you can see, we have more Vulcan than Betazoid in us. As such, despite not having the natural Betazoid ability to ignore background thoughts from others, we can withstand it and sort consciously as we receive more and more feedback. It is a tiresome process and I can only do it to a certain degree, but I make a point not to find myself surrounded by too many people at the same time. And coupled with meditation there is a certain degree of defences I can raise to protect my sanity."

"I see," Thiago said slowly. He was a bit unsettled by this news. Elbrun's instability was related to his enhanced psi-abilities. Having someone onboard with that potential was something that he, as Executive Officer, found concerning. "You have regular appointments with a Counselor, yes?"

The half Vulcan, half Betazoid shook his head slightly. "I can sense a shift occurring in you Commander. You have nothing to worry about me or my abilities. I am only a danger to my own self, apart from receiving feedback, my brain is severely traumatised that I am unable to do anything else. There are Betazoid children with almost no abilities who can do more than I can. I have no regular appointments with a Counsellor, there is no reason too them. My sanity is not in danger. However I have taken steps to hopefully find a medical solution to my problem."

"Your file has documentation to that effect?" Teixeira asked. "From a qualified, Starfleet-approved psychologist?"

Vorian nodded. "I would've finished the Academy otherwise, nor achieve the rank that I have. Though my rank after two decades of service is low just because of my condition. In my file there is a list of my yearly check-ups as well as two bills of health issued both by Vulcan and Betazoid authorities."

"Very good then," Teixeira said quietly, noting that he needed to check Sulvai's file. Maybe, probably, speak with a counselor about the situation. "Anything you need from me?"

"I already have Commander. Earlier today actually." he then shook his head slightly. "Nothing else I need sir."

"Very well then," Teixeira replied with a smile as he rose to his feet. "My door is always open if you need something, Lieutenant."

Vorian mimicked his superior officer and rose to his feet as well, making a polite head bow. "Thank you for your time and the offer Commander. I look forward to have a fruitful working relationship sir." With that said he turned to leave the room, cautiously optimistic that he passed another step and he could now finally go get some rest.


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