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I Would Do Anything For You

Posted on 16 Nov 2016 @ 4:26am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: History
Location: USS Nebuchadnezzar
Timeline: Stardate: 60587.85

Freshly minted Petty Officer First Class Mila Rasputin had just passed her P01 Leadership Training Course Continuum and couldn't wait to tell her boyfriend Darius Jackson. The two of them had met on the Nebuchadnezzar and started a whirlwind romance that only seemed to be getting better and better.

He was a tall, handsome Ensign in Operations and had been going out of his way to make sure that she had everything she asked for her quarters or special items that she requested if it was within his power to give her. Not that she ever asked for much, but the special things she did ask for was for things which she wanted for the both of them.

She headed to his quarters and on the way there, she encountered a crewman who accused her of cheating on her test, a crewman who had seemingly been going out of his way to make the young Petty Officer's life difficult. Mila sighed and stepped around him, knowing that he only did these things because she had turned him down for a date when she first came aboard the ship. It hadn't been because he wasn't handsome, but the fact that he was arrogant and overbearing and she didn't want to associate with people like that.

Mila sighed and pressed the chime when she arrived at Darius' quarters; it was a peculiarity of his that everyone had to press the chime unless it was Security responding to an emergency. She had the codes for it, but he still insisted so she waited for him to respond as she adjusted the new rank insignia on her collar.

"Who is it?" Darius called from the com, another peculiarity.

"It is Mila," she said and the door slid open to reveal the tall handsome Ensign with the ever present look of mild suspicion on his features as he looked over her shoulder and both ways down the corridor.

"Come in," he said and stepped aside, the door closing behind her almost before she cleared it. She wondered if he had tampered with the sensors or programmed it to close quicker for some reason, but she knew enough to step lively when going into or leaving his quarters.

Darius smiled when he saw the new rank tab on her collar. "You did it!" he exclaimed and moved to take her in a warm embrace and gave her a soft kiss. "Congratulations, Petty Officer First Class Rasputin!"

Mila beamed and returned the kiss, molding her body against his as she looked up into his eyes. "Thank you, Darius. I would not have been able to do it if you had not been one to encourage me."

"I would do anything for you," he said. "How was the rest of your day?" he asked as he stepped back from her.

"Was good except for Crewman Walford," she said. "He is stopping me in corridor and saying that I was cheating on my test. Is not true, though. You are knowing how hard I am studying."

Darius' eyes narrowed. "Crewman Walford...again. Why does he keep bothering you?"

"Is nothing. He is being mad that I am not dating him but strong, handsome man like you," Mila replied. "He is being sore when he is having no right."

"I'll make him sore," he said as he cracked his large knuckled hands.

She shook her head. "Is not worth it. Come, let us go out and celebrate. I am feeling like showing you off as much as new rank."

Darius laughed, but the look in his eyes said he wasn't about to let it go. Still, he agreed and the two of them headed out of his quarters.

* * *

Mila was shocked and couldn't believe what the Chief of Security was telling her. A body had been found in a Jeffries Tube on Deck Ten Section Twelve Twenty-Eight and she was being asked to identify it. When she was taken to the morgue, her face drained of all color and it took her a minute before she could speak. It was the crewman who had harassed her the previous day and his skull had been caved in with a blunt instrument.

"Why are you to be asking me about this?" she managed at last.

The Chief of Security explained that the crewman had an extensive file of her complete with dozens of images and asked what the relationship between her and the man had been. She explained that the crewman had repeatedly harassed her and that she hadn't wished to place charges against him simply because he was upset she had turned him down repeatedly for a date.

She submitted to a variety of tests and witnesses and the computer confirmed her whereabouts at the time of the murder and was cleared, but the investigation didn't stop there. She was reluctant, but when probed, she revealed that her boyfriend, Ensign Darius Jackson, had been angry about the latest incident between her and Crewman Walford.

A ship wide alert went out quietly to apprehend Jackson while Mila was assigned Security personnel to keep an eye on her for her protection. When she went back to her quarters, the Security woman went in first to check and was met with a phaser blast to her chest.

"Darius, no!" Mila cried as the woman hit the floor when she saw her boyfriend standing with a phaser in his hand.

"I told you that I would do anything for you, Mila," Darius said almost conversationally. He looked at the phaser in his hands. "And this is how you repay me. You cost me my career while I was looking out for you!"

Mila took a step back before he raised the phaser again in her direction. "I was not wanting you to kill anyone for me, Darius," she said as she froze.

"It's your fault, and you're the one who is going to have to live with it," Darius told her as he raised the setting on the phaser to maximum. "I hope it's going to give you nightmares forever." With that, he raised the Type II phaser and pointed at his own head.

"Nyet!" she said and dove towards him, but it was too late. A flash a split second later was all that remained of Ensign Darius Jackson as he disintegrated himself. She fell to her knees and screamed, and then remembered nothing until she woke up later in sickbay.

She was questioned once again and submitted to the tests numbly, but was cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of the Ensign and Crewman Walford. It was going to be a long road ahead of her and a lot of counseling, but she knew it was going to take even longer before she trusted herself to get close to anyone else.

As soon as an opening presented itself, Mila transferred off the ship and hoped to put it as far behind her as she could as well as anyone she knew and headed for the Gamma Quadrant where the USS Typhoon and others awaited her.


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