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Allergy Test

Posted on 30 Sep 2016 @ 12:28am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Vorian Sulvai

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Sick Bay labs
Timeline: MD 7 : 2142

Jayla had administered some perhadrazine to herself and waited for it to pull the alcohol from her system. Thirty minutes, three glasses of water and two quick trips to the head later and her blood alcohol came back well below the legal limit for Trill. "Okay," she told Vorian. "I'm ready if you are."

While Jayla set herself to reduce the level of blood alcohol, Vorian waited and watched her curiously. As he had been using alcohol to quiet down some of the noise that kept bothering him, he never had the need to reduce the amount in his blood. So for him, the entire endeavor Jayla has began was somewhat amusing. "I was ready from the moment I first came to meet you my good doctor. A bit confused and disoriented, true, but nonetheless ready."

"All the equipment we need is in the labs," she said, leading him to the small, but very well stocked labs. "The allergy test itself is rather painless, though there can be some minor discomfort- an itchy sensation. Try not to scratch it, though."

Vorian grinned at her with amusement. "Though today you have really brought the Betazoid in me to the surface, I am still very much Vulcan. Not scratching is basically the first thing they teach us when we are young. It is part of the 'hold your hands to yourself' teaching program."

"I find most adults can resist the urge," she said as they entered the lab. "It's children that can't seem to. I usually have to do the test on their backs so they can't reach it." She went to a cooling unit and pulled out eight hyposyringes, each already loaded with a minuscule amount of medicine. "These are the most potent neural suppressants I could find. Each would only require a small dose weekly that could be administered by yourself. If you don't have a reaction to one of them, we can start trials to figure out how much you need. Roll up your sleeve," she instructed, also motioning to a stool next to a table where he could sit.

Taking the seat offered he slowly and meticulously rolled up his sleeve as he looked at the hyposyringes. "So we are not going to inject all eight at the same time and hope for the best? How disappointing. Here I thought I was in for a fun trip." he winked at her as he offered his exposed arm to her.

"Well, we sort of are," she said, taking the first hypo syringe. "You see, these inject the substance under the first layer of skin, but not into the blood stream. It's trapped between layers of skin, sort of like a tattoo, but not as deep. That way, we only get a localized reaction- rash, possibly some itching, that sort of thing." She pressed the hyposyringe to his arm, then put it down and picked up a felt tipped pen with which she made a tiny '1' on the spot she had just injected. "Washable," she assured him. "Now, if one of these doesn't get a reaction, we're in business. Some doctors prefer to just rub the substances in your skin, but I always worry that they'll run together and then we don't get an accurate result." She picked up another of the syringes and repeated the process, thus time making a small number '2' over the spot.

He raised his eyebrow at the small numbers. "Fascinating. I always thought that a tattoo would suit me. Never imagined that it would numerical however, I like how it looks. Might not be a tattoo but this is a close second I guess." He watched Jayla with real fascination as she did her work on his flesh. It was interesting given that usually any medical procedure he had been part off had been at least unpleasant. But something about the presence of the good doctor kept him calm and even amused almost. It had to be the smile, but it was certainly not it alone. She was emanating the same warmth her smiles were showing and he had to admit to himself that he enjoyed it greatly.

"Luckily, the numbers will wash off," she said, completing the fourth site and starting the fifth. "And also luckily, this is only under one layer of skin, not several so all of it will be gone in less than 24 hours. Oh look, the first ones already reacting. Well, we know that's no good," she added, noting that the site labeled with a '1' was already turning red. That's another thing about the surface test; it often takes hours to get results whereas the injections can start reacting almost immediately. The test will be complete in a couple hours where with the surface test, it can take up to two days to be sure."

Vorian let out a short sigh. "And here I thought the numbers would stay on a little longer. Was hoping to use them to impress a certain lady doctor I find myself growing fond off." he winked at Jayla as he looked at the newest number. His expression changed to a more serious one as he noticed the '1' turning red. "One down and seven more to go?" he raised his eyebrow at her hopeful.

Jayla grinned. Fond of her, was he? Truth be told, she was rather fond of him, too. "Yep, we have seven more candidates," she said, picking up the sixth syringe. She finished with it quickly, adding a '6' to it before moving on to the seventh. "Nothing happening with number two, yet," she commented. "Still, we'll give it a couple hours." She quickly injected number seven and marked it, too.

Her grin was not lost on him. "Maybe we will get lucky. Well, maybe I will get lucky, this is after all to my selfish benefit. What will happen if I am allergic to all of them? Can I have my hopes up that a certain smiling doctor might actually manage to find yet another solution for a down on his luck Vulcan?"

"If all else fails, there's always histamine blockers," she said, injecting him with the eighth sample. "I'd rather not use those long-term, but they're available." She marked that sample, too. "And now we wait," she said, flashing another charming smile at him.

His strange eyes focused on her charming smile as he stood in silence for a few seconds. "I have an idea on how to pass time, but it might not be as pleasant to you as it is for me. You see I have a very fascinating phenomenon to examine right now, might even write a study on it. But unless you have a mirror at hand, I don't think you can examine the same phenomenon I am."

"A fascinating phenomenon?" asked Jayla, her smile widening. "Okay, I'll bite. Why do I need a mirror?"

"Well this phenomenon is formed through the combination of labium inferius oris and labium superius oris, two muscles that when left in the care of a certain Trill I will not mention form what I can only call a hypnotic weapon." he smiled back at her completely ignoring his arm by now. "Now I would bring a mirror to show you but that would put the both of us in danger of falling victims to it's hypnotic powers. And if something were to happen to you my dear doctor, well I only know one medical procedure."

Jayla's smile widened even farther, her eyes sparkled and a bubbling laugh escaped her lips. "You weren't kidding about poetry, were you?" she said. "I don't think even a human could manage to use the technical terms for facial muscles and make it sound as flattering as you just did. No, that definitely takes a Vulcan."

Look at her inquisitively he couldn't help but ask. "What gave the impression that I was attempting humour? With a bottle of vodka in my hand I have been told I am quite the excellent poet!" Shaking his head slowly for dramatic effect, he continued. "And my apologies if I mislead you my dear doctor, but I was not trying to flatter you. I was merely stating the obvious truth. You are just fascinating, it is as simple as that. In a world that for me has always been a sea of pain, you are an island where for a few moments, the sound of the sea is being drowned out."

"It's still flattery, even if you're being completely honest," Jayla told him. "Maybe more so. In any case, I'm glad I could be of assistance." With a grin, she blinked and shook her head. "Now listen to me," she laughed. "I'm sounding awfully Vulcan right now. It appears we're rubbing off on one another."

"I do not see what is wrong with us rubbing off on one another. True it is the added concern that my being Vulcan can be infectious as your smiles." he grinned at her. "But I have the impression that you will manage. And if by being honest I am flattering you, then I must apologize in advance. I don't think that is going to stop anytime soon."

"As long as I know you're honest," she said. She glanced at his arm. "Two still looks good. Three and four not so much," she commented. "That could be very good news."

"You did say that the treatment can be administered by myself individually. What happens if for some reason I am unable to, would that mean I have to schedule a meeting with you in order to receive the help I need to administer it?" he asked raising his eyebrow at her.

"Well, yes, though I don't see why you wouldn't be able to," she answered. "A hypospray is easy enough to operate and I can give you phials that are already measured out to the exact dosage. You should be able to handle it."

"Yes, but a hypospray has a rather great disadvantage. It offers me a reason not to visit you more. So I would have to resort to allow myself to suffer minor accidents during duty hours just so I can come here more often. I find that to be a rather illogical solution to my problem."

Jayla grinned. Perhaps this man was more Betazoid than he knew himself. "You'll just have to come see me off duty then," she suggested with a sparkling grin. "I'm sure we could find some reason to spend time together outside of duty hours."

"Off duty? That was not a possibility I had anticipated. Intriguing..." he trialed off for a second. "So what do people usually do when they meet outside of duty hours? I must admit I am not familiar with those social habits."

"Lots of things," answered Jayla with another grin. "Have dinner, play chess or poker or another game, visit Copacabana beach via the holodeck. All sorts of things."

"Chess, poker, Copacabana, I have never done any of those. Including going on the holodeck. There's something disturbing about the whole concept of environment simulator through the use of various elements from a transporter and combining them with parts of a replicator, to generating actual matter, as well as projecting force fields to give the objects the illusion of substance," he shook his head slightly.

"Well that settles it," she laughed. "I'm taking you to Copacabana beach, first chance I get. You'll love it, trust me. The holodeck is not as terrifying as it sounds."

"Do you not know how unstable transporters and force fields can be after prolonged use? Though on one side you are a doctor so in case anything does happen you'll be there to patch us, while I can patch the holodeck. But still, it is a highly dangerous environment. Also I haven't even touched upon the many AI problems that may appear."

"And do you know how many accidental incidents have actually occurred?" Jayla countered. "Only a handful. Most of the incidences have resulted from tampering or wider ship issues. Holodecks are very safe, I can assure you."

"Well if you are willing to, let's say help me test out one of the holodecks, than I will indulge in visiting Copacabana beach with you. It would be useful to have a medical expert with me, just in case." he looked down at his arm. "Two still looks good I see. But please, tell me what is chess and poker?"

"They're games," replied Jayla. "Chess is all strategy, trying to anticipate your opponent's moves and plan yours accordingly. Poker is chance and skill. But, mostly chance. I'm not really a fan. I feel like skill should count for more in a true game."

"Hm..." he watched his arm once more. "I think that I want to try this chess you speak off. As for poker, I do believe that a game of chance and skill is not something I wish to try either. How are we doing on the other numbers?"

"Seven looks okay, too," she said, checking the injection sites. "Eight might be turning red, but it's hard to tell just yet. Still, that leaves two we can possibly work with! That's great news!" she added with another of her charming smiles.

"So how soon can we use me as a testing subject for numbers two and seven? And could I ask you my dear doctor to gift me the documentation of this procedure? I need to send it to my brother so he can subject himself to it as well. Hopefully he will not be allergic to all of them." looking back at her he took time to admire her smile. "Such a distracting smile. I find myself more focused and calm than I have been all day while watching it. Logically it would be more efficient to avoid the neural suppressants all together if you would let me keep your smile. Like a sort of Doctor Kij smile injection once or twice a day."

"Liquid Jayla," she said, then shook her head. "No, wait, that's creepy. Liquid smile. That's better." She grinned yet again. "I'll make sure to put everything down in a file you can send to your brother. As for testing, we'll have to wait at least 24 hours and I'm sorry, but you're going to have to stop taking pain killers and sleeping pills. And also, no alcohol. We need to make sure we have a clean test. I don't want anything interfering."

"Liquid Jayla smile? That sounds like marketable product, the kind that sells out quickly." he smiled at her for a second, only to have his smile drop as he heard the restrictions he had to obey for the next 24 hours. "No painkillers, no sleeping pills or alcohol? That is a test itself, a very hard one my good doctor. I haven't had a day without any of those three in over a decade. I will try my best though."

"You can do it," Jayla encouraged him with another smile- although could one call it another smile if she hadn't really stopped? "If worse comes to worse, I can always put you in quarantine. Empaths and Telepaths say that being in quarantine sort of quarantines their abilities, too. One girl described it like having cotton in your ears- you can still sense things, but they're muffled."

"Quarantine? I have never given that option a thought. I agree, if I cannot resist and I fail in my task, than you have my permission and request to quarantine me. It would be just another interesting experience to add to my repertoire. Only one that would still be needed to complete my collection would be ending up locked in the brig."

She grinned again, this time a bit sheepishly. "I've done both," she said. "Quarantine because I was potentially exposed to a virus- never did show symptoms and all the tests came back clean- and the brig when I was sixteen. My mentor and legal guardian at the time decided to leave me there overnight and through most of the next day. That got through to me when nothing else did."

"Isolation got through to you? Was it self reflection or the enclosed space that did it? I tried isolation a few times before joining the Academy. I found it horribly meaningless. While being around others is tiresome and even painful at times, for me isolation seems even worse. Do not generally enjoy being left alone with my own thoughts."

"Well, it was right after I'd gotten drunk and broke into the Captain's ready room," she explained. "I might have mentioned that before. Anyway, I'd been getting into all sorts of trouble before that and finally, Saraja just left me in the brig to teach me a lesson. It worked. I started listening to her after that. I think I was sort of thinking to myself, 'you could end up here permanently.' That, more than anything else, is what made me actually start trying."

"You were lucky to have someone to care for you. Not many have that benefit in this universe. And for better or worse, it was the sum of all your experiences, good or bad, that formed you into whom you are now. Or as some humans would say, all worse for the better? I think it was something to that effect." he looked down waiting for the last number to decide if it would go red or not.

Jayla glanced at number 8 as well. So far, it was just slightly pink which was probably just minor trauma from the injection. "Oh, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything," she said. "A lot of people think that's strange. Why wouldn't I want to change having to stay in the brig for nearly 24 hours? But, it did me a lot of good. It made me start working on handling this whole joining thing rather than run away from it like I had been. If I hadn't spent that time in the brig, I wouldn't be the person you know today. In fact, I might be in prison."

Raising the eyebrow of his Betazoid eye he couldn't help but ask. "Why did you fight your joining? I thought Trills were very eager to get joined with symbionts? I am glad you have managed to find your peace and become the smiling wonder you are today Doctor Jayla."

"Well, the problem is that I was joined before I'd had any training," she replied. "I was only 15- which is much too young to be joined. But, while on a camping trip, a joined Trill in our party became trapped under a tree. We couldn't free her. She- she suffocated," she said sadly. "I offered to carry Kij back to civilization and since I was the only unjoined Trill there who had been medically approved for symbiosis, they all agreed. Well, by the time we got to a medical facility, Kij had already fused with the host- which means that if they'd removed Kij, then Jayla would have died. So, they opted to train me instead. Which was harder than anyone could have imagined."

"That was very noble of you. Self sacrifice is not a trait many share or are willing to do for others. Even more surprising given your young age. But it is the trials we survive that make us stronger, is it not true?" Looking at her, admiring her features even if slightly saddened by her tale, he smiled trying to cheer her up again. "You know, I was once in a very dangerous situation. I had barely escaped with my life and body intact. It was almost two decades ago, when me and my brother ran away from Betazed to Earth to join the Academy. I believe there is another Human expression, 'Hell haveth no fury as a Betazoid Ambassador scorned?'"

Which of course made Jayla giggle. "Something like that," she agreed. "Don't get me wrong. I'm glad I went through it; it made me who I am today, and let's face it, I'm pretty cool. At the time, though, I wondered if it was worth it."

Vorian placed his hand gently over hers for a second as he looked at her. "I found out that it is never about things having worth or not. It is always about surviving them and being better for it." taking his hand off, now wanting to impose or offend he looked back at the number eight, as if trying to intimidate it into picking a color.

She grinned again. He was such a nice guy. And wise, too! He had somehow managed to put his finger on the exact thoughts she had been unable to articulate. "Well, I certainly survived," she agreed. She glanced at his arm again. "Well," she said. "I'd say numbers 2 and 7 look good. And possibly 8. If we can't do anything with 2 and 7, we can do a bit more testing with 8. Next step, then, is to get everything cleaned out of your system. Also," she added, producing a body monitor, "this isn't required, but it's definitely recommended. It's a body monitor. Given the nature of your problem, I'd like you to wear it just in case you become overwhelmed and are unable to get yourself to sick bay. It will alert me and I can go to you."

Taking the body monitor in his hand he turned it on either sides, taking a few seconds to understand its form and guess how it functioned on the inside. "I understand. It seems to be a logical step, especially given my dependence on certain substances. As well as the difficulties that may arise from being deprived of them. I thank you for the concern." he handed her the monitor back.

She took that as consent and strapped it around his upper arm, then activated it. "Remember, twenty-four hours," she said. "If you haven't got any problems between now and then, come back and we'll start experimenting with these two samples."

He nodded in agreement. "Understood. I will do my best to not have any problems. I hope I haven't taken too much of your time with this. Would not want to be an over bearing patient."

"In the first place, it's my job," she said with a grin. "And in the second place, you're a joy to work with. I enjoy your company."

Making a polite bow to her he smiled pleasantly. "And here I thought I was just another boring Vulcan. You are probably the only person in the universe who enjoys my company. Not even between us Vulcans do we enjoy each others companies. It's unethical to enjoy anything." he winked at her as widened his smile at his own joke.

She grinned. Again. "Well, then," she said, "I won't ask you if you would like to visit the holodeck later. But, will you, even if you won't like to?"

He made a polite head bow to Jayla. "It would be my honor and at the same time my horror to visit the holodeck with you. Though I am certain that the pleasure of your company will drown out my fear and concerns about the machinations and workings of the holodeck parts."

"I'll pick something simple," she said. "Like Golden Gate Park in the evening. Or the Cliffs of Stohl, on Trill. I grew up near them. It's nice. Quiet. I used to wonder why more people don't visit them. Now I can appreciate that they don't; they wouldn't be so nice if they were over run with people."

Vorian thought for a second before giving her a shy smile. "I would like to see the Cliffs of Stohl on Trill, near which you grew up. And I like the quiet they promise. If I enjoy the experience on the holodeck, I will have to find something suitable for you as well. If not, then it's back to poetry I am afraid." his smiled turned into a small grin.

"Poetry is nice," she replied with a grin. "How about poetry either way?"

"You drive a hard bargain. If you offer some more Jayla stories than I agree with poetry either way." he offered his hand to her. "Shall we shake on it? It is an old Terran habit when concluding a trade deal."

With yet another grin, Jayla took his hand in hers. "Deal," she said. "I'll tell you more stories from my foolish youth and you can recite poetry to me."

"You have yourself a deal then." he said as he gently shook her hand.


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