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Reporting for Duty

Posted on 15 Aug 2016 @ 11:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD5 : 0800 BACKPOST

Peeta had been on the ship for about a week, and decided it was probably time to do some work. He walked into sickbay and looked around, finding the first staff member and walking over. "I'm looking for a Doctor Kij?" He asked, smiling.

"You found her," said Jayla, flashing her customary grin at the young man. "What can I do for you?"

"I'm your new medical technician. Ensign Peeta Harrison at your service." He said, smiling, taking his kit bag off his back.

"Oh, of course!" exclaimed Jayla. "I nearly forgot. I've had so many new personnel over the past few days, I never know who's coming and who's going. Anyway," she said, her smile widening. "Has anyone done a coming aboard physical for you?"

"Not yet, shall we get that done to while i'm here?" He asked, hopping onto one of the biobeds.

Jayla grinned. Eager, wasn't he? "Why not?" she replied, taking out her tricorder. "I have to confess, I didn't get a chance to read all the incoming crew files in detail. Besides, I find it's much more interesting to talk to the person and get the information first hand. Where are you from?"

"Originally from Earth, however I've been studying at Bajor for a few years now." He said, smiling.

"Ah, Bajor," said Jayla fondly, starting preliminary scans. "I haven't been there in ages. And when I was there, it was only for a week. I've always wanted to go back. How about you, did you enjoy it?"

"As much as I could, yeah, it was a bit of extra training as a medical technician, I'm more advanced than your basic tech. I did some field work on Bajor, battlefield medic, things like that. But apart from that it was good, yeah!" He said.

"One of these days we'll all get back there," she replied. "Anywhere in the alpha quadrant would be good to tell the truth."

"I wouldn't mind a trip to Vulcan...or Rigel....but that's just me!" He retorted. "So what's it like here?" He asked.

"I've never been to Vulcan," she replied. "I suspect I would hate it, though. Too hot, too dry. Now Betezed is nice. So is Trill for that matter."

"I prefer the cold to the heat, but i'd love to see the temples on Vulcan, and the beaches on Rigel!" He said, nodding at the Commander's comment

"True," allowed Jayla, switching to secondary scans. "I hear the temples are pretty spectacular. And who doesn't love a beach?"

"So what's the verdict doc?" He asked, trying to get a look at his report.

"You are the picture of perfect health," she declared. "I'd love my own scans to be this good. Granted, the only thing I have to worry about is low B12, but even so..."

"Could be a lot worse Doc! So, anything else?" He asked, sitting up.

"Not at the moment," she replied, snapping her tricorder closed with a grin. "Take the rest of the day to familiarize yourself with the facilities and tomorrow, it'll be five in head first."

Peeta nodded. "Will do, and i'll see you bright and early tomorrow." He smiled, stood up, and went to check the stock in his kit bag.


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