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Returning to duty

Posted on 13 Aug 2016 @ 5:01am by Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant JG Samantha Lopez

Mission: Risky Business
Location: Squadron Commanders Office
Timeline: Backpost

Sam had been on medical leave for the last month, and had finally been cleared for duty again. She decided she should go and see the Squadron Commander for her new assignment. She stood outside his office and buzzed the door.

Terry put the PADD down and wondered who that could be. He didn't have any appointments scheduled, at least as far as he knew. Petty Officer Mori hadn't notificed him of any. Putting the PADD off to the side, Commander Walsh said, "Come on in."

Sam walked in. "Sorry to disturb you sir, I know I don't have an appointment, but I wanted to get back on duty as quick as I could." She said, walking over to his desk.

Terry recognized the woman standing in front of him as a former associate. He was glad to see her back from leave, but wondered how she would take her assignment. He stood and extended his hand for a shake. "Good to see you back...Lopez...isn't it?"

"That's correct, I'm back and ready to go. Where do you want me?" She asked, knowing that she wouldn't be back in the position she had been previously.

Terry pulled his hand back, curious, but then quickly dismissed it. "I have a position open as the Charlie Flight Leader," he said sitting down. "You won't have your previous position as it has been filled. But I could use a Charlie One."

"That's fine, I guessed you'd fill that position anyway, when do I start?" She asked, nodding to her superior.

"Right away," Terry said. "I'd need you to start right away. Charlie Flight is in need of a Flight Leader since the incident with the last one. Can you handle that?"

"Incident with the last one?" Sam asked, slightly concerned.

"It's okay, Lieutenant," said Terry. "Don't worry. So long as you don't do something completely stupid in a Valkyrie that results in said Valkyrie being grounded for repairs, you'll do well. Now, I know you've been here before and are already familiar with the ship and the squadron, but is there anything I can help you with?"

"Not that I can think of boss. Oh, one thing, is my flight fully staffed?" She asked, smiling.

"Yes, you should have a full staff on Charlie Flight," replied Terry.

"Brilliant, I'll get everything ready for when we launch, whenever that may be!" Sam remarked, smiling.

Terry chuckled. "Yeah, we're just waiting on the orders right now. Oh, do you have your room assignment yet?" he asked.

"Certainly do! Deck 5 Room 0535 is home for me." She said.

"Good. And do you have your orders putting you back on active duty?" Terry asked. He still had to put his authorization on them, despite everything.

"Right here!" She said, handing over the PADD that had her medical clearance and duty orders from the CO.

Terry accepted the proffered PADD and began to look at it. She had certainly been medically cleared, but it raised a question for him. One that he wanted answered before he put his thumbprint to the orders. "I see you've been medically cleared for return to active duty service. But I want to make sure that you'll be able to perform your duties to my expectations and beyond. Medical clearances don't usually give the full picture. Is there anything that will hinder your duties that the records don't indicate?"

"None." Sam replied, shaking her head intently. "Doc sorted me all out, said no other problems should appear!"

"Alright," replied Terry, as he placed his thumbprint to the orders. "Welcome back, Lieutenant Lopez. If you need anything, Lieutenant Kilmartin is my Deputy and should be able to help you. Will there be anything else today?"

"Nothing I can think of sir, thank you for your time." She said, coming to attention and saluting, before turning and leaving the room.

Terry stood and returned the salute. After the Lieutenant left, he took the PADD he'd had earlier and went back to work.


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