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Posted on 22 Aug 2016 @ 7:52am by Lieutenant Jarveth Adan & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Click Three Times

Death. The final frontier. These are the voyages of Lieutenant Jarveth Adan. His continuing mission, to live long enough for the Adan symbiant to survive.

Jarveth was dying. He knew that. A bulkhead had landed on him during whatever happened on the bridge and to the ship. He wasn't sure about anything except that the host was going to die. If only he could get to sickbay. Sickbay. The final frontier.

Lieutenant Jarith Roshe had been exploring the corridors in search of casualties. The Betazoid Counselor/Diplomatic Officer had only recently been assigned to the Black Hawk.

He was handsome with short, curly black hair and the pupils of a Betazoid.

From the depths and darkness of the Black Hawk, Jarith could sense the panic aboard the ship. The Adan symbiant seemed to reach out to him as he neared the scene of the carnage.

"Dear God!" said he. He scrambled through the wreckage and found Jarveth. He was bloody and barely conscience. "I've got to get you to Sickbay asap."


Jayla was exhausted. She was sure most of it was due to not being fully recovered from the concussion, but she was also sure that the constant influx of patients wasn't helping, either. She couldn't have said which was the bigger factor in her exhaustion, but as she saw another patient being brought into Sick Bay, she felt her stomach drop.

"Adan!" she gasped. "Bring him over here! Quick!" She hurried to the nearest bio bed, which had only been vacated a second ago- literally. "What happened?" she asked, pulling out her tricorder and starting her scans.

Jarith placed Jarveth on the biobed indicated. He could sense the life draining from the Trill and there was nothing he could do. "Save him!" he begged of Kij.

Jarveth was dying. That was the reality of his situation. Reaching out for Doctor Kij, he clasped her hand, smearing blood all over it. He struggled to speak. "Save....the....symbiant..." he begged.

"No," said Jayla, a sinking feeling in her stomach. "No, I can-" Her tricorder beeped incessantly at her, indicating that the patient was critical. She glanced at the read out. Even if she had a team of doctors, she knew there was no way she could save Jarveth. She could, however, save Adan. She blinked back the tears. "I'm so sorry, Jarveth," she whispered.

Jarveth struggled to speak one last time. "Not....your....fault." With that, Jarveth drew one final ragged breath and died.

Jarith looked at the doctor. "What can we do? I am trained in emergency medicine. There must be something." A tear formed in his right eye. He had Jarveth had been lovers the past few days he was aboard the USS Black Hawk. He loved the man.

Jayla's heart caught in her throat. She swallowed it back down and took a moment to steel herself. "I can't do anything for Jarvith," she said, her voice even and quiet. "But I can save the symbiont. Nurse Lane! Get me one of the symbiont stasis pods."

Penny's eyes grew wide. Having spent several months with the Trill Doctor, she knew what it meant to lose a symbiont. "Right away, Doctor," she said quietly. She turned to retrieve the requested equipment.

Meanwhile, Jayla began setting up for the proceedure. Surgery was in use at the moment, so she had no choice but to do this here, in the middle of sick bay where everyone could see. "You might not want to watch this," she told the young man who had brought the Trill in. "Non-Trills tend to find it a bit disturbing."

Jarith looked ill. "I don't mind," he said. "I loved him. Everything about him. My name is Lieutenant Jarith Roshe, by the way. I am a member of the Counseling staff as well as a member of the Diplomatic Corp."

"I'm so sorry," she told the counselor. "I wish I could have done more..."

Nurse Lane approached with the symbiont stasis pod and Jayla turned to get to work. Between the three of them, they managed to get the symbiont removed and into the pod.

"He'll be okay in there for a couple months," she said, her voice thick with tears. "Hopefully we can get him back to Trill before-" but she had to stop. The tears were threatening to overwhelm her.

Jarith placed his hand on the doctor's shoulder and squeezed it. "You did all you could for him. There's nothing more any of us can do for him except mourn his death in our own way." He sniffed. "I for one will miss him a great deal," added he. "In the meantime, is there any way I can be of service in Sickbay?"

"I'd appreciate it," she said as two nurses came to take Jarvith's body to the morgue. She turned a sympathetic and pained expression to Jarith. "I'm so sorry," she said for about the hundredth time.

Jarith broke down and cried. Wiping the tears away with the back of his hand, he smeared some of Jarveth's blood on his cheek. "I would like for us - his friends and I - to get together after all this isover and have a memorial service. I know there were several people important to him. You were among them."

She placed a hand on his shoulder as her own tears started to fall. "That's good to know," she said quietly. "I've got more patients to see, but I'll be in touch, okay?"

Jarith thanked the doctor for all her kindnesses and then crossed Sickbay to see where he could be the most help as both a Counselor and a medic. After all, the entire Sickbay just witnessed the death of one of their colleagues.


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