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Posted on 30 Sep 2016 @ 11:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Vorian Sulvai

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Vorian's quarters
Timeline: Md8 1945

Since the holodeck a were still not operational- being low on engineering's list, it wasn't likely to be done soon- Jayla decided that Vorian needed to make good on his promise to read her some of his poetry. He had been through many of them already and she was enthralled by them. She had somehow never imagined that even a part Vulcan could manage to convey such beauty and passion, such depth of emotion.

Now, though, he was about to read another. She settled back into the cushions, hands gripping her small mug of peppermint tea, and listened.

"A moon slowly rises over a black, tranquil lake
As fireflies dance among sleeping daffodils.
Crickets sing lullabies to squirrels and honey bees
As owls come to life
A mother returns to her kittens,
Another to her pups.
Needle-point stars poke holes through a paper sky.
And the wind,
Softly, softly,
Whispers the night into place."

She sighed happily, a tranquil smile playing at her lips. "It's so soothing," she said. "And I think free verse was exactly right for that one. The varied rhythms sort of lull one into a sense of security. It made me a little sleepy to tell the truth!"

Vorian nodded gently and kept his smile on his lips. He had been smiling for the better part of the evening, ever since he and Jayla returned to his quarters. Part of him was a bit worried and concerned that he might actually damage his facial muscles if he smiled too much. Another part of him was surprised he had smiled for so long, longer than he had in his life at any one time. He hoped that he could at least still look serious after this evening so he wouldn't loose his imposing position in Engineering in front of the other engineers.

"I got inspired to write that poem about a decade ago when during a short leave on Earth. I believe the continent was called Europe and I was hiking on one of the mountains there. The mountain was supposed to be a former volcano and in its crater a lake was formed. Shielded by the high walls of the crater, the lake barely saw any wind, surrounded by pine trees and wildlife. Away from civilization it was very quiet and tranquil. I lived and slept by its shore for a full week." he leaned back in his chair.

He had been reciting poetry to the good doctor just as he had promised, making sure to take it gradually, from those with a bit more humour to those with more emotional investment. He was reaching the end of his repertoire, at least of those he wanted to share with her this evening. After all it wouldn't do good to give her all of them in one sitting. He needed to save some for later as well. Vorian was however surprised by how much she had enjoyed them. Sure he felt the emotions he had tried to convey in his poems, but truth was he spent much time over thinking them. Actually the way he wrote them was he would think of a line then he would write the opposite of what his Vulcan mind was conceiving, trying to be as un-Vulcan as he could. Apparently he had some success given her reactions.

"I have two more for tonight if you would like to hear them. Both were also written during that shore leave and together with Nocturne, the poem I just recited, are part of my Terran Verses. These last two are my most prized possessions." he spoke in a conspiratorial tone as if conveying her a very close kept secret as he leant forward towards her. Grinning at her he leaned back into his chair. "However! I distinctly remember that our agreement was poetry in exchange for, and I quote, 'stories from my foolish youth', end of quote."

"Oh, dear," she laughed. "I suppose you're right, aren't you? Oh, let's see. I suppose I could expound upon the night I got drunk and broke into the captain's ready room. Although, that one is rather depressing. How about the time I completely walloped a kid twice my size for staring at my chest?"

Grinning at her he couldn't help but reply. "I think I wish to hear about the time you walloped that kid twice your side for staring at your chest. If you don't mind, while you share this tale I will be staring at your chest as well for scientific purposes and to verify your story." he spoke while offering her a shy grin.

Jayla laughed. She couldn't help it. "For scientific purposes," she laughed. "I'm sure. Okay," she added, taking one more drink of her tea again. "So for some reason, on the Impala, I was the only teenage girl. Nineteen teenagers and I was the only girl! Needless to say, I got hit on a lot. Most of them backed off once I threatened to send them into next week, but one- ugh! He was awful.

"His name was Jason Lewis. Jock type, you know. And a drummer. Thought he was a gift to the universe." She rolled her eyes. "Granted, he actually was really good at sports. And drumming. And he was kinda good looking. I suppose, if he'd been a bit less narcissistic, I might have been interested. As it was, though... he was just too self-centred.

"Anyway, one day, the teacher decided to pair us off for a project. Wouldn't you know it, I got stuck with Lewis. He started out right away with the whole, 'you're so lucky to have been paired with me' nonsense. I'm surprised my eyes didn't fall out of my head with all the rolling they were doing.

"We couldn't get anything done because if he wasn't trying to sweet talk me, he was touching my hair or tweaking my chin or something. I could have lived with all that, to be honest, but it was the staring. His eyes kept darting to my chest. I must have told him to keep his eyes above my neck a hundred times. Finally, I'd had enough. I hit him so hard, I knocked him off his chair. And then, because I was exceptionally angry, I actually put my knee into his chest and hit him a few more times before one of the other kids pulled me off." She sighed. "I got three days of detention for it. Luckily, since Lewis had a reputation by that point, they believed me and he also got a day."

Vorian raised his hand in front of him with his palm upwards. "Sweet talking done." he said closing one finger. "Touching hair, not done but acceptable. Tweaking chin, not done but acceptable." looking at her for a second after he had spoken on a tone as if he had been talking to himself he continued. "No staring, danger of potential physical harm." he finished looking away. "Apologies, just making sure I have all the information correct." he spoke back on a amused tone, winking at her and alluding to his previous self centred speech as a sort of humour.

"Correction," she laughed. "Staring when we are supposed to be working and after I have asked you to stop carries a threat of physical harm. But, while off duty, I don't mind," she added with a cheeky smirk.

Closing a second finger he smiled at her. "Understood. Staring done, quite successfully if I may add. This only leaves tweaking of the chin and touching of the hair. Very well, in order to further my advancements on the field of science and research on this most delicate matter, I am going to offer you my second most prized poem. I call it humanity." he cleared his throat as he began reciting.

"To you, who live
To you, who die
To you, who laugh
To you, who cry
To you, who love
To you, who hate
To you, the meek
To you, the great

To you, who see
To you, the blind
To you, who seek
To you, who find
To you, who sow
To you, who reap
To you, who dance
And to you, who weep

To you, who sing
To you, who mourn
To you, who die
To you, who are born
To you, who sleep
To you, who wake
To you, who stand
To you, who quake

To you, the happy
To you, the sad
To you, the good
To you, the bad
To you, who run
To you, the lame
To you, the different
To you, the same

To you, who live
To you, who laugh
To you, who love

As he ended the poem, the last two words he spoke with more intensity than the rest of the poem, making a point to end on a polite nod towards Jayla, as if the last 'you' was her.

This had the desired effect- or at least a favourable one. Jayla let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding and a bright smile spread across her face. "It's beautiful!" she said. "I love how it starts out as black and white- live, die, laugh, cry- and then moves into shades of grey, indicating that not everything is simple. And yet, it says, very simply, that though flawed, humans are beautiful. In fact, I think this poem could be effectively named Vulcanity or Tillianity or Klingonity. No species is perfect, and yet it is that imperfection that is so beautiful. Very poignant."

Raising a finger to make a point he shook his head slightly. "I wrote this song to illustrate how complicated Humans seem to me. However if I were to rename this poem Vulcanity, it would only have just one verse: 'To you, who logic reigns supreme.'" he spoke in a mock serious tone. "And if I were to rename it Trilianity, it would go something like this:

'To you, who shines so bright
To you, who smiles so wide
To you, who saved my mind
To you, who stole my heart

This time he finished on a tone he had never used before, one he never knew he had. It was a tone filled with vulnerability as he admitted how he saw her.

If Belar Kij were here, he'd tell Jayla that she was being a gullible sap. As it was, she could almost feel him rolling his eyes at her as she broke into the biggest smile of her life. "That's so sweet," she gushed. "I mean, I'm pretty sure there's only one Trill that really fits into that description, but it's so..." She griped for the word, but could not find it. "Anyway," she finally relented. "It's sweet. One more poem?" she asked, giving him her most charming smile.

Vorian nodded. "It would be rather intriguing if there was more than only the one Trill that fits into that description. Unless you have a twin with which you trade places every now and then? Me and my brother used to do that at the Academy." he winked at her rested his chin in his hand as he thought of the last poem. "Very well my dear Jayla. This is for you only, the poem I never thought I'd ever share with anyone. Until now." he cleared his throat as he relaxed his voice and began reciting.

"When all the World has slipped away.
When every Kingdom falls,
When every host of men and Kings
Die with these Earthly Walls.

When dusk falls swift upon the Earth,
And sun will shine no more.
The heavens smite each shining star
And night falls evermore.

But, even on this barren plane
Hope lives in the air.
When all has gathered for to die,
Still, you linger there."

Jayla wasn't quite sure what happened next, but she suddenly found herself kissing him. How has she gotten all the way around the coffee table without knowing how or what she had done with her tea. And furthermore, was she sitting in his lap?!

Vorian had been so focused on his poem that after closing his eyes for a second, he opened them just to see her standing in front of him, leaning in and pressing her lips against his. His hands acted on their own as he placed them on her waist and pulled her down on his lap, eagerly kissing her back while wrapping his heavily worked hands around her.

She pulled away suddenly with a gasp. "I'm sorry," she said quickly. "I don't know what came over me. I must still be loopy from that concussion. Four days ago." She blinked. "Yeah. So I'll just..." she attempted to pull away, but found that his arms were wrapped around her, keeping her in place.

He looked up at her, staring at her eyes with his own strange ones, smiling widely. "If this is you being loopy, than you must forgive me Jayla, but I wish you remain loopy." His left hand left her back and cupped her cheek as he pulled her close. "At least be loopy enough for one more kiss." he whispered as he pulled her into a kiss. Not certain if it was the drug she had him under to help with his condition or not, but in that moment he could no longer feel anything. The world outside of that chair ceased to exist as he only felt the light and warmth coming from the woman in his arms.

Jayla half whimpered, half giggled into the kiss. It had been a long time since she had actually enjoyed just kissing someone and she didn't want to stop. Of course O she would have to eventually, but not now. Not now. For now, there was only Vorian and Jayla and nothing else- not the Black Hawk, not the captured crew, not the patients in sick bay not the waiting repairs- mattered.

Finally, she pulled away and leaned her forehead against his. "How did you do that?" she whispered.

Closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of her forehead touching his, he let out a deep sigh followed by a very un-Vulcan grin. "I would say it due to my flamboyant personality and stunning good looks, but I'm a Vulcan most of the times so that is not a believable answer. Would you believe telepathy?"

Jayla giggled. "I would, actually," she said. "Cheeky devil. I'll bet you use it against all the girls. You probably have them all fawning over you within a week. Come to that, it's been about a week since we met, hasn't it? Or maybe a little more."

"Of course I use it against all the girls. After all, that's what all Vulcans like to do. I have to fight off the crowds of female minions every time I leave my quarters." he attempted to joke as he looked into her eyes. "I must admit, you make me doubt my impairment. I cannot believe I have you in my arms right now and that we have kissed. My calculations were apparently wrong."

She laughed at that, finally pulling away to look at him. "Did you calculate how long it would take to get me in this position?" she laughed. "Or just who it would be?"

He raised his hand with three fingers visible. "Three weeks. That is how long I had calculated that you would consider to take a step towards more." He opened his palm and placed it on her cheek, gently stroking her. "I do now know what I have done to deserve you, but I sure hope I can repeat it."

She kissed him again, gently. "That's fairly simple," she said. "Just be yourself." And because it was so wonderfully toe curling, she pressed her lips to his again.

He nodded as she kissed him again. "Awkward, clumsy, bad sense of humour and with mental problems? Yes, I can do that." Vorian smiled at her and let out a relaxed breath. "Does this mean I can come into the Sickbay without actually having a problem? And do I get preferential quarters calls?"

"Most certainly," Jayla replied. "Although, don't come to sick bay too much; people will think you're incredibly ill and that can lead to nasty inquiries. Best to just come see me in my quarters."

Vorian nodded in approval. "Yes, coming to the sick bay too often could lead to unforseen unpleasant situations. I see the logic in that. This does mean you will have to get used to having me around your quarters a bit more often. I hope Kij will not mind that I am going to take up more of your time and attention." he said as he ran his hand down the side of her neck, admiring her spots for the first time.

His touch made her shiver. That was new. Nobody had ever made her shiver with their touch before. "I don't think Kij will mind," she said with a grin. "Kij never minds my friends. Symbionts are usually pretty easy going."

He shook his head slightly. "I believe this actually counts as a three sided relationship. And us Vulcans we are supposed to be monogamous after all. You cannot imagine the problems I am dealing with in regards to the Vulcan logic I have been taught as a child." he grinned at amusing himself at this new thought.

"Then think about this: I would not be the same without Kij," she told him. "I was always cheerful, but Kij is an unusual symbiont. Kij bonds very closely with the host and sort of amplifies their personalities. I would be a very different person without Kij or with a different symbiont. Quite possibly, you might not even like me."

"So that answers my inquiry rather clearly. Well, this is bound to be interesting. I have to know, do you talk to him or her? Or is Kij similar to a constant presence in you? There are so many things I have to learn and know about you now."

"It's more like a constant presence," she answered with another of her customary grins. "And if you've got a lot to learn about me, it's nothing compared to what I have to learn about you." And she kissed him again.

He raised his eyebrow at her. "A constant presence? Fascinating." he spoke softly as she kissed him again, revelling in her warmth, though he felt more at peace because of her inner calming presence. "Looking at her inquisitively, or as inquisitive as a Vulcan could look, he asked. "What is there to learn about me? You already know my medical history. Other than that there is little else to learn." looking a bit thoughtful he continued. "All right, there might be the matter of a twin brother however..."

"A twin brother?" she asked, vaguely interested. "I've a sister who's three years younger and people often mistake is for one another. She's a bit taller than me and her hair is different, but otherwise, I see their point; we really do look a lot alike. But that's not the kind of thing I meant. I meant, what's your favorite color? What hobbies do you have? Aside from poetry," she added. "Although you can always recite that to me any time you want."

Vorian nodded understandingly. "Yes, I am familiar with that feeling. People have always confused me and my brother, we look pretty similar too. That is to say we are identical twins, even down to the way we keep out sides shaved and the ponytail. However our eyes are mirrored, being the only discernible feature we have." smiling at her he continued.

"Favourite color? I have never considered that. I think brown is starting to appeal to me more and more. As for hobbies, well reciting poetry to you is a pleasant new hobby. Then there is music, meditation and some forms of human martial arts. I have always wanted to try that human game, what's it called? Ah yes, chess. But it is not fair just for me to talk. How about you my dear Jayla?"

"Green," she said, kissing him again. "And listening to poetry." Another kiss. "And kissing you."

"I think that I will most certainly enjoy the last one." he replied smiling and returning her kiss. "I believe I will enjoy it greatly." he whispered as he held her close and kissed her back.


OOC Note: All poems are copyright Christie Killey.


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