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Special Treatment

Posted on 26 Aug 2016 @ 3:09pm by Lieutenant Parisa Rykov DCS

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: USS Black Hawk | Mess Hall

Alone off in the furthest corner she could find in the Mess Hall, Lieutenant (albeit she prefers Doctor) Parisa A. Rykov sat at a small table which she successfully had acquired upon glaring at its former occupants until they vacated it and took residency elsewhere in the Mess Hall. She was a creature of habit, a woman who prided herself on keeping a minute by minute mental schedule, adjusting or deviating if and only if necessary or otherwise ordered to do so. Physically, she kept a pretty precise schedule on a PaDD and checked if as often as needed. She kept her engineers on a very tight leash as well. If repair teams were a minute over their estimated time of repair, Rykov came down hard on them. Anything five minutes or more over Rykov's estimated times, meant extra hours for training. Different Engineers had different styles. Rykov could not care less about style or creative flare, she wanted things done on the deadlines she set. How her engineers got there was of no concern to her so long as whatever they did passed her inspection.

Two Assistant Chiefs. That is how many Lieutenant Ryov had chewed up and spat out, causing them to be transferred elsewhere. Let alone what she had done to her predecessor who she found was lacking the necessary skills for the job. Lieutenant Hictus Dicon was a fine engineer and a capable Chief Engineer, but Rykov had begged to differ and she eventually toppled the Engineering patriarchal structure. It had been a boys club at the top until Rykov had been given the opportunity to clean house in the Engineering Department, move personnel around, and restructure the Department entirely with her on top. Some time had gone by and life aboard the USS Black Hawk was getting interesting. Commander Kos was gone, the Black Hawk had a new First Officer in some tall green eyed human that she had not bothered to get to know, but he had practically no chance of winning her over anyways.

Personally, Rykov liked to call Commander Thiago Teixeira 'Commander Two T Cardboard Cutout' because he was easy on the eyes but put her to sleep. Physically, he looked like some sort of model, but the guy couldn't hold a flame to Captain Geisler's personality. At least in Rykov's book. Sometimes, Rykov liked to ponder what this guys life was like. There's vanilla and then there's vanilla she thought to herself. The Commander was definitely not any sort of French vanilla or Tahitian vanilla...he was just plain ol' vanilla. Rykov sat at her table and sighed. I need something to occupy myself she thought to herself. “Medical Leave of Absence bullshit” she grumbled as she sat there starring at a PaDD with an Engineering report displayed on it. Her new Assistant Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Vorian Sulvai had been placed in charge while Rykov was on her medical leave, though this had not stopped her from reading reports and sneaking into her office from time to time with a nice ol 'keep the hell out if you know what is good for you' sign on her door.

She shook her head as she muttered to herself in Romulan, cussing out the Chief Medical Officer, the Captain, and everyone else she could think of at the top of her head. “So what!” she shouted, causing the room to go suddenly and sharply silent...eyes looking right at her. “DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!” she shouted as she got up from her seat, picked up her PaDD and stormed off out of the Mess Hall. She huffed and puffed as she felt her body produce sweat, her skin was bordering on being hot to the touch. She could have been thrown into the Brig and stripped of her position for striking two of her engineers. She had become irrational, violent, and entirely hostile, snapping at everyone and everything. There had been jokes going around the starship that her cat Krampus had bit her and that Rykov was walking around rabid.

Lieutenant Rykov was brash, aggressive, and slightly paranoid as it was on an ordinary day. Under these circumstances, all of these things were practically tenfold. It was her Romulan heritage that was plaguing her as usual. She was used this happening to her...she even had marked it in her schedule, but 'Christmas' came early and the wraith of this half Romulan woman was being felt through out the starship. Truthfully, it was kind of the Captain and Chief Medical Officer to place her on a medical leave of absence, but if there was one thing Rykov despised, it was 'special treatment' and she considered this as such. She was one her way to her quarters from the Mess Hall, trying to avoid people for their own safety.


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