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Is he okay

Posted on 06 Sep 2016 @ 3:07pm by Ensign Katniss Sutherland

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Flight Deck
Timeline: MD7 12:30

Katniss had returned to the Black Hawk after her mini adventure on Chimera, she had recovered from her accident and her memory and motor control had fully recovered. She was comforted by the fact that the only thing keeping her going and clam through everything was the image of a certain bright red haired Vulcan. At the time she couldn't recall who it was, but now she knew, it was Dzhossen, even just the thought of him made her smile, but that smile had turned to panic.

Katniss was amazed at how quickly information soon spread through a ship. The good old grape vine hadn't let her down this time either, Jaula had informed her that a couple of fighter pilots had been killed in the recent battle and her smile had turned to panic, her thoughts were all over the place. "Let him be okay." she thought to herself, of course as she heard the news she didn't think to ask who, she didn't even trying her communicator, instead she had just left sickaby and had began to run towards the fighter bay.

At her steady pace it didn't take her long to reach her destination, she slowed down her heart started to beat faster and faster, what if he was dead?, what if he was one of the unlucky ones who didn't make it?, how would she... dam what was happening to her, how didn't she see this coming, somehow she had feelings starting to develop towards the Ensign. But she couldn't. that was ridicules, she didn't even know him that well. Could she even trust him? He would run a mile if he knew about what she did to herself, anyway he would only hurt you, she thought to herself and you don't even known if he likes you. she muttered. But one thing was certain, all that mattered at this time was that she knew he was safe, well and alive.

The landing bay was busy, several people were working and talking, she really didn't know many of them, but she scanned the area as the doors closed behind her, she tried to sneak out of view, just so she could glance about without disturbing anyone.

Then in the distance she saw what she was looking for, the tuff of bright red hair that made him stick out like a sore thumb, she gave a sigh of relief and smiled. She wanted to run to him and jump in his arms and give him a hug, but she had to resist the urge, she didn't want to embarrass him, after all he had nearly dumped her in the corridor to confront a crewman who commented under his breath when he was helping her back to her quarters after she had dislocated her shoulder, coupled with the laughs from some other junior offices, she knew how awkward it had made him fell. For now she was contempt on knowing he was alive and for the moment she would just watch him for a couple of minutes.

This was it. Reckoning. How was it that the person on the whole crew he most feared wasn't the Captain, wasn't his commander, wasn't even the Chief Medical Officer, but was instead this little human. This pathetic thing that was half his size and didn't even out rank him. It was like getting scolded by his mother.

"You stupid, arrogant, reckless, thoughtless, jack-off!" Tabayoyung was in fine form already. After she'd been found, buried under a toolbox twice her height, she'd immediately refused medical treatment and instead was carrying her broken arm around in a makeshift sling as she growled and barked orders to every subordinate. Once she'd determined that the emergency had past, she'd cornered her 'pilot' and made it clear that Dzhossen was barely worthy of the title in her view. "Every time you take it up, you break my bird! Didn't I warn you last time? Didn't I?"

"It should hold! The strut's not my fault! There has to be something adding pressure to it! Have you checked the hydraulic lines yet, Tabby?"

"Don't you 'Tabby' me!" the little woman yelled, slapping a large spanner into the Vulcan's hands. "Beat yourself with that! You'll stand a better chance of living if you do it!"

Dzhossen sighed and stared up at the ceiling for a moment. "This could have all been avoided if you'd have loaded the extra torp in the Valkyrie..."

"I AM NOT LOADING A HOT TORP IN THE TUBE SO YOU CAN KILL US ALL WITH STRAY VOLTAGE!" Tabayoyung exploded before pinching her nose with her good left hand in an attempt to console herself. "Karma must be real... It's the only explanation that I have for getting saddled with a nut job like you. Look. We'll go over the specks in the morning. I'll have a holo-program drawn up using the flight data from your landing and the computer's data from what happened on the deck. Whatever's left of it. We'll find out where the extra stress is coming from and reinforce that area. Seeing as you're incapable of preforming a Star Fleet regulation landing. How the hell did you ever graduate flight school?"


"Don't answer that. The less I know, the less I have to lie about," the Petty Officer turned on her heal and marched away from the deck, thinking that maybe a trip to medical should be in order after all. Hopefully the hypospray helped the pain in her ass as much as her arm.

Once the imminent danger had past, Dzhossen checked in with Singh, who was working re-calibrating the phaser arrays. There wasn't really anything wrong with the equipment, but constant calibration helped refine their accuracy and effectiveness.

"Sir? Why do you provoke her like that?" the young man asked.

Dzhossen didn't even bother trying to suppress his grin. "Don't let her fool you. Petty Officer Tabayoyung likes fighting. It's fun. As along as she's yelling at you, you're on her good side. When she goes silent, that's when you have to worry."

As she strode purposefully from the deck, Tabayoyung stopped in mid-stride. Turning slowly, she regarded Katniss with a meaningful look, assessing her from head to toe. The little brunette towered over Tabayoyung by at least a good six inches but she looked skinny, under fed, like a lost puppy looking for some one to...

"Oh no." Tabayoyung said, looking from Katniss to her pilot and back again. "Oh no. Sweetie... God help you."

"Pardon" Katniss replied trying to take her gaze off Dzhossen and showing some attention to the women that was in front of her.

"Ma'am, take it from an old campaigner. That one," the Petty Officer gestured towards were Singh and the Vulcan were bent over an open panel. "That one enjoys breaking things. He needs to know where the edges are and dance along them just to be sure. He might be worth something some day, if he doesn't get himself killed first, but you got twenty years before he's even house broken. Take a rain check on that one."

Katniss started to giggle "I'm sorry, I just can't get used to people calling me ma'am" she said listening to the advice she was been offered. "Your arm clearley needs medical attention, let me escort you to sickbay and you can tell me a little more about this lost cause, afterall you seem to know him better than me and I don't have 20 years to wait, plus I don't even know if he likes me, our first encounter was... well I thought he was going to hit me, before he threw his meal all over." she said smiling

Frowning, Tabayoyung sighed as she allowed herself to be escorted away from the bay and towards the turbolift. "Stop while you're ahead. Don't suppose you'll listen to that? No, I wouldn't have either when I was your age. All whiskey and bulletproof right now aren't you?"

Katniss began to think, these feelings had crept up on her, perhaps she needed to supress them, avoid him for the moment, that was probably the best course of action, she just needed to know he was safe and she'd done that "Or perhaps your right, I don't have a lot to offer and I don't think Id be able to make anyone happy, I might actually listen to you." she said smiling "I don't want to be chasing a lost cause and I don't want to be hurt again." she replied trying to generate a partial fake smile.

"Ma'am, with all do respect, I've yet to meet even a Vulcan who was in control of their heart. As I said, God help you."

'He hasn't helped me any other time' she thought to herself as she again tried to give a smile. "Well let's get that broken arms of your sorted then you can give him some more hell for the both of us."


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