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Meals on Wheels Part 1

Posted on 14 Sep 2016 @ 8:31am by Selah Eireanne & Lieutenant Commander Adam Casey

Mission: Click Three Times
Timeline: MD 7 : 1100

Selah pushed her way out of the jefferies tube and turned to drag the large backpack out as well. Once she had it out, she pulled a small metal contraption out of it and began unfolding it, snapping bits into place. Eventually, she had a good sized tray. She pulled wheels and a handle out and snapped them into place and she had a wagon. "Brilliant!" she declared to nobody in particular. "Whoever invented this thing was a flipping genius!"

She opened her pack and started taking out food that had been in the stasis chambers in Talons. It would all spoil soon, so she figured she'd just deliver it to the hungry crew. When it was finally set up to her satisfaction, she stood, took hold of the handle and started heading down the hallway.

Adam sighed as he stepped outside of his quarters, finally having cleared the last piece of debris from his quarters. He had focused on the girls room, and they were asleep, clearly feeling better. He shook his head as he looked at one thing that was damaged; a picture of him, his wife and the girls. He was glad he had another image of it since it meant a lot to him.

Ooo! There was a person! "Hello!" called Selah as she hurried to reach him. "Adam, right? I come bearing gifts," she added with an expansive gesture to the wagon full of food.

"Thanks. If you've got coffee on there, you'll be my friend for life. If you have a bacon sandwich, you're a goddess." Adam said, trying to force a smile onto his face.

Selah gave a little squeal of delight and picked up a thermos. "Coffee," she sang, pouring some int a cup for him. "And I have bacon and bread, too," she said, pointing to the items. "We were able to get a backup generator last time we were at Unity. It's not enough to run the stasis containers, but it CAN run the coffee maker and the stove, so we've been cooking up all the stuff that's in the stasis containers. There's not a lot, but enough that everyone can have one good meal. Maybe by the time everyone's hungry again, we'll have replicators back up. I'm sure people are already getting sick of those ration bars."

"I once spent two months living on ration bars, because of a mission gone wrong. Years ago, mind you, and not an experience I'd care to repeat." Adam said, as he took a sip of the coffee. "Oh, sweet nectar of the gods, thank you." He said, leaning against the wall. "I was up late with the girls; they were injured, so had to make sure they were okay, and thanks to the doctor, they are. But I'm still keeping an eye on them. Got them sleeping now."

"You want to make sandwiches for them, too?" Selah asked. "I wish the ice cream had survived, but it was all melted. I would really love to tell people to come to Talons for a free sundae when they get a minute. Oh, well, at least you can save those ration bars for later, huh?"

"Right now they're sleeping. Maria...she had a fractured radius, and both were knocked around a bit, so I'm keeping them off anything too heavy." Adam replied. "But thank you."

"Oh, the poor dears," said Selah sympathetically. "I hope they feel better soon. Let me see," she said, scanning her wagon. "I've got fruit and veggies that will keep well just sitting on the table. Oh, and pickles, if they like pickles."

"Strangely enough, they do. I've never been able to stand them myself." He replied, before taking another sip of his coffee. "This's all horrible." Adam said, looking around at the damage.

Selah sighed and nodded. "Yeah," she said. "But, we'll get it all put back together again. I mean, you will. Well, I'll help clear away debris, so we. You know what I mean."

Adam nodded. "Yeah. And then the Consortium will regret ever coming up against this ship. They've done terrible things, and they will face the hand of justice." He said, not saying how his would be the hand to deliver that justice, if he ever got the chance.

Selah nodded emphatically. Truth be told, being a member of the royal family of Yegorah, she had been tempted to call in the Cavalry. But, the Telino had made a vow to themselves not to interfere in Federation matters unless the situation was dire. And, the situation was not yet dire enough to warrant intervention. "I'm sure they will," she said simply. "Anyway, I'll leave some stuff for your girls and then be on my way. Not all the turbo lifts are working properly, so sometimes I have to pack everything up and crawl through the tubes. It's exhausting. Okay, so pickles... and what else?"

"Anything sweet, some fruit and juice would be most appreciated. As long as they have enough to be well fed and healthy." Adam said, smiling. "Thank you Selah, for everything." He said, smiling.

Selah nodded and gathered everything together for him, then quickly made him a bacon sandwich. "And, I think I've got... yes!" she added, quickly locating two tiny little white squares with frosting roses on top. "Petite fours," she announced, placing them on a napkin and handing them over. "There were exactly four left. I thought, four kids, four treats, why not? I wish I had one for you, too, but... I'll buy you an ice cream next time we're at a station or in orbit around a planet or something, k?"

Accepting the food, he smiled at her. "Thank you, Selah. I look forward to it then. Next time we're on a planet, I look forward to that Ice Cream." He said, smiling at her. "I don't know how I can thank you for this." He said.

"Ah, don't mention it," she replied with a wave of her hand as she took the handle of her wagon. "But, I'd better be on my way. You take care of those girls, okay?"

"I will. Thanks again Selah. I'll tell the girls you dropped by; they'll be glad to see you when they're better."

"I'll take them for ice cream, too," she promised with a grin and a wink as she pulled her wagon down the hallway. There were lots of hungry people on board and she wanted to make sure they were all served.


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