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Meals on Wheels part 3

Posted on 14 Sep 2016 @ 9:39am by Selah Eireanne & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Security offices
Timeline: MD 7|| 1200 Hours

After finally finding a turbolift that would actually go to deck 4, Selah pulled her little wagon through the halls towards the security office. She probably had enough food with her to hit Sick Bay, too. Or at least she hoped.

For now, though, she was going to see who was in security. She had no idea who had been injured and who was whole. So far, it seemed that most of the senior staff was in tact.

She paused to reknot her hair on top of her head and then walked into the Security offices, the door swishing open neatly for her. "Hello!" she called in a singsong voice. "I've come with lunch! Or breakfast, depending on your individual schedule."

Camila looked up from a stack of PADDs that had barely lowered since her new Assistant Chief of Security...or was it Tactical? had left and heard someone calling out that they had lunch or breakfast. She glanced at the phaser which was holstered to the side of desk by her leg and gave a grunt. If it's dehydrated hasperat or cardboard mush, I'm going to kill someone she thought. "Come in," she called, her voice sounding odd to her as her body worked on adjusting itself still.

Selah poked her head around the corner and smiled brightly at Camila. "Hello, Lieutenant!" she said cheerfully and pulled her wagon into view. "I've got a lot of stuff here. We were going to lose it all anyway, so someone may as well eat it. I have sandwich fixings and a ton of veggies. They're all raw, unfortunately, but our generator will only run one burner on the stove at a time, so we're cooking the meat."

"Anything is better than the cardboard rations," Camila said as she took her hand away from the hidden phaser as she tried to place where she had seen the woman before it came to her. "You own Talon's, right? What kind of sandwich stuff do you have?"

"Selah Eireanne," the barkeep said by way of reminder. "I've got all kinds of stuff. Ham, turkey, chicken, beef, targ, semila- I keep it for the Andorians- and lots of cheeses and leafy greens. And pickles and tomatoes. Oh! And if you've never had a black bean burger, I highly recommend it. They're cold, but they're still really good."

"A welcome pleasure, Miss Eireanne," Camila said. "I think I'll have a turkey and cheese sandwich with a pickle on the side, please." She stopped when she realized she hadn't introduced herself. "I'm Camila Di Pasquale," she said. "The Chief of Security and Tactical."

"Coming right up, Lieutenant Di Pascale," replied Selah. "I've got seven different types of bread and I don't even know how many types of cheese. Do you have a preference?"

"Do you have any Italian bread?" Camila asked. "I could name off twenty different kinds, but if it's even vaguely in that category, I would love it. As for cheese, anything will do as long as it's not Ferengi-made. I had some of that stuff when I was in the Academy and it made me sick as a Targ for three days."

"I've got ciabatta rolls," offered Selah, pulling one out and carefully cutting it in half with the bread knife she'd brought. "As for cheese, my personal favorite is smoked gouda. And, paired with ciabatta bread, it's really amazing. I also have, let's see, mustard, ketchup, horseradish, tzatziki, and mayo." While she spoke, she worked to assemble the sandwich expertly.

"Then I'll take the gouda," Camila said. "You wouldn't have any red wine vinegar in that cart, would you?" She asked hopefully. "Oh, and add a tomato, please. If you don't have any vinegar, mayo will do." She sat back and sighed. "I'm just thankful that it's not something dehydrated and tastes like cardboard. The past day has been hell and I'm on light duty thanks to breaking a rib and getting a collapsed lung when the Romulan ship exploded."

Selah made a vague noise of displeasure. "That doesn't sound like good times at all," she said. "I guess I can't complain. I took a nasty knock to the head, but the medic who treated me said there wasn't much to it other than surface swelling. Ah ha!" she exclaimed, plucking a small bottle out of the middle of her wagon. "Red wine vinegar." She finished up the sandwich and handed it to Camila on a napkin. "Sorry, I forgot to bring plates. Well, I don't think there would have been room anyway, so... oh!" she added, suddenly remembering the pickle. She carefully plucked one out of the jar with a small set of tongs and set it on a second napkin, then handed it over. "There you go!" she announced cheerfully.

"Thank you, Miss Eireanne," Camila said with a smile as she accepted the sandwich and pickle. "You've just made my day a little brighter. You'll definitely be getting more of my business once the ship get repaired and we sort everything out. How's the rest of the crew that you've talked to seem to be doing?" She wanted to get out and make the rounds herself, but she wasn't certain if the biomonitor would go off if she got angry about something.

"Everyone seems about the same- over worked and under rested," Selah replied. "Once I've got all the food delivered, I'm going to chip in clean up efforts. I think the school teacher might get the kids to help out with the smaller stuff. Or maybe she'll just decide to keep them out of the way. Either way." She shrugged.

Camila listened and nodded, then thought of something else. "You wouldn't have any coffee or something other than water in the cart, would you?"

"In fact, I do," announced Selah, picking up the thermos and giving it a little shake. "Feels like there's exactly one cup left." She poured it into a mug and handed it over.

The honey blonde Security Chief's eyes lit up and she smiled as she accepted the mug. "You are my own personal hero," she said before she took an appreciate drink of it. "If you ever need anything, let me know."

"Ooh, I like the sound of that," said Selah, eyes brightening. "I sure will. Before I go, do you want any of this fruit or veggies?"

"I suppose I should, but I don't want to be greedy, especially since I just took the last of the coffee," Camila said. "A piece of fruit would be nice, though."

"In that case," said Selah, plucking an apple from the pile. "They're least popular, but they're most plentiful."

"There's some idiom about an apple a day keeping the doctor away," Camila said. "With Doctor Abram's size, I may need a few bushel."

"I've probably got 'em to spare," laughed Selah. "Just come see me if you need 'em," she added with a wink.

"I'll send one of my assistant chiefs if I have to and an antigrav cart if it'll keep him off my back," Camila laughed. "Honestly, though, he's not a bad Doctor and he had a light touch for someone his size. Have you seen him yet?" she asked as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"Seen him like in passing? Yes," answered Selah. "I'm trying to finagle a check-up because, like, ohmigoodness he's hot, right?"

"He's not bad, but he's no Temerant," Camila said. "But I say you should go for it. As far as I know, he's not taken yet."

"I don't know, I might intimidate him; I'm kind of royalty," said Selah. "Anyway! I'd better get on with this. See you in Talons!" she added, eyes sparkling as she pulled her little wagon towards the door.

"See you there," Camila said and turned her attention to the wonderful fresh food with an appetite that would impress a Klingon.


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