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Here We Go Again

Posted on 05 Jun 2014 @ 8:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Thaddeus Quint M.D.

Mission: Pursuit
Location: Deck 4, Sickbay
Timeline: February 1, 2388 || 1525 hours

When the red alert klaxons went off, Thaddeus Quint just shrugged. He was already at his 'battle station' and all he had to do now was wait for the call that something had gone wrong, and someone else had been sacrificed upon the noble altar of duty.

The families of the assorted Gamma Quadrant alien corpses that were in his morgue doubtless would one day get some flowery prose and rhetoric about how they died in the line of duty, hauling cargo or whatever it was they were doing.

To add insult to injury, or in this case death, his staff was pestering him about the recent away mission. As if going on it was some grand adventure that would be the pinnacle of their lives. He took a small amount of delight in vividly explaining how everyone on the ship had pointlessly died, having the corpses to prove it that they now had to do autopsies on, and to top it all handing the ship over to the Ferengi simply on their say so, so they couldn't even do what they went over there for. Naturally the faces in Sickbay were more somber after that blunt explanation. Explorers? Right.

Quint and his staff was in the process of doing said autopsies when the call that something went wrong did indeed come in. No injuries or deaths, at least over here. But he had to go on another forsaken away mission. He told his people to finish the autopsies, doubtless they'd have something conclusive by the time they got back, but he thought his original assessment was a good one. If the rest of the crew didn't want to believe it was Federation weaponry, or that these pirates somehow innocently acquired it, let them. He wasn't here to pull the ostrich's head out of the sand, or wherever else it might be stuck.

Scoffing at the jealous looks the medics, nurses and junior doctors sent his way he hung his lab coat up in his office, grabbed a medkit and resignedly made his way back to the transporter room. Maybe next time he could send one of these bright eyed puppies. Let them get what they want and see how much they like it.

"Here we go again," Quint resignedly muttered.


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