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Parting gift

Posted on 19 Sep 2016 @ 11:19pm by Ensign Katniss Sutherland

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Katniss's Quarters / Flight Deck
Timeline: MD7

When it came to straws Katniss always seemed to get the short one. She hadn't even been back on board a day and surprise surprise the Cochrane needed a nurse and guess who had been selected to go. On the other hand, it must mean that someone saw something in her, after all they wouldn't send someone they didn't trust or think wasn't up to the job. But before she headed over to the Cochrane she needed to grab some things from her quarters and deliver a parting gift.

It didn't take her long to reach her quarters and it took her even less time to pack. She'd thrown in a couple of spare uniform's, a padd and a book her sister had given her for her last birthday. Oh how she longed to send Dana a message but they were under a communications black out, no doubt Dana would be out of her mind as Katniss normally pre-warned her about any problems, but as soon as she could, she'd send her a message.

With the replicator off-line she couldn't replicate him any chocolate milkshake, but she had something even better. A bar of luxury hand made chocolate. expensive and elegant, her folks had given it to her before her assignment, but seen as though she didn't really get on with them much these days, she decided to give it to someone that would appreciate it and make good use of it. Hell it was even gift wrapped with a bow, now if that didn't impress him, nothing would. With that she was ready to head out, so looked around her quarters and smiled "see you soon" she said heading out of the doors.

----- Flight Deck -------

About ten minutes later Katniss reached the flight deck, she didn't need to hide this time. She walked in with her backpack around her shoulder and the chocolate bar in her hand. She looked around but this time she couldn't see the tuff of red hair that she was looking for, her heart sank, she couldn't afford to wait around as she was expected on the Cochrane. Instead another unfamiliar crewmember caught her eye, he was tall, well over 6ft, she wondered if he would pass her gift on for her, so she wondered over to him.

"Excuse me," she said looking up to the young man who towered above her "I wonder if you could do me a favour?"

"I'm sure I could try, what can I do for you, Ensign...." He trailed off, not recognizing the person.

"Ensign Sutherland, Nurse" she replied smiling "I wonder if you could give this to Ensign Dzhossen for me, with a message."

"For a lovely lady such as yourself I'm sure I can manage that, Nurse Sutherland. A lovely name also. Next time, bring me some chocolate as well though!" He smiled.

Katniss blushed at the compliment "Tell him, I'm sorry it's not milkshake, but this is even better and that I've been assigned to the Cochrane temporarily and hopefully I look forward to seeing him when I get back." she said smiling.

"Will do, I look forward to your return, Miss Sutherland." He watched as the young nurse walked away. He tapped his commbadge. "Johnson to Dzhossen, present here for you, get over here!" He said.

Halfway across the hangar bay, Dzhossen was sitting in the cockpit as Tabayoyung and her team shouted data to him. They were working on fine tuning the torpedo's targeting system and the Vulcan was distracted as they had encountered a particularly stubborn bug. Everything the crew tried seemed to over compensate by a great deal and Discord was muttering to himself with frustration when his commbadge chirped.

"Stupid... Discord to Johnson... No, no, three points starboard, THREE! ... Discord to Johnson, of course I'm present. What? Tabby? Yes I readjusted compensator! Oh, of course I'm here Johnson."


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