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Nothing Big Except You

Posted on 18 Sep 2016 @ 5:30am by Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D. & Ensign Aurilia Moretti

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 7 || 1600 Hours

Still cursing mentally, Aurilia left the Flight Deck and headed up to Deck Four where she had to go to the dreaded sickbay. It's just a stupid bruise, even if it did hurt. No pain, no gain, right? she mentally asked herself as she pulled up her uniform top to look at the red and purple bruise on her right side. "Stupid antigrav cart. Stupid ship. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" she raved for a minute before she pulled her top down over it gently and exited the turbolift when it came to a stop.

She left it and walked down the corridor with the thought firmly in mind that she would be free from Medical after a dermal regenerator was swiped over it then she'd be free to fly once again. When she entered sickbay, she saw there were still a few people on biobeds and she knew they were far worse off than she was and debated turning around to leave again. She was still debating it when a shadow fell over her as if a planet had came between her and the light and she looked up. At a chest. A very broad chest. She looked up some more and saw the chest had a head and massive shoulders. "Um...I have a bruise..." she managed.

"A bruise?" Lucas asked, looking down at the young woman who just graced sickbay. He'd been seeing a lot of people coming in for those lately, but given what the ship as whole had been dealing with lately, it wasn't a surprise. He gestured for Aurilia to follow him to one of the vacant biobeds, then reached for his medical tricorder. "Have a seat, and I'll take a look at you. When did you get this bruise?"

Aurilia went over to the biobed and sat on it, then looked up at the massive specimen of manhood that wore the Medical teal uniform. By the stars, he could fill a quadrant by himself, she thought. "Uh...yesterday? I think it was when everything went dark..." She stopped and thought for a moment. "Well, I know it was when everything went dark and things have been a blur since then."

The large man cocked his head to the side as she spoke, but chose to say nothing while he began to scan her. He watched the reading for a moment before turning his attention to her. "Yesterday? And things have been a blur since then?" he asked with a look of disapproval. "Did you hit your head as well?" Despite the ability for that question to be taken out of context, it was a serious one, and the look on his face showed just that.

"No," she said. "I didn't hit my head. Not that I remember. What I mean is a blur of activity. I'm on the fighter maintenance team. Well, I was, but I got reinstituted as a pilot before I came here. I'm thinking clearly as I can without much sleep." She stopped before she dug herself deeper in a hole and would never get cleared for flying.

"I know what you meant, Ensign, but it's a question I had to ask anyway," the Behemoth said, offering her a reassuring smile, though, he still wasn't happy she'd waited so long to be treated. "Based on these scans, it appears you have a muscle contusion. I'm not showing signs of anything broken or torn, just very severe bruising."

Aurilia breathed a sigh of relief, then stopped and looked at him. "A muscle contusion? Is that dangerous? Will I be cleared for flight duty?" Again, the questions fell from her mouth like a burst pipe and she had to stop herself again. Was the man that intimidating that she felt the need to babble every time her mouth opened?

"Relax. I'll have you fixed up so you'll be flying again in no time," Lucas stated as he set the tricorder down, then reached for his dermal regenerator. After powering the device on, he prepared to move it over the damaged area. "Lift your shirt for me?"

She took a breath and gave a nervous laugh as she started to raise her uniform top. "Can't a lady even get a ration bar before being asked such a thing?" she said before she blushed nearly as bright as her hair. The bruise on her right side was a reddish purple color and went almost up to her arm pit.

"A ration bar? I'd at least ask for a few bars of latinum before taking my shirt off for anyone," he commented, lifting her arm to start at the highest point of the bruise.

Aurilia blushed again before she said. "I'm clearly delirious from lack of sleep and how big you are. I mean, it's nothing big. Except you. Shit. I....I'm just going to just shut up now."

Lucas fought back a smile. "If you're so delirious from lack of sleep that you allow your mouth to run away on you like that, you should definitely get some rest. I'd advise a few hours... at least. You've just been reinstated as a pilot, and it wouldn't do well for you to go out there as exhausted as you are in case the squadron is needed," he said, slowly moving the regenerator to make sure he didn't miss anything. "And, if you're going ask me if it's an order, I would say yes."

"I fully plan on taking that as an order and if Commander Walsh asks, I'll tell him that you ordered me to," she said. "As for my mouth running away from me...I'm afraid it's done that on more than one occasion, but I'm trying really hard to train it not to do that." She looked at him with her unusual colored eyes. While they were technically considered brown, there were flecks of yellow which made them more umber, even though it could have been the light in Sickbay reflecting from them.

"Should Commander Walsh have any issues with that, you tell him he can come see me about it," the tall man said.

"Umm...can I ask you a question?" Aurilia asked him. "Other than the one I just asked."

"What's your question?" he asked.

"What's your name?" she asked him. "I'm Ensign Aurilia Moretti, fighter pilot with the Black Knights."

"Lucas Abrams. Some people call me Lieutenant Abrams, some call me Doctor Abrams. Those who are lucky enough get to call me Lucas or Luc," he answered, moving the regenerator to another location on her side to watch more of the bruising disappear.

"I think I'll stick to Doctor Abrams until I have permission to call you anything else," Aurilia said with a smile as the bruising and pain went away. "You have an amazingly gentle nature, Doctor. I've been to some doctors who just want to poke and prod and ask questions like 'does it hurt when I do this?' Of course it hurts or I wouldn't be here. Now stop doing that before I return the pain."

"I find asking questions like that are pretty pointless. If it didn't hurt, as you pointed out, you obvious wouldn't have come here in the first place. Plus... readings don't lie. A lot of what those reveal to me indicates pain, so the need for that line of questioning just doesn't make sense," the Behemoth man said, turning his blue eyed gaze toward her for a moment. He had to admit... she was quite attractive. Her eyes, her hair... both unique in ways that set her apart from most of the women he'd seen since coming aboard the Black Hawk. Of course, that line of thinking wasn't professional, so he pushed them from his mind to focus on the task at hand. "Has anyone else in your department gone untreated that you're aware of?"

"I haven't really been paying too much attention to the others," she admitted. "I've been focusing on putting one foot in front of the other and making sure the fighters were ready to go before anything else. I don't even remember sleeping in my quarters last night, but I must have slept somewhere."

"Understandable," Lucas said as he finished up, then reached for the tricorder once more. When he was satisfied he'd gotten everything, he straightened up and looked down at her. "You're all set. Now, get some rest."

"I'll do my best, Doctor Abrams," Aurilia said with a smile as she hopped off the biobed. "I hope we meet again under other circumstances." With that, the redhead headed for the door and shaking her head. "You hope you can meet him under other circumstances?" she questioned herself. "Sheesh, woman. Get a grip. Sure, he's tall, handsome, muscular, kind....stop it, Moretti. Go get some sleep." Still muttering to herself, she headed off.


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