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Move It

Posted on 05 Nov 2016 @ 9:24am by Ensign Kelly Khan

Mission: History
Location: Holodeck, Starfleet Academy
Timeline: Year Three

Kelly giggled as she sat at the Helm of the USS Kick-Aft and watched the sensor readings scroll across the holographic display in front of her. She knew she was supposed to be serious, but with her energy levels and the name of the ship, she couldn't help herself. It would be like telling a Klingon not to be a Klingon, and that wasn't ever going to happen.

"Computer, music. Twentieth century Earth, motion picture film Madagascar. I Like to Move It." She requested as another giggle shook her frame and her brown eyes twinkled in merriment. The Kick-Aft's computer hesitated as it searched the database, then the bass beat of the song began.

I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
Ya like to move it!

"Release docking clamps," Kelly ordered as her fingers moved over the console, readying the maneuvering thrusters to take the ship away from the space dock at a forty-five degree angle. Per regulations, no ship could engage warp until a minimum of ten kilometers from the dock, Kelly watched the instrumentation as she guided the Kick-Aft away from the dock.

All girls all over the world
Original king Julian pon ya case man!
I love how all the girls a move their body
And when ya move ya body
Uno move it

Beginning to move her body to the music, Kelly felt like time was
crawling as the instruments slowly indicated that the required distance was closing. Every muscle in her body was jumping with energy and she felt like she had her own warp core as she stared into the star-speckled viewscreen, knowing that she would be among those stars very soon. Taking a deep breath to keep her fingers from jittering all over the console, she focused her vision back on the console as the music continued to play.

Nice and sweet and sexy alright!
Woman ya cute and you don't need no make-up
Original cute body you a mek man mud up

As the sensors indicated that the Kick-Aft had cleared the space around the dock, she slid her fingers over the holographic interface and took the ship another few kilometers, savoring the anticipation that she felt building inside of her. She was one with the ship and the ship was one with her. She had waited her entire life for this moment and she had no plans to jump the gun until she got every last bit of enjoyment from it.

Woman! Ya nice
Sweet fantastic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big titanic
Woman! Ya nice sweet energetic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big titanic
Woman! Ya nice

Kelly loved being the official shakedown specialist of Starfleet's
newest ships and relished pushing each one past the officially listed limits that the engineers always insisted on sandbagging. A ship could exceed any official limit in a time of emergency and it was her job to see exactly what a ship could do without blowing them up. She licked her lips as a tingle went through her body and slowly exhaled as the distance increased by other five kilometers.

"Computer, initiate warp drive," she ordered and felt the hum and rumble roll through the Omega-class ship as the warp core responded to her command. She had the entire ship to herself and could easily monitor each function if she felt the computer wasn't handling it efficiently. Often, she overrode what the computer established as a safety feature. "Bloody engineers," she muttered. "What do they know about piloting a ship? Design the engines and shut up."

Woman! Ya nice
Broad face
And ya nice hip
Make man flip and bust them lip
Big ship pon de ocean that a big titanic - woah!

"Engaging Warp six," she called out, recording each step into the ships logs per protocol. Her fingers danced over the console as the Kick-Aft made a smooth transition and the starfield expanded and condensed in front of her. The thrill that had previously only tingled the edge of her awareness blossomed like a supernova and she shivered.

It was the best feeling in the universe and she wouldn't trade it for anything; even chocolate took second place and anyone who knew her would confirm that chocolate was her absolute favorite.

Move it! Move ittt.. Move it! Move it! Move it move it

"Beginning maneuvers," Kelly stated as she took the ship out of warp a few minutes later as she neared the obstacle course that had been set up for testing. She preferred open space and real obstacles, but Starfleet insisted on a 'safe' course before actual field testing.

There was nothing she could do about that, but she could and would push the ship past the envelopes that was established for every ship.

We like to move it move it
You like to move it move it
I like .. Oh I did I have I done I? Did I do I like?
I think I did I like.. We? What about we? They? They? I did they.

"This is Khan to Starbase Delta Four," she said, tapping the comm. "I am ready to initiate maneuvers."

"Acknowledged, Commander," came the reply. "Tactical deployment engaged. Show us what she's got."

"Initiating Sierra Three," she said as her fingers moved over the display, jinking back and forth to avoid the simulated attacks while giving the computer controlled tactical station choice targets. The Kick-Aft responded like a dream to her commands and she smiled.This was going to be fun! she thought to herself.

"Omega-Two," she manipulated the controls, sending the large ship into rolls from one side to the other to give its weapons maximum exposure so the Tactical computer could engage multiple targets.

Them like to move it move it
We like to move it move it
Umm wait there's gotta be another one we... We... Nope.. Oh us!
Can we do us like to?

The targeting buoys did their best to lock onto the ship as she ran through one maneuver after another, some scoring hits but the great majority missing.

Kelly sent the ship into a Kappa Zero Two Zero, flying on a carefully-calculated arc through the simulated battlefield while the Tactical computer fired at multiple targets.

Suddenly, the sensors picked up multiple targets coming from behind and her smile grew even broader. "Shame on you sneaking up on a lady. Especially when she has claws." She acted like she was sending the ship into a Beta Three which would be a broad arcing turn, but disengaged impulse at the last second. Activating the maneuvering thrusters on the aft starboard in one direction and the rear thrusters on the port side, she swung the Kick-Aft into a one hundred and eighty degree turn.

"Structural Integrity Field at seventy-two percent and dropping," the computer warned.

"Stuff it, computer," she muttered as the big ship turned like a land vehicle fishtailing before she faced the opposite direction. "Delta-Two!" she said as the ship swooped over the primary target from starboard to port, then back from port to starboard firing as it went.

The second target engaged a Alpha maneuver, taking a straight-on approach to the Kick-Aft with some slight vectoring to the side.

"Rookie," Kelly sneered as she engaged a Delta-Five, taking a long, relatively shallow dive to one side of the target allowing the ship to bring the most weapons to bear using the first target ship to take cover from other ships' attacks.

Moving past the second target, she switched to Beta-Four and sent the Kick-Aft climbing steeply, veering to port or starboard, then quickly dove back down, firing at the second and third targets as it went.

The sensors indicated that the first ship was coming in range at three hundred thousand kilometers and she smiled. "Easy peasy." Using the technique named after the creator of the original warp drive, she sent the ship into a Cochrane Deceleration . It decelerated suddenly, allowing the enemy to pass it so that the Tactical computer could fire forward weapons.

An hour later, Kelly pulled back from the last maneuver and smiled. She would know the final test results when she got back to the space station, but she was very pleased. Sighing, she sat back in her seat and stretched. "Computer, end simulation." The bridge of the Kick-Aft dissolved around her to reveal the black environment of the holodeck. Smiling, she saved the program and left to head back to her quarters.


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