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Reporting In [Backpost]

Posted on 06 Nov 2016 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Security Chiefs Office
Timeline: Starbase Unity

After arriving aboard via shuttle, Dean did not even bother dropping his stuff or Rex in his quarters. Instead, he made his way out of the shuttlebay, and consulted a display right out the shuttlebay doors. Looking at it for a moment, Dean finally found the Security Chief's office. ''Come on Rex'', dean said tugging on his leash. Walking a few short steps, or at least to him they were short, he and Rex made his way into a turbolift, typed in his destination, and the lift began to rise.

A few moments later, the lift stopped and Dean and Rex stepped out. Walking down the hallway, he looked at nameplate after nameplate on the doors. After a while, he came to a door that read Chief Of Security. straightening his uniform, he stood at attention and rang the chime, Even Rex sat down as Dean waited for permission straightening to enter.

"Enter," came a female voice a moment later.

Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale sat at her desk with a half a dozen PADDs scattered in front of her terminal and a half empty tankard of Raktajino by her right elbow. The young Security Chief looked up and wondered what emergency brought a member of Security to her door instead of her Assistant Chief. "Can I help you?" she asked.

Walking in, with Rex in tow, Dean stood at attention and said, ''Lt. JG Dean Winchester reporting for duty Ma'am.

Camila eyed the German Shepherd that came in with the incredibly tall man and arched an eyebrow as she looked up at him before pulling his file up on her terminal. "Winchester, Dean, Lieutenant Junior Grade...and a former Marine. How is it that you find yourself in Security at this stage of your career, Lieutenant?"

''Permission to speak freely Ma'am?"

This should be interesting Camila thought as she reached for her tankard of Klingon coffee and took a drink while she considered his request. To ask for something so soon after meeting a senior officer usually led to bad things. "Do so, but keep in mind that everything said and done in this office is recorded, Lieutenant."

''Ma'am the reason i left the Marines is because they were going to put down Rex'', Dean said patting him on the head. ''I would not have it so they gave me a choice, put down the Dog or leave, so I left''

Camila closed her eyes for a moment and pinched the bridge of her nose before she opened them again. "Why would the Marines put down your service animal, Lieutenant Winchester?" she asked, hoping she wouldn't regret the question. She glanced at the screen and saw that the dog was registered as a K-9 and that there were no medical issues associated with it in the file. At two years old, a German Shepherd was in the prime of its life, intelligence, easy to train, energetic and why did the Starfleet Marines wish to put a healthy animal down?

''Because we were moving bases, and my cold hearted CO at the time said, and I quote ''That Dog is surplus equipment, and is not coming with us, so either put him down or leave the Corps''. ''So I took off my rank insignia, threw them on the ground, and said, simply, ''I will not take my dog, my partner, and my friends life, so you can cram those insignia and the Corps up your rear end, I quit, I'm going to go join Fleet, I'm sure they would be happy to have us''.

"You're serious?" Camila asked as she highlighted the Marine Division he had been with and highlighted the name of the Marine Commanding Officer he had served under and pulled up his record as well.

''Ma'am I am very serious.'' ''Honestly, my old CO had mental problems, everyone knew it, but they were either to scared or simply to lazy to report him'' ''I tried but nobody listened to me''.

Camila wondered what had happened to the rigorous testing and psychiatric evaluations that she had gone through when she entered the Academy. Had they realized that admitting anyone in after the Dominion War without testing was a bad idea, or had the Marine CO been traumatized at some point during his service? She shook her head. "Well, no one here is going to ask you to put your K-9 down, Lieutenant. Have a seat and tell me what you hope to achieve while in service to Starfleet."

Dean sat down, and Rex did the same beside him on the floor. ''Well Ma'am', he said, ''I want to serve Starfleet with all that I am, and advance in rank,and make a career out of it''. He paused for a moment and continued, ''And I hope to be allowed to continue to be the handler of this highly trained Dog''.

"Technically, we have a Chief K-9 Handler, but she covers a dual area," Camila stated. "You'll be allowed to keep your partner, but the odds of you having to use him is another thing entirely. Right now, I need Security personnel more than K-9's and your assignment to this ship is timely. You aren't going to have a problem with Security considering the fact that you're a former Marine, are you?"

''Not at all Ma'am, matter of fact unlike most Marines, i always got along with Security, learned a few things from them as well.'' Pausing for a moment he replied, ''No such thing as a former Marine, once a Marine, always a Marine''

"I'm glad to hear that," Camila said. "And drop the Ma'am. It's just Lieutenant or Di Pasquale. I'm aware of regulation, training and respect, but I'm not that formal. Do you have questions for me before I fill you in on our protocols?"

''Yes Lieutenant,what exactly is the current situation, and should I have a side arm at all times, or only when there is a threat?''

"We're on our way to the Hadyn Nebula to try to beat the Cochrane and Chimera there in search of a supposed Romulan Valdore class ship that is rumored to have a Thalaron weapon on it," she told him. No, you won't need a side arm with you at all times. Training is at zero six hundred hours in the training simulators. We operate in teams of two so get a partner and never be without that person while on duty. If you get separated from your partner, call it in immediately. Understood?"

''Understood, now next question, what about Rex? The only reason I ask is he gets terrible separation anxiety, and Rex is trained in Patrol, Explosives detection and Narcotics detection, but I bet you already read that."

"We have a kennel here in Security that he can stay in when your duties take you elsewhere that isn't safe for him," Camila said. "He can go on patrol with you the rest of the time unless otherwise stated."

''Alright, so he can patrol with me and my partner? And also, when we find Romulan ship, what are the chances of us being boarded, or them boarding us?"

"The odds are very high," Camila told him. "And yes, he can patrol with you both, during normal duty hours."

''Ok, Should I check in with the Chief K-9 handler, and can you fill me in on the Protocols you mentioned earlier?''

"First and foremost, as I mentioned, always travel in teams. If your partner begins to act suspicious, report it as soon as you can without alerting them. Forcefields are set to come up around all critical areas, such as the computer core, Engineering and other areas. The transporters are keyed to transport any armed boarders to the brig, but as we all know, technology can be overcome. Other than that, keep your eyes and ears.." she glanced at Rex. "And noses open at all times. If we get boarded, do not try to take on the boarders alone and sound the intruder alert as soon as you see on."

"Understood. If we are boarded and I sound the alarm and send Rex after them and he bites and/or kills one or more of them, will or he be charged with murder?"

"He'll be doing what he's trained to do," Camila said simply. "Nothing more, nothing less."

"Ok, I need to know my Security Clearance level, my Command Codes, where my quarters are, and any other information you deem I need to know''

"Your quarters are on Deck five, room zero five zero seven six. Data Access is Level five, Security Clearance is Delta Two and you are on Alpha Shift," Camila told him. "I already told you what time training is and all that's left is to welcome you to the USS Black Hawk, Lieutenant Winchester."

''Ok, one final thing, me, a partner, and Rex are on roving patrol, correct?''

"No," Camila said. "The Assistant Chief will post up the schedules for the patrols and you get them from her. Dismissed."


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