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Dog Meet Dog (Backpost)

Posted on 10 Nov 2016 @ 12:06am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Deck 4, Security Office
Timeline: Mission Day 4

After dropping his things off in his quarters, Dean decided to go and meet the Chief K-9 Handler. Leashing Rex, the two left his quarters and walked until dean saw a wall mounted display. Dean stopped, and inquired as to where the Chief K-9 Handler was. He scanned through the directory until he found out she was on deck 4, in the Security Office. Turning around, Dean and Rex walk about half the deck they were on, found a Turbolift, and got in. Dean keyed in his destination and the lift started to move.
After a few moments, the lift stopped, and Dean and Rex got off. Walking down the hall, Dean scanned door after door until finally he reach one that had Security Office. He and Rex stopped, and Dean hit the Door chime, waiting for permission for him and Rex to enter.

Joey sat inside the office with Rico lying on the floor next to her. Only a fee hours into her shift, and it'd already been an incredibly busy day making preparations for what was to come sometime in the near future. That something... came in the form of taking on a ship of one hundred and fifty by herself. She'd do whatever was necessary to keep their own ship and crew safe without question, and thankfully, she'd volunteered for this particular mission, so no one needed to feel guilty about it.

As she reached for a PADD that had some information she needed to review, the chime alerted her of the presence of someone that wished to see her. Drawing her hand back, she looked toward the closed door. "Come!" she called.

Walking in with Rex right beside him, he stood at attention and said, ''Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester and K-9 Rex reporting Ma'am''.

"A pleasure, Lieutenant," Joey said, rising to her feet. The second she was up, so was Rico, standing at the ready next to her. "Are you and Rex here to join the K-9 program aboard the Black Hawk?"

''I'm a Security Officer Ma'am, but i do believe so'', Dean said still standing ram rod straight, all 7 foot, 2 inches of him.

"Has Rex already been through training yet?" Lieutenant Corwin asked as she settled back down, giving the German Shepherd next to her the German command to relax, which had the dog laying back down next to her once again. She gestured to a seat across from her, indicating she wanted him to settle down as well. "And if he has, for how long and what kind of training have you both been through?"

Dean walked over and sat down, Rex laying down in front of him. ''Rex is 3 years old, and has been in training since he was six years old, and is certified in patrol, narcotics detection,and explosives detection, as for me, i was in traing for nearly six months before i got Rex, and as a fellow K-9 handler, you know the training never ends''

Joey nodded her head in agreement. She knew all too well that the training never stopped. "It's never-ending, but it's worth it for what they're able to do. Rico has been training for four years and three months. He and I have been through a lot together, and I just don't see that changing any time soon."

''I can understand that, because the bond we feel with our furry partners, and that bond most other people would not understand".

"Some people get it, but there are others who just don't want to bother with it," Joey stated, leaning forward. "So, do you intend to patrol with Ace?"

''You mean Rex, Ma'am"

"Yes, Rex. I apologize. The last few days have been long, rough and exhausting," she spoke as her brows furrowed a bit. There was so much on the Lieutenant's mind it was a wonder she could remember her own name. "Shifts will be posted, and Rex will be added. He will be your partner just as Rico is mine. Do you have any questions?"

''No ma'am not at all''.

"I expect to see you and Rex in training first thing tomorrow morning so I can see what the both of you can do. In the meantime, you're dismissed," Joey said. "Welcome aboard, Mister Winchester."

'Thank you , Ma'am," Dean said as he and Rex turned to walk out.


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