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Newly On Board [Backpost]

Posted on 20 Jan 2017 @ 1:51am by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester

Mission: Endgame
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Starbase Unity

Cooper fired several more times at the speeding balls of light in the darkened, round room that was the holodeck version of the phaser range. It was in use and this was open so she was here practicing as she waited with a box training weapons for one of their newest security officers. She hit all her targets, her emerald eyes looked pleased as she lowered the phaser. She wore work out gear and her hair tied back as she considered weither to up the level again. She turned as the door opened and the new Lt. entered, it closed behind the tall officer as he walked more into the area.

Laughing, Winchester said, "Very good, but is that the best you can do?"

"Of course not..." Cooper quipped before turning to see the officer before her. "Glad you could meet me here, it's been a busy time I find I don't get nearly enough time to practice as I would like."

"Same with me to be honest".

"Yep, just got here not to long ago", Winchester said. Smoothing out the sleeves of his uniform, he said, "I have a real challenge for you", he said his eyes twinkling.

Cooper raised one eyebrow in a 'really?' gesture, "Let's see what you've got, after you..." She said stepping aside. One could learn much about a new security officer in how they handled weapons. It could show confidence sure, it could also show over confidence or lack thereof. When she asked him to swing by, she'd read his file but was interested to get a feel for the officer himself and that could only be done 'live' as it were.

Flashing a smile, His teeth gleaming white, Winchester said, "Ok, Gonna have to change the scene for a second though". Pulling himself upright to his full 7 and a half feet of height, he walked over to arch wall panel, hit a few buttons, and the range changed to resemble a late 20th century firing range. Turning and seeing Cooper arching her eyebrow, Winchester said, "I Like to work up from old tech weaponry to the newest, it keeps me proficient".

"Remember I only have an hour so it might have to be a speed session she said with a smile in her voice at his eagerness. "And we'll have to talk as we go..." She went to the box and opened it showing a variety of weapons common to security officers, "Best we stick first with items we actually may need..." And pulled out a slug thrower that looked like a .38 its job was to sit in an ankle or other holster unless situation called for it. For example if there were an energy dampening field.

She made sure the safety was one, even though it had dummy bullets and the holodeck safety's were firmly engaged, out of habit.

Winchester pulled a .45 and said, smirking, "Are you ready?"

Cooper shook her head at his smirk, she never understood the need for such an attitude but put it aside and said, "Just focus on the range..." She walked to the arch, still active, and modified the range. Changing the layout and difficulty so it would be new to him. "One round old school each then we switch it up. Let's see what you can do. Range is clear, Range is live in 3, 2, 1..."

He opened fire, his first 6 bullets hitting the targets dead center. However his last two missed, and said, loudly,"Dammit!!!"

Cooper watched the cut outs pop in and out suddenly and for random numbers of seconds. She watched as he sighted and fired, moving his body with the weapon. Knowledgeably and well, because of the advanced setting a few of the targets threw him off as designed, "Well done..." She moved to reset the field for her shots. "Security is combat but random after all we never know whats going to kill us on an away mission. We also do a number of other duties as well everything from walking a drunk home to guarding VIP's, how do feel about duties like that?" She made sure he was off the field, "Clear Range, Range Live..." She said aiming and firing like it was an extension of her own body, she missed a bit as well as targets snapped into and out of range. As she secured her weapon she waited for his reply.

"Very well done, well done indeed"

"Thank you, in regards to my question about our more routine and peaceful duties, do you feel confident?" She personally hated routine but guess it had its high points since routine meant no one was dead or hurt.

"Yes, I feel confident in our normal, peaceful duties, why do you ask?"

Cooper shrugged and reset the scene to the normal phaser range style and handed him a training phaser. "Not all officers are going to be tops at everything, sometimes there's items they may feel weak in. I know your record, especially qualified on ranged weapons but I was curious what you feel you may need extra training." She picked up a training phaser for herself as well.

"Well in close, i feel extremely confident in hand to hand, but as for close range energy weaponry, not sot so much"

This time Cooper took point on the rapidly flying balls of light, a dozen zipped by at random intervals at high speed. The advanced settings were very challenging and meant to be so. It forced security to keep in
Improving. She missed three, she frowned briefly then turned to Winchester, "Well we can schedule extra trainings in the areas you feel weak. Do you know what areas those might be?"

She stepped aside to allow him to try his luck at the range.

As the balls of light zipped by, Winchester managed to hit 6 out of the 12. Turning to Cooper, he said, "See what i mean?"

Cooper's eyebrows went up briefly, "I see, extra time on the phaser range in your future." She had been going to study some technical information on torpedoes but decided to move that in favor of working with the new officer. "Let's practice some more then we'll continue our discussion." She forced her mind to slow by making it take apart a phaser and mentally labeling it. They together Cooper instructing as Winchester practiced and they set up times to work on it more as well as other areas.

Finally Cooper began packing up, "We'll get you up to speed, the Chief's a good officer but she does expect everyone's best. Have you had a chance to study how we do things here?"

Smiling, Winchester said, "Somewhat, but what should I really, really know?".

Bemused Cooper shook her head with a small smile of her own, "You'll learn soon enough we'll both be called to carpet. I've sent you the typical new crew packet, you should find it waiting for you in your quarters console. Any questions come ask me..." She finished packing up, "I'm setting up some training cycles I'll clue you in, now you want to help me get this gear back to the armory?"

"Sure, I have quite a bit bit of my own my personal gear and weaponry to lug to my quarters", Winchester said smiling.

With a nod, Catherine hefted her own box and they headed out.


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