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What a Feeling

Posted on 28 Nov 2016 @ 4:43am by Ensign Aurilia Moretti & Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D.

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Room 0416
Timeline: MD 11 || 1200 Hours

Aurilia Moretti was practically flying without the aid of the Peregrine fighter as she walked down the corridor on deck four. A smile played across her face as she came to room zero four one six and hoped that Luc would still be awake after the computer had told her where she was. The young woman wore a black silk top that was tied off at her midriff and a matching pair of black pants and a pair of kitten heels to complete the ensemble. While it was late, she couldn't sleep and hoped that her favorite crewman was still awake as well.

She hesitated outside of his door and thought about the massive doctor and how kind he had been towards her and how willing to help her he had been and decided that she should thank him for encouraging and supporting her. Finally, she reached out and tapped the chime to announce that he had a visitor.

Lucas stirred around and lifted his head from his pillow. Did he just hear the chime? He blinked and checked the chronometer. It was a little on the late side, and since he was certain they'd contact him via combadge if there was an emergency, that left him not knowing who it could have been on the other side. There was only one way for him to find out who it was, then, and that meant getting out of bed to answer the door.

The large man sat up and rubbed his eyes a few times before he pushed himself to his feet, then made his way into the living room. In his half asleep state, Luc didn't even think about the fact he was wearing nothing but a pair of basketball shorts when he manually opened the door. Though he was still half asleep, he smiled when he saw who it was standing on the other side of his door. "Aurilia... this is a pleasant surprise. Come in," he said, stepping aside and gesturing for her to come in. "You look... amazing."

Aurilia took a moment to appreciate the giant's well muscled physique in the form of her jaw dropping and her eyes making a circuit of his nearly unclothed body like a runner taking a victory lap. A part of her brain accepted his invitation to come in, but didn't have the authority to close her mouth at that moment. Finally she closed it and circled him as if inspecting a new fighter that would put all others to shame. "I...have nothing on you," she said, her brain's filter having taken a direct hit at the magnificence she beheld.

"I somehow doubt that," he commented with a smile. "What can I do for you, Red?" He made his way over to the couch where there was a t-shirt waiting, then reached for it to begin putting it on.

"Don't bother getting dressed for me," she said before her filter started working on repairing itself. "I mean, if you're comfortable how you are...." She stopped again and took a breath. "I just wanted to tell you that I got my first flight in with the Black Knights and it was fantastic!"

The large man tossed the shirt and closed the distance between them, wrapping his large arms around her. It took little effort for him to pick her up and spin her around with a huge smile. His happiness at the news was genuine, and his blue eyes showed it. "That's great news, Red! I'm proud of you!"

Aurilia squealed when he picked her up and spun around, but wrapped her slender legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. "Thank you," she said with a bright smile before she leaned in and kissed him before she could think better of it. "It was amazing and I even got to fight the pirate ships."

Without hesitating, he returned the kiss. It wasn't the first time they'd done it, but each time was just as special. "I have to admit... I was a bit worried about you and the other pilots. A bit more for you for obvious reasons," he said softly, still holding her.

She smiled again. "I appreciate the fact that you worried about us and me, Luc," she told him just as softly. "But it's the life that we lead and we're trained for it. Still, I had to come and share with you. I'm sorry that I woke you up, though."

"Don't be sorry," Lucas said with a shake of his head. He still couldn't explain why he felt so drawn to the exotic beauty in his arms, but he wasn't one to question a good thing when it stared him right in the eyes. "I'm glad you came by. I'm glad I get to see first hand that you're okay." He'd even been watching the names of new arrivals in sickbay and had been beyond grateful when her name never popped up.

Aurilia unwrapped her legs and arms from around him with the exception of one arm still around his neck to support herself and one leg around his waist even though he was still holding her. It gave him the option to put her down if he wanted to, but she was sort of hoping he wouldn't. "We were all okay," she told him. "The pirates or whatever they were didn't stand a chance and retreated quickly."

Lucas didn't put her down. Instead, he walked over to the couch and settled down with her on his lap. After everything they'd gone through, it was nice having someone he could seek comfort from just as she could seek comfort from him. "That's because you're all a badass force to be reckoned with. They knew better."

She curled up in his lap and laid her head against his bare chest, feeling his solid warmth and listened to his heart beat for a moment before she said anything. "I don't know about badass," she said. "We just do the best that we can do. I'm just glad we prevented them from reaching the ship and causing casualties." She brought one hand up to trace his strong jawline and looked up at him. "I wouldn't want you to work harder than you do."

Lucas shivered and found himself thinking about anything other than what she was doing. There were obvious reasons for doing so. He brought a hand to the small of her back and began to run his long fingers over her bare skin. "That's appreciated, but helping people when they need it is what I do."

Aurilia shivered when he ran his fingers up her back and pressed against him closer. "That may be the case," she said. "But if I can prevent people from needing to be saved by you, that's what I'll do." She felt a bit uncomfortable sitting one one of his muscled legs and shifted until she was more centered on his lap.

When Aurilia shifted, Lucas shifted, too. It took everything he had not to move her from his lap, but he did sink farther into the couch. "I appreciate that, Red. I really do. Thank you."

"It's the least I could do after all you've done for me, Luc," she told him quietly before she rose up off of his lap and turned to straddle him now. She leaned in and give him a soft kiss and ran one hand through his long, thick hair. "You're one of the few that believed in me and I can never thank you enough."

You're killing me, Red, he thought as a shiver moved through his body. What he needed to do was focus on their conversation and nothing else. "You have thanked me just by want to try. I'm grateful to you for that."

"Would you mind if I stayed the night?" Aurilia asked him as she leaned back on his lap and slid her hands over his bare chest.

"I don't mind," Lucas replied, slipping his arms around her. "I'll sleep above the covers again."

"You don't have to," she told him as she undid the knot tied in her shirt and unbuttoned the single button holding it together. She removed it to reveal a black bra with gold tiger stripes on it and set it aside. "In fact, I'd rather sleep under them with you."

Blue eyes remained fixated on the sight before him. "Aurilia... I don't want you to feel like you're obligated to do anything if you stay the night. I really like you, and would love to pursue something with you on a romantic level, but there's no rush," he said, reaching out to place his hands on her hips. He just couldn't seem to help himself.

"I don't feel obligated to do anything, Luc," Aurilia responded before she leaned in to place a kiss on his neck. "What I want to do is something else entirely, and that's spend the night with you."

Lucas found himself shivering again. Things were becoming harder to hide as the seconds ticked by, and the last thing he wanted to do was scare her. With every ounce of willpower he could muster, he leaned in to kiss her. "Let's go to the bedroom."

She returned the kiss even as she felt the shiver run through his muscular body and stood up to remove herself from his lap. Once she was on the floor, she removed her heels and set them beside of the couch, then offered him a hand even though she had no hope of actually pulling him off the couch. "We'll both sleep well tonight," she promised him.

Lucas took her offered hand and got to his feet. "We will," he echoed, leading the way to his bedroom. Luc wasn't sure what she had in mind, but he certainly wasn't going to read into anything.

Once in the bedroom, Aurilia stripped off her pants to reveal panties that matched her bra and went to the bed. It had been messed up with him sleeping in it, so she bent over and began to straighten the covers and fluff the pillows. "There we go," she said as she looked over her shoulder at him. "All set."

Luc offered her a smile and settled down on the bed before he shifted around to get comfortable, then reached down to pull the covers over himself. He found himself appreciating the view she provided him with, but he still wasn't going to read anything into it. "Goodnight, Aurilia. I hope you're able to sleep well."

She crawled under the covers with him and moved around a bit, then her right arm slipped out from under them with her bra in them and tossed it aside. With a smile, she moved against him and slid a hand over his chest and down his stomach. "Oh, we will," she whispered and waited to see what he was going to do.

Blue eyes went wide when he saw her bra get tossed. He may not have been sure what she wanted only seconds ago, but that definitely changed quickly. He turned to face her as an arm slipped around her, then leaned in to kiss her. He'd be some kind of fool to deny her anything, and his mama didn't raise a fool. Lucas carefully shifted around as to not hurt her, then proceeded to ensure they both got the good night's sleep they craved.


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