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Finding The Way Home

Posted on 15 Jan 2017 @ 9:27pm by Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant JG Angela Delorean PhD

Mission: Endgame
Location: Secondary Science Lab 3
Timeline: MD11 || 1200 hours

After having things back in motion again for the Black Hawk and the Cochrane, it was time to focus on getting back to their own reality/dimension/timeline.

With the computer wipe there hadn’t been time nor possibility to analyse any data they had gathered and make a beginning into understanding what had happened to bring them here.

Arjin decided it was time he Lieutenant Carmichael put their thought together and made way into helping get everybody back home.

=/\= "Lieutenant Carmichael, please join me in Secondary Science Lab 3 please." =/\=

=/\= "On my way," =/\= replied Charles's voice over the comm system.

A few minutes later, Charles entered the Science Lab. In his hand, he held the chip that the Captain had given him, as he had a feeling it would be about this. "You wished to see me, Commander?" he asked the senior officer.

"Yes Lieutenant. Our department will be key in determining how we can get the hell out of here and back home.", Arjin replied.

"But before we start issuing orders, we have to fibd out what just happened. Which with the limited scans we had and the computer swipe will not be an easy task. I would like to brainstorm with you about this. Any ideas on you part yet?"

"To be honest," Charles replied, holding up the isolinear chip. "I haven't had much chance to really go through these. I've looked at them, sure, but knowing the last few days there's been a virus on the computer, I was afraid that we'd lose the data. What I have seen," he said with a sigh, "is a nasty interdimensional rift. We were so close to the warbird when it exploded, I think we were sucked in without realizing it."

"Maybe. Even probably. But we need to be sure about the exact circumstances if we ever want to recreate them to find our way home.", Arjin replied. "You think it is safe to display the data on the screen in this lab already?"

"The all clear was sounded early this morning," Charles replied, handing the new Chief the isolinear chip. "If not, then at least there's still a copy on the shuttlecraft that the Captain used."

"Good. Then lets have a look. I will ask Lieutenant Delorean to join us. I know she has a lot of knowledge about quantum singularities. Maybe she might notice something we miss out."

=/\= Lieutenant Delorean, please report to secondary Science Lab 3. =/\=

With anticipation Arjin looked at the viewscreen. Hoping to contribute to their way home.

=^=One my way,=^= Angela responded a moment later. Less than a minute later, the half Betazoid officer entered the Science Lab and approached the new Chief of Science after giving a nod to Carmichael. "You wanted to see me, Commander?"

"Yes Lieutenant. Lieutenant Carmichael and I are trying to find out what exactly triggered us being pulled into this alternate reality. We are reviewing the telemetry data. We do want to get home so it is up to us to get to the bottom of this.", Arjin replied.

Waving his hand towards the viewscreen he added: "And we would like your opinion as well, seeing your expertise with singularities."

Angela went up to the viewscreen and spent a few minutes examining it. "Based on the telemetry and the reports of the fight with the Romulan ship, it would seem that the tricobalt device interacted with the artificial microsingularity to create a hole in space-time."

"Sure looks that way," Charles stated. "But does it work both ways? I mean, can we just go back through it, or will we show up in a different reality?"

"Barring the telemetry on this chip, we have no other information due to the computer wipe," Angela said. "We need to start running simulations and test every possible variable. Once we do that and come up with the most likely scenario...then we take a chance."

"Yes I think it has been done before, but if but one parameter is flawed, we might end up in another parallel universe and then we would be even further from home than we are now.", Arjin stated.

"Do we even have tricobalt torpedoes aboard the Black Hawk?"

"Fourteen," Charles confirmed. While he cared little for the ship's armament, he'd become quite aware of this ship's defensive capabilities since serving with Captain Geisler. "It's the first time I've seen one launched in my career."

"We would also need a backup plan if the micro-singularity does not react as it should to our tricobalt torpedoes. Any ideas?"

"We don't have a micro-singularity," Angela said. "That's why we need to study the rift to see if we can get back through it."

"We can't just launch a torpedo into a rift," Charles countered. "What is it going to hit? And, there's no telling an explosion like that will do anything to it, much less expand or contract it. What about a shuttle? If it were to engage warp right at the time of the detonation..."

"What we need is more info about the rift. And what is really out there. I propose we examine our data again."

Charles nodded at the Science Chief's request. "We can do that. As you can see, there's not much to go off from. We lost any scans the Black Hawk had during the memory wipe. If we can get our hands on the Cochrane in the next few hours, we'll have something more to corroborate our theories with."

"We can't get more information, Lieutenant Commander," Angela said as she started to get frustrated with the going in circles the new Chief seemed intent on doing. "We can't rely on the Cochrane because we don't know if it even still exists. We have what we have and that's all we can work with at the moment."

"So your solution is Lieutenant?"

"There is no one solution, Commander," Angela said. "The temporal spatial rift could close at any time and we won't know more about it until we're closer. The readings taken from the runabout indicate that it was stable at the time we entered it and took stock of what was going on, but we've been away from it for days. I propose that once we have the Cochrane and crew, we head for it and take more readings. If we wait too long, though, we may be stuck here."

"That possibility is always open indeed.", Arjin agreed. "But even when the rift is still open when we arrive at its position, we will have to see if we can get trough. We also need to be prepared for closing the rift once we are on the other side."

"For now we will have to wait to arrive at the coordinates. But I want both of you to run some simulations on the closing part."

"I'll get the simulations set up," Angela said as she began to manipulate the data on her console for a reverse of what she had been trying to do with her previous simulations. "I just wish that we had more time to study the rift and more data than we have. It's a shame the virus took out all of our main sensor readings. Whoever went to the rift in that shuttle should have used the runabout with all the sensor equipment on it."

"I think that would have been the Captain," Charles pointed out. "I have a few ideas for simulations, so I'll start to work on those. We'll keep you informed of any findings, Commander."

"Dismissed.", Arjin said as he nodded to both officers.


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