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Assesment 1: Cadet Crehan

Posted on 28 Jan 2017 @ 6:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Ensign Aidan Crehan

Mission: Endgame
Location: Chief Science Office
Timeline: Backpost

Arjin walked inside his new office for the first time whilst onboard the Black Hawk. The room was void of any personal belongings and gave the clean standardized feeling of all Starfleet ship quarters.

He would make it his own space soon enough once he was done with decorating his personal quarters.
The only things he added right away were two picture frames.
One depicting himself with his aunt and uncle at their home on Trill.
And a second one depicting Arjin and Ieuan. A photo he had made during one of their strolls along a sandy beach on a holodeck simulation. They never got around to do this on planet unfortunately.

He looked at the pile of PADD’s lying on his desk. With a sigh he sat down. It would take time to get up to date.

Since he hated clutter, the first thing he did was putting all those PADD’s into a drawer leaving only one on the desk. Making it the job at hand.

When he opened the file on the PADD, he saw it was an assessment that had to be done of the Science staff. The one he had in his hands concerned one of the cadets.
Cadet Senior Grade Aidan Crehan. The El-Aurian he had met earlier in Science Lab 1.

He gave the former reporting of his predecessor a quick glance. It seemed there had not been any complaints about the cadet. Which he was pleased about.

Arjin was not going to make this a new assessment meeting. Since he was new and had no knowledge of the crew’s performance. But instead he would make it a get to know each other kinda meeting.

He tapped his combadge and hailed the cadet.

=/\= "Cadet Crehan. Please report to the Chief Science office. Thank you.” =/\=

"Understood, Commander. Crehan out." Aidan tapped his combadge, ending the call. He waved over a Petty Officer to continue with the research regarding the ships offensive capabilities. Then he left the Science Lab and headed to the Chief's office. A few minutes later, the El-Aurian was standing outside the doors and pressed the chime.

"Come.", was all Arjin said.

Aidan activated the door panel and watched the doors slide open. He entered the Science Chief's office and walked up to the desk.

When Cadet Crehan had entered his office, he stood and smiled. Stretching out his right hand.
"Cadet Crehan. Nice to meet you. Please sit down. Can I get you solething to drink?"

Aidan shook his new boss's hand. "It is nice to meet you, too, Sir," he said, sitting down in a chair across from the desk. "As for something to drink, I will have a glass of ice water if you don't mind, Commander." Aidan settled into the chair.

Arjin stood and walked over to the replicator. "Water, Ice Cold.", he ordered. He watched as the glass and its content appeared. He took it and brought it over to the Cadet. Then he replicated a jasmin tea which he brought back to his desk.

"So Cadet, tell me how is your cruise going for you? Is it as you expected it to be?"

Aidan accepted the glass and took a drink. "It is going well, Sir. It is also turning out to be more than what I expected it to be. I never expected to end up in the Gamma Quadrant, for example."

"Yes. But then again the Gamma and Delta Quadrant are the closest we are going to get to experiencing the real feeling of exploring the Galaxy. I for one am very exited to be here."

"I read you majored in archaeology and anthropology. May I ask which worlds you have worked on already? Though it is not my major, archaeology is an hobby of mine."

The Cadet smiled and nodded. "It is a pleasure to find someone who is also interested in the past. As far as the worlds I have worked on, it was the second world I visited where I became attached to a cultural anthropology team. My interest in alien civilizations, their evolution, histories, cultural development, and so on, was piqued. That planet was Delta IV, where we studied the evolution of the Deltans. I have also worked on Denobula, Andoria, Pacifica, and Iconia. I have met and studied under hundreds of historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists from many different worlds; not just the ones I have mentioned."

"Hundreds!", Arjin let out. Before realizing the man before him was an El-Aurian.
"Oh yes. I see.", Arjin stuttered.
"I understand. It is nice to be able to look at things from so many perspectives. To be able to have the time to learn from so many different people. Djinx finds it pleasing as well."

Aidan chuckled a bit after he had taken a drink of water. "Yes, I'm El-Aurian. Having that time to learn does help. But if one doesn't listen to or heed what has been learned, then the learning is futile. If I may ask, Sir, how many lifetimes of experiecnes does Djinx have for you to listen to and learn from?"

"No I don't mind.", Arjin said. "We are three. That is me and two former hosts. And you are quite right about listening and learning. But in the end learning is about collecting your own experiences. Being able to make your mind up for yourself. And being in Starfleet, and especially being out here is a good place for learning."

"Point well made and taken, Sir," said the El-Aurian. "Back to archaeology, you said that it was a hobby of yours. What worlds have you studied?"

"I have not formaly studied it other than at Starfleet academy. But I have been at digs on my home world, Romel V and at earth at a Mayan dig site.", Arjin replied.

"I have never been to your home world," said Aidan. "At least not yet. But going on digs is enjoyable. My favorite one had to be Iconia. I ended up joining an anthropological expedition. We went on many digs on the planet."

"I can imagine Iconian digs are quite the thing. There is so much we still lack in understanding when it comes to them. As to Trill. Well Trill is Trill. At least in my eyes. As luch as I love my home world. There are planets out here whose beauty surpass that of Trill. But by all means, do not hesitate to visit when you are in the neighbourhood. If I'm home your welcome to visit and I might even give you a tour of the best spots."

"I believe that sounds enjoyable, Sir," said Aidan. "And yes, Iconian digs are quite the thing. If you are ever on shore leave and wish to indulge in a bit of digging, I can contact one of the members from the Iconia team and see what they may have available."

"Sounds like a plan.", Arjin replied.

"And besides archaeology, what are the other intrests in science you perusue?"

"Cultural Anthropology for one," said Aidan. "I realize that it ties in with archaeology to a point, but it is one of my of other interests. My recent research into the nebula had spurred an interest in spatial anomolies. I'm not sure if that is an interest I will pursue at this time or not. Perhaps when I retire from Starfleet and have the next fifty years to give myself to it. Maybe not even that long."

Arjin smiled. "Seems like you have your future all lined out for you. I hope there is room for some surprise in there."

Aidan smiled as he thought about the latest surprise in his life. "I may have plans, Sir. But there is most certainly room for surprises. I look forward to many more of them, too. Receiving as well as giving."

"That's the spirit! Always keeping an open mind." Arjin responded.

Taking a sip of his jasmin tea, he continued. "And may I ask what you like to do for enjoylent outside work? Or do you mind me asking?"

"No, I do not mind your asking," he said. "I like books. But not the kind on a PADD, a real, actual, paper book. Shortly after we arrived in twenty-two ninety-three, I started work at a Rare and Antiquarian Bookstore. There is where my love of page was born. I also enjoy almost anything outside and pencil drawing. My most recent venture is painting. But as of late, I spend most of my time outside of work with my girlfriend."

"Books are nice.", Arjin nodded. "But I have to admit I don't own many paper versions."
Frowning he contemplated on what the cadet said. "You mean you actually draw and paint yourself?"

"Indeed I do," replied Aidan. "I've been drawing for last, oh, fifty-three years. I use mainly pencil and charcoal. Oil painting is something I have recently taken up."

"I am impressed.", Arjin stated. "I do enjoy art alot. But I am not very artistic myself. And what about your girlfriend. Is she artistic as well?"

"She enjoys art as well, Sir," said Aidan. "But doesn't draw or paint. She is talented in other areas outside of her regular duties, though. For example, she plays a mean game of poker and is very skilled at sleight of hand."

Arjin's eyebrows went up when he heard about Aidan's girlfrinds extra curricular talents. He just nodded.
"Well Cadet, I thank you for your honesty and open conversation. My office is always open to you if you have anything you want to discuss."

Aidan smiled, "Honesty and open conversation is in my blood, Sir. And your'e welcome. I shall also keep that in mind if anything else comes up, questions or otherwise." The El-Aurian rose from his chair and dipped his head to his new Department Chief.

Following the El-Aurian's example, Arjin stood and nodded. "Dismissed Cadet


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