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A Brief Rest

Posted on 10 Dec 2016 @ 1:38am by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Cooper's Quarters
Timeline: MD 11 2400

2400 hours the clock next to Cooper's bed flashed at her. It felt like not that long ago her Chief had chased her off. Yesterday had been the attack. Situations had finally stabilized somewhat. The Away team was on their way back but not yet on site, and the Cochrane still missing so Cooper did what she did best. She pushed. She kept revising plans, rechecking the tactical systems, drilling people, and generally focusing on the job. She made sure to give them breaks but she herself pressed on as much as she could, pushing herself as much as she thought she could without being noticed.

It seemed wrong to rest when their people were still in so much danger but it was vital everyone be ready when it hit the fan again and hit it would. So Cooper let her Chief chase her off this last time, she wasn't sure how much time passed between then and the red numbers boring into her brain now. She'd fallen asleep and now tattered threads of dreams about torpedoes and battle plans floated like fading mist in her waking mind. She threw the covers off in frustration and sat up. Everything in her demanded she be the one facing the danger not others. A common view not just in the Security/Tactical Department but throughout Starfleet.

Her Grandmother Cooper once said that “The selfish don't join Starfleet” though was not currently a helpful thought as Cooper rubbed eyes and turned off the set alarm, giving more sleep up as a bad job. She looked down at the rumpled uniform she'd fallen asleep in, boots included. It was with a mental head shake she pulled herself together and got herself ready for public. On her way out the door, she had to go on shift again in an hour, she grabbed a PADD. Then paused to look around the darkened quarters. Shapes of her life in the half light sat quietly, quiet vital to peace as Cooper knew but maybe she should look into getting a cat. There was something almost too empty in the silent room, pushing consideration of what that might be Cooper headed off.


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