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Double Misery

Posted on 12 Dec 2016 @ 8:53am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: All over the place
Timeline: MD 11 : 0500 (roughly)

As soon as the meeting was order, Jayla had stood and left abruptly. She hadn't spoken a word to anyone or even looked at them, nor had she even stopped to push in her chair. She had just stood and walked straight out the door.

On the turbo lift, she worried that she had been rude. She hoped that nobody had been offended by her abrupt departure. Her brow wrinkled with worry at the thought and she considered going back to apologize, but quashed the idea as pointless; they were probably all gone by now anyway, and she was sure they just assumed that she had a lot of work waiting for her.

She sort of did. There were still injured awaiting her attention. Granted, most of them were on the mend, but... well, she couldn't be alone with her thoughts. She would positively crack up. She was out of paperwork and nurse Lane was on her to get some rest. How could she get some rest when she might be completely crackers? No, rest was definitely out of the question.

So what did that leave? A ridiculously thorough report? No, too dull, her mind would wander. Perhaps she could rework the schedule to make sure that everyone had two days off in a row. Or perhaps she could see that Nurse Lane was on Gamma shift. No, that was mean. Besides, she liked Penny; she just didn't like being mothered, especially when her brain would just not settle down.

She could always search Gavara Kij's memories, but as she had known Gavara before she was joined to Kij- and had even witnessed the woman's death- searching her memories was always painful, no matter what it was for. No, she would try to find answers another way. She would leave searching those memories for a last resort.

Vorian! Surely she could talk to him! Quickly, she ordered the turbo lift to the correct deck and it changed directions. He might be asleep, but she didn't suppose he would mind much. She hadn't seen him since well before she'd left for Razmena. In fact, she hadn't seen him since the poetry night. Her brow wrinkled as the turbo lift stopped. Had she neglected to inform him that she was going so he wasn't concerned about her? Possibly.

She made her way to his door and pressed her thumb to the chime. He didn't answer- probably asleep as she had suspected- so she pressed it again. She pressed it twice more with no different outcome. “Computer,” she said. “Where is Lieutenant Vorian Sulvai?”

=/\=Lieutenant Sulvai is on holodeck two,=/\= came the reply.

Jayla blinked. The holodeck? She must have neglected to tell him. It was the only explanation. She took two steps back towards the turbolift when a sinking feeling came into the pit of her stomach. “Computer, is anyone else in holodeck two?” she asked.

=/\= Ensign Felicia Richards is also in holodeck two.=/\=

She blinked again this time in confusion and hurt. Had she completely misread things? Had he been angry when she left the Black Hawk without telling him? She didn't know and right now, she was too upset with worry that she might be a tad bonkers to try to find out.

Now that her brilliant idea turned out to be a failure, she was even more miserable than she had been before. She was so upset that she forgot all about going back to Sick Bay and made her way quickly back to her own quarters where she collapsed on her sofa and cried herself to sleep.


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