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A Dig in the Brig

Posted on 28 Dec 2016 @ 12:39pm by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Brig
Timeline: MD 11 || 0800 Hours

As he left the Chief's office, Ricardo tapped his combadge. =^=Guitterez to Miller. Meet me in the brig in five=^= he said as he headed to the Armory to get another Type II phaser and power cell. He wasn't certain if the acting Chief of Security liked his bringing up her emotional state on Razmena, but he had been honest in his offer to help her control them. Once he had the phaser, the young officer headed to the Brig and relieved the officers on duty.

Allen heard the call and responded. He quickly headed out the door and down the corridor to the turbolift. He was glad for the interruption, though. But what had his mind racing was the current situation. Several scenarios played through his head as well as how he might act in them. He left the lift and jogged down the corridor, making it to the Brig in just under four minutes.

"Hah, one minute to spare," he said entering. "I could've strolled that last little bit." He looked around and saw Baby Face. Strolling up to the young man, he said, "What do we have here, Gutierrez?"

"Brig duty," Ricardo said. "Lieutenant Corwin wants to make double sure that our guests don't decide to go wandering around and picked us for the duty." He went to the Brig console and entered his code, then stepped aside so Miller could do the same.

"Brig duty, huh. That's not so bad," he said checking his phaser as he walked up to the console. Allen entered his codes and looked around. "We do have a few guests. A few extra hands wouldn't hurt." He looked around at the blinking red lights. "Especially in the midst of whatever is happening out there."

From inside his cell, Jackson raised his head when he heard the voices of two people he didn't recognize. Were there new people being assigned to him yet again? He sat up slowly and swung his legs over the side of what Starfleet considered a bed and slowly rose to his feet, then made his way toward the forcefield. It still amazed him that he was conscious, and had been for the last couple of hours or so. Perhaps the crew was too busy dealing with other things to worry about him. Maybe there was still hope for escape at some point.

He turned his head in the direction he heard the talking and waited to see who he would be greeting with.

"Let's see who we have here," Ricardo said as he checked to make sure his phaser was set to a heavy stun as he started going down the rows and stopped when he came to Jackson's cell. "It looks like Mister Jackson is awake. Someone forget to put him back to sleep on the last shift?"

Allen followed Ricardo down 'cell row' as he called it and chuckled as they came up to Jackson's cell. "And me without a hypospray. That's too bad. Sleep well, Mister Jackson?"

Jackson grinned when he finally had faces to put to the voices he'd heard. He couldn't help but size them up, not that he'd be able to do anything to either of them from behind the forcefield. "Cute, kid, but not cute enough. Are they so hard up for brig officers they resorted to pretty boys handling rotation?" he asked, moving back toward the bed to sit back down. "Where's the Security bitch? I'd much rather look at her while I sit here. And... I have little doubt she's got bigger balls than the both of you put together. I mean... you are here as a pair and not one on one."

Ricardo laughed a deep, rolling belly laugh. "You mean the one that made you her bitch and got you in here not once, but twice? She has bigger and better things to do than babysit a whiner who can't come up with something more original than to attempt to belittle someone. As for us being here as a pair, you happen to rate high enough to have two personnel watching you. You should feel proud of that, Mister Jackson."

"I don't suppose I could ask one of you for a favor, could I?" the Major asked, opting to ignore Ricardo for the time being.

Allen grinned at Ricardo's comments and then noticed that Jackson had no retort. He only turned to face him. "We can't stop you from asking," Allen said. "Can't guarantee you'll get a response. But hey, shoot."

Oh, to say the Major was amused right now was an understatement. In fact, a slow smile began to spread. He may not have the ability to escape, but he would get his digs in where he could... and he was certain Geisler and the bitch that put him in the very cell he sat in would somehow hear about it. "Let your Captain know that when he's done with her, he can send her my way. I like my women with a bit of spunk to them. No one likes a cold fish."

"I doubt if you could ever hope to operate on her level, Jackson," Ricardo said. "She's already proven that you couldn't handle her even with someone helping you. That would put you at a disadvantage, but then again, I always knew Marines were disadvantaged."

Jackson turned his attention to Allen. "Put a muzzle on her before she ends up hurt."

Allen laughed. "No one can muzzle her, Mister Jackson. I wouldn't even try. Besides, what are you going to do from behind that forcefield, talk her ear off."

The smile spread into a predators grin, turning her attention to Ricardo. "Does this mean you're the lady in this relationship? Maybe you'd like to come in here and keep me company for a while."

"Now I see why there's a standing order to keep you sedated and asleep," Ricardo said. "You're a loudmouth and an asshole. Do you ever do anything other than talk and take orders from others?"

"I could ask you the same thing, grunt, though you're much lower on the totem pole than I ever was. How does it feel to be so low in the chain you could quite literally lick the boots of your superiors?" the Major asked with a sneer.

"Considering I'm on this side of the forcefield and you aren't, I'd say it feels pretty good," Ricardo said as he checked the orders for Jackson before he looked at Miller. "I think it's time to give Fido about seventy parts per million Anesthizine. He looks like he could use another eight hours of beauty sleep if it'll help him or not."

"Watch it, grunt. I'd hate to kick your ass from here all the way to the feet of your Captain," Jackson said, rising to his feet with his arms held out at his side. "If you're feeling brave, come in here and administer it."

"See, that's the thing with Anesthizine," Ricardo said as if explaining something to a child. "It's airborne. All I have to do is tap a button on the console and the only thing you'd be hitting is the floor." He looked at Allan. "This is pretty entertaining, actually. Should we leave him awake a bit longer?"

Allen put his hand to his chin, stroking an imaginary goatee. "You know, I think you have a point there. Let's keep him awake a little longer. This is kinda fun." He turned back to Jackson. "What do you think, tall, snarky, and imprisoned? Do you like being awake and reminded of how much Starfleet means to you?"

Carter Jackson wasn't one to be toyed with. He was the one who did the toying, and now was no different. He let out a low growl and leveled his eyes on the two men on the other side of the forcefield. There was nothing but hate in his blue eyes. A loathing that ran so deep it nearly consumed him. Lowering his head, he turned toward a wall, then took off toward it, allowing his head to his with such force the skin split like a seam ripping, sending blood immediately pouring from the wound. What couldn't be seen was the fracture it left behind.

The Marine stumbled backward a time or two, a sick smile twisting his lips as blood began to color his teeth. It was no secret just how sick this man was, or just what lengths he'd go to. He swayed in his spot and prepared himself for a second round.

"Miller, get that Anesthizine pumping and contact Medical!" Ricardo said as he drew his phaser. "You aren't getting out that easy, Jackson. At the very least, you'll wake up with a nasty headache."

"You think so, grunt?" Jackson asked, wavering a bit where he stood. He knew the gas was going to start pumping at any second.

Allen had run over to the console as soon as Ricardo had said it. He immediately started the Anesthizine going into the cell. He then tapped his communicator, =^=Petty Officer Miller to Sickbay! We have a medical emergency in the Brig!"

Inside the cell, it didn't take long before Jackson hit the ground once the gas started pumping inside, his large frame crumpling to the ground in a heap. The wound on his head continued to bleed, pooling around him.

Getting the call for an emergency in the brig, Lieutenant Blake appeared via emergency transport. She looked to Gutierrez and Miller, then toward the cell. "What's the emergency?"

"The Marine psychopath decided he wanted a new scar on his head," Ricardo said. "Give him a minute. Anesthizine may work fast, but I don't want to take any chances on him faking it. Head wounds bleed a lot and look worse than they are."

Dani shot the man a nasty look. Why was he telling her something she already knew considering the field she worked in. "Start having the gas pumped out. There can be no risk of it leaking out here," she said, setting her medkit down to start preparing to treat a head wound.

Allen began entering a series of commands into the console. Moments later, the console beeped and the young Petty Officer announced, "The gas has been pumped out, Ma'am." He looked to Ricardo and back to the cell. Allen rested his hand on his phaser.

"Thank you," the petite blonde said, moving toward the cell with the proper tools to treat the man on the floor. "Lower the forcefield, please."

Ricardo looked at Miller. "Get your phaser ready, Miller," he said. "Lower the forcefield on my mark." He stepped up beside the petite nurse and adjusted his phaser to wide beam and was set on heavy stun, ready to be used on a moment's notice. "I have to inform you, Lieutenant. He has a history of taking hostages. If he grabs you, I will not hesitate to stun you both."

"You got it." Allen tapped a few buttons and readied the last one. He removed his phaser and checked it for heavy stun. With it in hand, he tapped the last button to lower the forcefield. Allen quickly moved to the other side of the cell.

Dani moved into the cell and knelt down next to the man who was considered to be extremely dangerous. He didn't appear to be such now that he was bleeding from his head and unconscious. She pulled her tricorder out and began to scan the wound on his head, so she didn't see the large hand shoot out to grip her throat, pinching her esophagus closed to the point she couldn't breath. He wasn't a stupid man. He pulled her smaller frame on top of her to help shield his body. "Any sudden movements, and I'll snap her neck."

True to his word, as soon as Jackson moved to grab the nurse, he fired at nearly point blank range at the man's feet, the heavy stun beam hitting his central nervous system like a runaway runabout at high warp. "Get her, Miller!" he called.

Miller ran over to quickly catch the small medical officer before she it the floor. He was so close that he had to drop to one knee, but he caught her and pulled her from the cell. "Lieutenant, don't try to talk. Just try to breath. Slowly."

Panic already set in, and the second she was safely out of the cell, Dani scooted away from Allen to put some distance between them. She didn't want anyone touching her after that. Thanks to her training, she was able to calm herself to get her breathing back to normal, but her throat was on fire. All she wanted to do was run, but she needed to let the dizziness go away first. Blue eyes looked toward the still bleeding man inside the cell as a hand moved to her throat.

The regenerator was on the floor next to his fallen and unconscious form. One of the other two people present could tend to his head wound.

Ricardo glanced at the Lieutenant, then picked up the regenerator in his free hand while still holding his phaser in his right and began to run it over the wound the idiotic Marine had caused himself. When he was satisfied, he put it in the kit with the tricorder that had been dropped and backed out of the cell with it in his hand. "Computer, raise forcefield back on Cell Four Beta," he said as the computer did his beating. He looked at the woman.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a gentle voice. "I can take a look at that for you."

Dani swallowed. Damn, that simple act hurt. She shook her head and got to her feet with her hand still around her throat. She didn't want to risk talking as bad as swallowing hurt. Once she got back to sickbay, she'd have someone look at her, but right now, what she wanted to do was kick Jackson in his face. Instead, she got to her feet, only staggering once, and grabbed the medkit. She mouthed a thank you and made her way out of the brig.

Allen stood and watched as the Lieutenant headed out of the Brig. "You know," he said, turning back to Ricardo, "for a small one, she's pretty tough. Walking out of here after that and not doing anything to treat herself." He looked back into the cell and shook his head.

"Pump that Anesthizine back in there," Ricardo said with a sigh. "This is going to be really bad on report. As for her...she isn't tough, Allan...I would say she's terrified."

The Petty Officer had moved to get the gas pumped back into the cell, thinking about what Ricardo had just said. "'re right. On both counts." He put his phaser back in it's holster and turned towards the cell. "I hope the rest of this watch goes better."

"You got that right, brother," Ricardo said as he went to pick up a PADD. "I'll do the report and take any flack that Lieutenant Corwin drops. Ranking officer and all that jazz. You go ahead and check on the other prisoners while I do this."

Miller understood about the whole ranking officer thing, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to try. "I know, but don't throw yourself under the bus all the way. I had a part in this, too. I was the one who said to keep him awake." He grinned at the other Security officer. "Anyway, other prisoners and all." He continued making his way down the row.

Ricardo nodded. "I asked you if you wanted it. We'll talk later." With that, he sat down and began to fill out the report to send.


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