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Medical Options

Posted on 09 Jan 2017 @ 4:46am by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D.

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Medical
Timeline: MD 11 || 0945 Hours

After he left Ensign Mitchell, Merzek felt bad for having tried to distract her from her pain and thought about what he had told her about the options available for her. He was certain that Doctor Abrams wouldn't be happy that a mere therapist was making suggestions to a patient, but part of therapy was presenting options to their patients. With that in mind, the bald Deltan headed into the main part of Medical to find the towering human doctor.

Luc was finishing up with some PADDwork as the Deltan man approached him. "Ensign Merzek... what can I do for you?" The large man asked, turning to give him his full attention.

"Doctor Abrams, I'd like a moment of your time to discuss one of your patients," Merzek said. "Ensign Mitchell is one of my therapy patients and I just came from a session with her."

"How'd she do?" Lucas asked. It was clear Merzek had his complete attention.

"She made it to the turbolift with the assistance of the motor assist bands," Merzek said. "But I did discuss some surgical options with her and she was very enthusiastic about one of them."

The large man folded his arms across his large chest and cocked his head to the side. While there were many options available to Ensign Mitchell, he hadn't had a chance to speak to her about them. "Which procedures did she seen the most enthusiastic about?"

"Genetronic replication of a new spine," Merzek said. "I warned her that it was invasive and what the risks were, but she's set on it, Doctor Abrams."

"Did you talk to her about how dangerous it could possibly be?" Luc asked. "I mean... I trust my abilities, but she has to understand exactly what Genetronic replication is all about."

"It was in the prototype stages in twenty three sixty-eight and Starfleet Medical approves it fully now," Merzek said. "However, I'm not a doctor, which is why I'm coming to you on the matter. Still, it could be a prototype and she would still take the chances of being able to walk normally again. Nothing is going to sway her from that. I offered the option of a Neural Transducer first and she turned it down."

"I'll have to sit down with her, and discuss how everything works. She might just change her mind and pick the safer option," Lucas said.

"She's a very determined young woman, Doctor Abrams," Merzek replied. "When we were on our way to the pool, she accepted my offer to get her a hoverchair. By the time I got it and returned, she had made it almost all the way to the turbolift and was intent on going back to her quarters."

The big guy frowned. "I admire her spirit, but she can definitely do more damage to herself. I'll have to have a counselor come in to evaluate her. Just to make sure she's in the right frame of mind to be making decisions like this. As serious as her injury is... and how it happened... it can do things to one's mind."

"I agree completely," the bald Deltan said. "Still, her chances are better than the thirty-seven percent that Lieutenant Worf had when it was still a prototype and she is a fighter. I suspect that will affect the outcome more than anything."

"You're right," he said, running a hand over his face. The stress of everything was threatening to push him over the edge. "I'd still like to present her with all the options available to her."

Merzek nodded. "I don't know of many other options that are available other than the two that I brought up unless there's other medical techniques that can be done. The motor assist bands are a preparatory stage which generally leads up to the Neural Transducers but she doesn't want a chance at limited mobility, Doctor. For her, it's all or nothing."

"Why now?" Lucas asked with a frown. There was so much going on, and like the rest of the crew, he felt spread way too thin. Still... he had an obligation as a doctor to treat patients and get them back to their normal selves. This time was no different. "Then... there's no other option but to talk to her and schedule the procedure."

"Why now?" Merzek asked incredulously even though he suspected the doctor was talking about the timing. "Doctor Abrams, she's Security. What could a Security officer in a hoverchair do effectively? Her career is over unless she has the surgery."

"The timing, Mister Merzek," he clarified. "I will do whatever I can to get Miss Mitchell up and walking again so she can get back to her duties."

"Thank you, Doctor Abrams," the bald physical therapist said. "I'll continue my regular sessions prior to and after the procedure."

"I'll look at the schedule and get her set up once I've talked to her," he. The big man said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Merzek said before he signed off on a PADD and gave a nod. "Now for me to deliver my reports and see to my next patient."


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