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Medical Emergency

Posted on 11 Jan 2017 @ 10:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Joey Geisler

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Cochrane's Engineering
Timeline: MD10

Sparks rained throughout Engineering as the ship shuddered from multiple asteroid impacts. Jonas had kept his focus on the ship and its activities, as he rightly should have. In doing so, he failed to notice that the ship's Executive Officer, Commander Bast, had fallen to the floor.

It wasn't until after everything settled that he'd noticed that Ensign Johnson was shouting for a medic. Like most of the crew, his combadge was missing. Spotting Crewman Devries, he immediately ordered for some new combadges to be distributed to all of the crew, starting with sickbay, the bridge and engineering.

As things calmed down, Jonas searched the emergency locker for one of the basic medkits. He couldn't find anything. Instead, he rushed back over to the Commander. Jonas ripped off his own jacket and used it to try and stop the bleeding. Or, at least stop the Trill from losing more blood before help arrived.

Moments later, Warrant Officer Shelby Whitman, made her way into Engineering with a medkit in hand. She'd been notified of a medical emergency the second combadges arrived in sickbay, grabbed what she thought she'd need, then took off. Now, she quickly looked around and found the Commander on the floor with two crewmembers hunched over him. Quickly, she moved over to the trio and knelt down, opening the medkit to search for what she'd need first. "What happened?"

"He was shot back on the base," Jonas told the newly arrived medic. "Hunter weapon. He's been bleeding ever since."

"He hit his head," added Johnson, still holding his neck in an improvised cervical collar until the medic cleared him of any cervical trauma. "When we were... shaken," she said, searching for words to describe the incident. "His foot slipped in the blood on the floor, and he fell. He hit his head on the console."

"How long ago was this?" Warrant Officer Whitman asked with a wince, pulling a hypospray out of the medkit. She loaded it with a vital of Morphenolog and set the dosage, then pressed it against the Commander's neck. "For pain," she said in case the man next to her was wondering. She quickly swapped the vial out with a second one, adjusted the dose once more, and pressed it to Bast's neck. "To stop the bleeding. I need to get him back to sickbay. Without him being there, there's not much I can do here."

With that being done, she pulled out a tricorder and began to scan the Commander to assess the severity of his injuries and to look for any that might have occurred internally. Just the sight of the blood on him and the floor was enough for her to want to get him to sickbay, but she didn't want to take any chances until she knew what it was they would be dealing with.

"I didn't see it," the Deltan Petty Officer said, looking to Johnson for the vital information. In the meantime, he held his soiled jacket steady on Bast's wound, hoping the coagulant would start to do its job.

"About three minutes ago," supplied Johnson.

"I'm not picking up much else in the way of injuries outside the blood loss, shoulder trauma and a neck sprain. Those are bad enough. Keep that on there," Whitman told Johnson, gesturing to the makeshift neck brace. "We don't have a doctor on board, and I'm not qualified to do much else than what I've already done. Our only option is to place him in stasis. Can you two help me move him?"

"We need an antigrav gurney!" called out Johnson to the rest of the Engineering crew, hoping that one of them would move quickly. True enough, she saw one of her crewmates take off at a run, and return a few seconds later with the requested gurney.

Together, Jonas and Whitman lifted the Commander, while Johnson kept her hands firmly on either side of his neck, stabilizing it until he was safely on the gurney. Johnson watched as Whitman installed a bona fide neck brace, and pushed the gurney to the turbolift.

It was a short ride to Sickbay. With the help of a few crewmembers, she placed the Commander in a stasis chamber. In suspended animation, they had at least bought him some time until help could arrive.


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