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Captain's Mast

Posted on 25 Jan 2017 @ 11:07am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Endgame
Timeline: MD 12 || 0930 hours

As Joey, who was wearing her dress uniform, entered the area, she couldn't seem to fight back the nerves creeping their way through her system. For the past couple of hours, she hadn't been able to think about much else. The decision of two men either losing their careers, or being given another chance, was to be handed down. A large part of her hoped they'd be punished... severely as the case required it... but not lose their careers. They were good at what they did despite taking their brains out to play with them the morning the incident happened.

She swallowed a lump back in her throat and looked around. She could only imagine how Lieutenant Blake would be feeling once word reached her that this was going to take place. The younger woman was likely scared out of her mind. Maybe Joey would talk to her again at some point, but now wasn't the time. This would all be underway soon, and the verdict handed down. She just hoped everyone would be able to live with that.

Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class Ricardo Gutierrez stood off to the side in the Enlisted version of a dress uniform and looked straight ahead. He kept a tight reign on his empathy because he really didn't want to know how anyone else was feeling at that moment, nor did he want anyone else seeing the emotions that he was feeling.

Allen was standing stock still once again. There he was, before all of the individuals involved, wearing his formal dress uniform. Petty Officer 3rd Class Miller was scared out of boots, but he didn't let it show. In fact, the time they stood before Lieutenant Corwin was easier compared to this. He stared straight ahead and tried not to lock his knees. Fainting was the last thing he wanted to here.

Harvey entered the room, also in dress uniform. In all his career, he'd attended three of these. Once as a punishment, and two as a witness. This would be the first he ever presided over. Following behind him was Warrant Officer Tanika, still on loan from Commodore O'Connell. The ship had lost all of its legal personnel during the skirmish with the Valdore in the Hadyn Nebula, and with her history in legal, Harvey had tapped her to observe the proceeding.

He took his place at the table and awaited the arrivals of Doctor Kij and Nurse Blake.

Dani, who'd spent a little time trying not to hyperventilate, finally made her way inside wearing her dress uniform just as everyone else was. She took a quick look around, offering a sympathetic smile in Ricardo and Allen's direction, then straightened her spine. Yes, she was terrified, but that was because she'd never attended anything like this before, and in her mind, it was completely unnecessary. But, even she understood there were rules to follow.

Taking a deep, calming breath, the young woman came to attention in the presence of the Captain and dug deep to find her voice. "Captain, permission to speak, Sir?"

Even though the Chief Medical Officer had yet to arrive, the Captain nodded to the Nurse.

All eyes would likely fall on her now, and that made her so uncomfortable, she wished for the chance to escape. That wasn't a possibility until this was all over. "First, it's no secret that you were a doctor before you started your journey up the command ladder," she began, trying to compose her thoughts so she could get them out just the way she wanted to. "You know how Anesthezine works. It's extremely effective, and often used for that very reason."

She took a deep breath before continuing. "When I was called to the brig, my thoughts were not for my own safety, but for that of the injured party regardless of how dangerous he was. My job is to heal, Captain, and Jackson was in need of my skills. I've dealt with my share of brig related injuries, so I know proper protocol, only in this case I was dealing with a head injury. I didn't ask them to restrain him before I entered the cell. Gutierrez, Miller and I... we had no idea Jackson would hold his breath, or that he was going to attack anyone. But, he did, and had it not been for the quick thinking of your Security officers, I probably would be dead. I'm just as guilty," she said, keeping her blue eyes locked on the Captain.

Jayla arrived about half a minute early. She'd been keeping herself busy every waking minute until she just collapsed out of exhaustion. She was much better off if she didn't have to think about her problems. As a result, though, she was developing dark circles under her eyes and a sort of vacant expression that could not be erased by a polite smile. "Sorry I'm late," she muttered dispassionately. "Or almost. Whatever."

Harvey raised an eyebrow not at the Doctor's arrival, but at her comments. Looking back at the Nurse, he cleared his throat. "I'll keep that in mind, Lieutenant," he replied. For the purposes of this hearing, Harvey would remain formal. Titles like Doctor or Nurse wouldn't stand for the next few minutes; just rank.

"Let us begin. We are here today in response to an incident yesterday in the brig involving Staff Warrant Officer Guiterrez, Petty Officer 3rd Class Miller and Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake. Mister Guiterrez, as the ranking officer, please recount the situation for us all."

"At oh eight hundred hours on stardate , my and Petty Officer 3rd Class Miller began our assignment of watching Major Jackson in the brig," Ricardo said. "We had noticed that he was conscious instead of being kept sedated with Anesthizine gas as protocols dictated. While preparing to enact such, he engaged us in conversation before he turned and rammed his head into the wall. When he began bleeding, I ordered Petty Officer Miller to alert Medical and to activate the gas in his cell."

"Major Jackson seemed to succumb to the gas and was apparently unconscious on the floor after Lieutenant Blake showed up. She demanded that we pump the gas out so she could treat Major Jackson," Ricardo continued. "Following protocol, we drew our phasers after the gas was pumped out and lowered the forcefield to Major Jackson's cell. When Lieutenant Blake entered and went to check on him, Jackson grabbed her by the throat. I was able to stun him before he could do anything else and Lieutenant Blake ran out of the Brig while Petty Officer Miller reengaged the forcefield and flooded the cell with Anesthizine again. That concludes my report, Captain."

"Mister Miller?" Harvey then asked, turning to the younger Petty Officer. "Do you have anything to add?"

Allen stood stock still and addressed the Captain. "No, sir. I have nothing more to add."

The Captain nodded. He skipped over Lieutenant Blake as she had already offered her testimony before the proceeding began. "Can either of you tell me what the proper procedure is when handling a prisoner in the brig, especially one such as Major Jackson?"

To Ricardo, what the Captain asked was a loaded question, so he gave a stock answer. "Starfleet regulations require that prisoners be treated well, and that all of their life-support needs be met. In the case of Major Jackson, orders were given to keep him sedated."

Harvey raised an eyebrow. He had been familiar with the protocol once upon a time, but his years being away from medical and also not having to transport dangerous prisoners had caused it to slip his memory. Obviously, someone else had already been disregarding orders, and that someone was absent from this room. That would have to be dealt with when this was finished.

"Two questions," Harvey said, leaning forward in his chair. "First, how long was Jackson left alone before you arrived? Second, how long after your shift started did you begin preparations to anesthetize him?"

"He couldn't have been left alone for long before myself and Petty Officer Miller came in at oh eight hundred, Sir," he said. "Lieutenant Corwin had called us to her office prior to our going down there and we arrived a bit late due to that, but no one else was on duty."

"What is policy regarding prisoners," Harvey asked, looking to Lieutenant Corwin, "when it comes to being left alone?"

"Prisoners are not to be left alone under any circumstances, Captain," Lieutenant Corwin replied when she'd been addressed. "Petty Officer Third Class Richardson and Crewman Second Class Zh'rykreq were supposed to be on duty."

The Captain nodded, looking back to Guiterrez and Miller. "And regarding my second question?"

"No more than a minute or two, Captain," Ricardo replied.

"Why did you not immediately sedate the Major?" Harvey then asked. "Or find out why Richardson and Zh'rykreq left him unattended?"

"We had to check on the other prisoners, Sir," Ricardo replied. "Then Jackson tried to split his head open and we had to alert Medical. After that, he attacked Lieutenant Blake. I didn't think to find out why Richardson and Zh'rykreg weren't on duty when we arrived in the confusion."

"And you didn't attempt to engage the prisoner in any way?" Harvey asked. "Including conversation?" From his own personal observations of the Marine, Harvey didn't think Jackson would just start throwing himself at a forcefield. There were definitely pieces missing to this puzzle.

"Only for a minute, Sir," Ricardo said. "He was attempting to taunt us."

Joey remained silent until she was acknowledged, but being on the receiving end of Jackson's torment, she knew Gutierrez wasn't lying. The former Major was quite good at getting under the skin of others. He was also a very crafty eastward, not to mention downright ruthless. After all... he did kill one of his fellow Consortium just to prove that point. A visible shiver ran down her spine as she recalled the incident, but other than that, her face remained neutral.

"I see," remarked the Captain, a frown forming on his face. "It sounds to me like you learned first hand why I gave orders to keep him sedated. And also the consequences of not following those orders."

Allen had been quiet so far, listening to what was being said. Then he saw the Captain's expression and thought that the worst was about to happen. He had no clue how he would tell anyone that he'd been booted out of Starfleet, let alone K'Lara. If he even got to see her again. "Aye, sir," the Petty Officer said. "We have learned both of those lessons."

"Orders are meant to be followed," Harvey stated matter-of-factly. "Major Jackson is not just a threat to himself, but to this crew and this ship. He tried to destroy it while in command of the Chimera and he did not hesitate to cause harm to members of this crew when given the opportunity. He even killed a compatriot in cold blood without notice. In my opinion, and observation, Nurse Blake is lucky to be alive." He intended to wait a moment before stating the punishment as he wanted those words to sink in.

"I understand, Sir," Ricardo said as he heard the Captain's tone and saw the look in his eyes. He braced himself to lose his Starfleet career and only hoped that Miller didn't face the same punishment.

Allen made sure that he would remember what the Captain said...for a very long time. "Understood, Sir." This was his first Captain's Mast and he hoped it would be his last.

Harvey took in a deep breath. "Until we return to Starbase Unity, the two of you will be on restricted duty. These, in fact, will be your restrictions. First, neither of you will be on the same shift together. Second, you will find yourselves guarding Major Jackson in the brig, where he will remain sedated at all times. I will leave the scheduling particulars to Lieutenant Corwin, but I will specify that the officer to relieve the other will be the person standing beside you. Meaning Miller will relieve Gutierrez and vice versa."

"I understand, Sir," Ricardo said, breathing an inward sigh of relief as he knew it could have been so much worse than what the Captain ordered.

Dani breathed a sigh of relief when the Captain handed down his sentence. She was grateful neither men lost their careers because of her. That was something she wouldn't have been able to live with on her conscience.

Allen was glad that he was still wearing the uniform. But then it hit him as he did the math, "That's...two Brig shifts a day, Sir."

"That's right. Two shifts a day each in the brig," Harvey confirmed. "If this doesn't teach you to follow order and protocol while serving brig duty, then I would hate to see what awaits you in the future."

"Yes, Sir!" Ricardo said.

Joey finally took a breath, not realizing she'd even been holding it until she felt the burning in her lungs. The Captain's punishment was more than fair, and she hoped that both men learned a lesson after this. Now, though, she had to confront the other guards and find out what exactly went wrong.

"Let me be clear," Harvey said, standing to his feet. "If something like this happens again, you'll be lucky to survive a court martial. Dismissed, both of you. Lieutenant Blake, Warrant Officer Tanika, you too." He did not, however, dismiss the Chief Medical Officer or the Acting Security Chief.

Joey remained at attention while Dani made her exit. The fact that she and Jayla weren't dismissed couldn't possibly be a good thing, but she always faced the bad head on. Whatever was about to happen, she'd deal with it.

Jayla's jaw clenched and unclenched repeatedly. She wanted to throw those men out of an air lock, but instead, she just sneered at them as they walked past her. There could have been no mistaking how she felt about them.

Ricardo turned and immediately made his way out with as much decorum as he could when what he wanted to do was break into a sprint and get as far away from the Captain as he could. He didn't need to be an empath to know how the Trill Doctor felt when he saw the look on her face and he suspected that she would have advocated something far worse. A moment later, he was out the door and heading down the corridor.

Allen nodded turned on his heels. Nothing was going to keep him in that room any longer that necessary. He had a dress uniform to get out of and cold drink to find. As soon as he was out of the room and around the corner, he nearly started jogging.

Tanika was the last of the group to leave, making a couple final notes on her PADD before leaving.

When the door closed behind her, Harvey left his seat and approached the two women at theirs. "These men would not have been in here were it not for Richardson and Zh'rykreg. I'd like to know why they revived him, and more importantly, why the anesthezine was stopped without safeguards preventing it from doing so." Though it sounded like an implied accusation, Harvey was by no means expecting an immediate answer. "We're certainly going to have to investigate," he emphasized.

Joey opened her mouth to agree with the Captain and let him know she'd head up the investigation personally when her combadge chirped. She tapped it, having given express orders not to be contacted unless it was an absolute emergency. =^=Corwin, what is it?=^=

=^=Lieutenant Corwin... we have a body. Deck four, section twenty-five Beta. It's Zh'rykreg, ma'am.=^= the male voice of Richardson said from other end.

Corwin opened her mouth and closed it again, trying to process what she'd just heard. =^=Acknowledged. I'm on my way.=^= She looked toward the Captain and cleared her throat, waiting for him to let her go. This just got interesting. "Permission to be dismissed, Captain?"

"I'm coming with you," Harvey declared. "Doctor, you too."

At the Captain's words, Joey was on her feet and sprinting out of the room and into the corridor. Things just took a turn, and she planned to get to the bottom of it.

Jayla was even angrier now, if that were possible. One of the men who could have explained to her why her nurse was attacked was now dead. She wanted to find whoever was responsible and skin them alive.

No. No, that wasn't her. She didn't want to skin people alive. Well, to be fair, none of Kij's past hosts actually wanted to skin anyone alive, but Belar used to say it an awful lot.

She stood and followed Joey silently, not trusting herself to open her mouth for fear of what horrors would come out of it.


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