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What a Day Part 5 [Backpost]

Posted on 25 Jan 2017 @ 9:21am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Ensign Aidan Crehan

Mission: Endgame
Location: Pool/Personal Quarters
Timeline: MD 11 || 1800 Hours

He turned to look at her when she stood, realizing what she ended that statement with. She was truly a gem. "And you would not be impatient to see this," he said, gesturing to his torso, "walking down the corridor in a towel?" He laughed and looked at her hand. "While I appreciate the help, my love, I'm afraid that I'm too much for you to pull up."

"You know that I would be," she said with a grin as she moved to give him room. "Then you are to be getting up here so we are able to go back to quarters, da?"

Aidan pushed and pulled himself up to the edge in a sitting position. "Yes, let's be getting back there." He stood and took Mila's hand. Aidan took a step toward the door and then stopped. "Oh, uh, yes, the towels and things." He looked over at Mila and grinned sheepishly.

"Oh...towels, da," Mila said with a laugh. "We cannot be forgetting them." She headed over and wrapped the sarong around her and grabbed the towels before she came back to him. "I think that is being everything. Shall we?"

Aidan dried off a bit with one of the towels and then put it around his shoulders. He took Mila by the hand once again, only this time he gave a little squeeze. "This was fun. We should do it again, sometime. Or maybe an ocean in the holodeck. There would be no one around then to tell us to get a room."

She wrapped her towel around her head to keep it from dripping down her back and returned the squeeze with a smile. "Or maybe we are leaving Starfleet to find a planet that no one else is being on and make it our own. We could be running around naked all day and no care in world," she said with a wink before she headed for the door.

"Now that is an option," he said, chuckling. "You and I with an entire planet to ourselves while we run around naked. Though, I am not sure how first contact would go. That...would be interesting." He followed Mila out the door as they began their walk back to their quarters. "Have you ever had Chow swimming?" he asked.

"If they are not liking us for who we are" Mila said as she walked beside of him hand in hand down the corridor. "Then they are not being welcome on our planet. As for Chow and swimming, da, I have, but he is not very cooperative. He would rather stay by pool side and be judgemental."

"Is that so? Now what in the world would he have to be judgemental on? Unless of course someone started laughing at a wet monkey." He paused a second and smiled. "I'll admit, picturing Chow wet makes me think of our neighbor's wet cat. Neighbors on Earth, that is."

She gave a hearty laugh and looked at him. "He is not liking that very much at all. Last time I am having him in bath, I am thinking that he got more water on me than on himself."

"Yes, that sounds just like the cat," he said looking down at her. "Do you think he would react differently if I were to give him his next bath? Even if I end up getting the same treatment as you, it will give you a break from it." They continued down the corridor and rounded a bend.

"Perhaps if we are both giving him bath, much of water will stay on him instead of being everywhere else," Mila suggested. "But he is feisty when it time for bath and will not even accept bribes like he used to. He is having his own thoughts on matter and has decided that it is not something he is liking."

"I hate to be the one to tell him, but a stinky monkey needs a bath...whether he likes it or not," said Aidan. "But I think you are right, we should both thy giving him a bath." As they continued down the corridor, Aidan asked, "With everything that has been happening, I would imagine that you haven't been able to get Chow back into his parkour training."

"Nyet," she said as they arrived at their quarters and she entered her code. "With the way things have been, I am not having much chance to do anything with him. I am certain that he is enjoying break. Would that we were having life as simple as monkey, da?"

"Indeed," he responded, following her inside. "Nothing to worry about except eating, sleeping, and refusing to take baths." He chuckled and took the towel from around his shoulders. "I will take your towel for you and get a clean, dry one, if you wish."

Mila unwrapped the towel from her head and handed it to him, then smiled. "Would be good idea," she said as Chow perked up from the back of the couch and leaped over to where they were to look up at them with a worried hoot. "No, Chow, is not bath time yet. I will get out of wet swimsuit, then you can be getting me dry towel," she told Aidan.

Aidan accepted the towel and nodded. "That sounds very good then." He walked over to Chow and patted him on the head. "She is a very good swimmer and still surprises me. I do not ever want that to stop, my friend. I want her to keep surprising me." He the Capuchin's head a little ruffle and smiled.

While he gave Chow pets, she headed back into their bedroom and changed out of the wet bikini and put it in the recycler. She headed into the bathroom and grabbed a brush to start brushing out her long hair while wearing nothing and wondered what surprise Aidan had found in relation to her ancestry.

Aidan finished his little talk with Chow and carried the damp towels into the bedroom and tossed them into the recylcer. He noticed that Mila wasn't in the bedroom as he went to get a fresh, dry towel for her. Presuming her to be in the bathroom, he knocked on the door. "I have your towel out here when you are ready."

"Door is open," Mila said while she continued to brush her hair. She looked in the mirror and waited for him to come in and a big smile spread across her face.

Aidan touched the wall terminal to open the door. "Oh. Well hello there," he said, staring. Then he looked in the mirror at Mila's reflection and saw her smile. He smiled too, still holding the fresh towel.

"Thank you for bringing towel," she said as she watched his expression change in the mirror and couldn't help but laugh. "Now I can put it on and make dessert for you."

"Oh, yes, that's right...the towel." Aidan grinned and handed it to her. "And you making dessert."

Mila took the towel and wrapped it around herself, all the while watching him in the mirror without turning. When she had it tucked, she turned to him and smiled. " is time to make dessert while you are telling me what you are finding about my ancestry."

"Oh yes," he said, walking out of the bathroom and bedroom behind her. "It was nothing of importance, just a very ancient song from Earth that is rather...humorous...and contains your last name. At first I wondered if it might be about someone related to you, then I started laughing so hard at some of the parts that I let it be. I presume it has something to do with your ancestry as it has your last name in it. But who is to say that it is, or was, a rather common name. At any rate, Computer, play Ra Ra Rasputin."

She stopped when she heard the music began to play, then she started laughing. "Rasputin that they are talking about is great ancestor," she said as she laughed and listened to more of it, then began to dance to the beat while wearing only the towel. "Is catchy beat, too!"

Aidan started laughing again as he heard it. He had a feeling that he would laugh every time he heard it. "Ah, well, so he is then." He watched her start to dance and joined her. Her and her towel. Aidan had yet to change out of his swim trunks, which had relatively dried by now. He came up next to her and started dancing as well. "It is catchy. Perhaps the next time we could go dancing."

"I would be liking that very much," Mila said as she went to the replicator and began to replicate a brownie base, a chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, chocolate pie filling, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles. When she had everything, she replicated a large, deep dish and began to carry everything to the table. "I hope you are having big sweet tooth," she said. "This is to be almost as sweet as you are."

Aidan watched as his girlfriend retrieved seven chocolate sweets from the replicator. He shook his head and followed her to the table. "I do have a big sweet tooth...," he said, smiling. Once she had everything on the table, he walked over to her and kissed her shoulder. "Which is why I like kissing you."

She shivered at the touch of his lips on her shoulder and looked back at him. "I am thinking that if you are keeping that up, dessert will not be made," she told him.

The El-Aurian chuckled and looked at her. "Okay. Dessert, then we enjoy it, then I'll kiss you again. How does that sound, Printsessa?" he asked, winking at her.

"I am thinking that there is no reason while we could not mix and match," Mila said with a smile as she batted her eyelashes at him before she turned back and began to prepare the dessert.

"Oh is that right?" he said. He liked it when she batted her eyelashes and played. It was terrific. "Then let us mix and match. Aidan walked up behind her, careful to not touch her arms or startle her as she was preparing the dessert. Instead, he put his hands on her waist and leaned down to the back of her neck. After letting his warm breath flow over it for a second, he gently kissed her. "Is there anything I can do to help you?"

"Nyet...da," she said as the feel of his breath and lips on her neck made her thoughts a jumble. "Keep doing that while I am honoring term of our bet." She put the brownie layer down in the dish and began to cover it with the chocolate mousse.

"As you wish, Miss Rasputin." Aidan placed his head over her shoulder and gingerly rubbed his cheek against hers. "It looks good so far. I cannot wait to taste it." He kissed her cheek and raised up, giving her waist a squeeze. "Would you like a massage after we finish dessert?"

"I am loving the way you think," Mila said as she tilted her head to press against his cheek. It took her a minute before she remembered that the layer of cake went next, but she managed to get it put on despite the squeeze on her waist. "That is sounding very good," she nearly purred.

"Very good then. I was thinking that since you had a towel anyway, a nice massage would help to relax you from the last several day's events," said Aidan. He pulled her hair out of the way and placed another kiss on the back of her neck. Then he ran his fingers through it and let it fall back.

She moaned as she rolled her neck when he kissed her while spooning the filling on top of the cake layer. "That is feeling so good," she said. "And I am accepting your offer, Sir Knight. You are being very good for me and I am having hard time resisting."

"Shall I slow down, my love, and allow you to finish?" He moved his hands back down to her waist and held them there.

"I am just about being done," Mila said as she wiggled her hips while she put the ice cream on top, then began to drizzle the syrup and chocolate shavings on top of it all. " it is ready."

Aidan felt her wiggle her hips and gave them a squeeze. "Excellent. And the chocolate dessert, too." He let go of one of her hips and spun her around. "It looks delicious, Mila." He looked down at her, in her towel, and asked, "Spoons?"

She smiled and gave him a kiss and an appraising look. "Unless you are wishing to lick it off of me, spoons would be good."

Aidan grinned widely. "Save some." He quickly turned his back and headed to the replicator to get two spoons. When he got back, he handed one to Mila. Aidan winked and sunk his spoon into the chocolatey goodness.

Mila took the offered spoon and dug deep into the confection to mix up some of the layers on her side and took a bite of it, closing her eyes at the intense sweet flavor. She opened them again a moment later and gave him a smile. "I am thinking that we are going to have to be doing long workout to be burning off this," she said.

Aidan had taken a second spoonful and was enjoying every bit of it. He looked at Mila and nodded, swallowing that bite. "Indeed we are. Perhaps we should have gone swimming afterwards."

"We would be sinking instead of swimming if we had been doing that," she said with a grin as she reached for another bite.

Aidan chuckled. "That is a very good point." He took another bite and swallowed. "I do not know where you found this recipe, but it is delicious."

"It is," Mila said. "Does it really matter where it is coming from as long as we are able to enjoy it with each other?" She scooped another bite of the decadent dessert and locked her eyes on his as she slowly licked it off the spoon.

Aidan started to say something like, no it didn't really matter. Then he watched. Oh. My, he thought to himself as he stared straight into her eyes. As his breathing slowed, Aidan felt his heart beating like it was about to jump out of his chest. "You most certainly know how to enjoy your dessert," he said with a wink.

She gave him a wink and stood up with the dessert. "What do you say that we are finishing dessert while getting comfortable?" she asked him before she looked towards their bedroom.

Aidan took careful note of her glance. "Agreed. Let us get comfortable and finish the dessert." He picked up the rest of the dessert. And chocolate syrup. "Shall we?"

"Da," Mila said with a smile. "We shall."


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