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Preparing the Trap

Posted on 13 Feb 2017 @ 12:27am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Endgame
Location: Ready Room 2.0 Beta
Timeline: MD 14 || 1600 Hours

It had taken some days for Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin to stop leaving PADDs in disarray for the Captain and even more time avoiding him or giving only curt responses, but the Russian Yeoman had finally decided that it wasn't worth the effort. It was more of a pain to purposely disorganize the PADDs and it was getting to her finely trained sense of order. So she relented without a word since it was obvious that the Captain wasn't going to give in and she brushed the matter under the rug.

Now she approached the office that the Captain had set up as his temporary ready room with only one PADD in her hands. She still wore her long brunette hair free but her uniform was crisp as ever as she pressed the chime by the door and organized her thoughts.

Inside Harvey's quarters, little Pequeno dashed over to the door. The young pup instantly assumed a sitting position and began wagging his tail and panting uncontrollably.

Harvey, sitting at the desk glanced over to the dog and smirked. It was an interesting experience, not just treating his quarters as a temporary office, but to share it with both Rico and Pequeno. Were it not for regular visits from members of the senior staff, he was certain that he and Joey could have kept their relationship under the radar for a while longer.

As for Pequeno's actions, Harvey knew they were because of the person on the other side of the door. "Come in, Mila," Harvey called out, affixing his thumbprint to the PADD he was holding to sign off on the report.

Mila entered when she heard his voice and gave a smile when she saw the little black fall of fur acting like a carpet cleaner with his tail. "It is a Pequeno!" she said as she knelt down to give the puppy a scritch before she looked at the Captain. "Is being a good time for something other than duty, Captain?" she asked while letting the puppy sniff and lick her hand.

"You know, you're one of two people he does that for," Harvey remarked, setting the PADD in the designated out pile. "And yes. I could use a break." While they were now at high warp bound for Deep Space Eleven, the crew seemed to find new energy and resolve. This would hopefully be "it" with the Consortium and normal lives could once again resume. Alas, that conflict would not begin for a couple more days, and all the crew could do at this point was anticipate, and not act.

The Russian Yeoman stood up after giving the puppy one last pat and approached him with the PADD. "I am not certain if you are being aware, but Joey's birthday is coming up. I was talking to Aidan and proposing holodeck party for her. Would you be willing to be bait to be getting her there for surprise?"

"Birthday?" Harvey said, rising to accept the PADD. They'd only been seeing each other for about a week. Harvey supposed he should have found out her birthday, but for it to be this close... he felt like a hefty challenge, one more difficult than tackling the Consortium, was just placed before him. "Bait, huh? Isn't that supposed to be one of those things I volunteer myself for and then the XO tries to wrestle out of my hands?"

Mila saw the look on his face and couldn't help but smirk as she gave him the PADD. "Da, on fifteenth," she said. On the screen was a beautiful vista of a twin waterfalls over a blue body of water with rainbows forming over it. "This is being Wailua Falls in Kauai, Hawaii on Earth. I am thinking of using that location for party. As for being should be knowing that if it were being you in trouble, nothing would stop her from getting there."

"If you went that route, there might be blood if she saw that I was not in any trouble at all," Harvey remarked, examining the picture closely. "The location is beautiful. In fact, we went to a holographic version of Hawaii when she started my surfing lessons." He didn't mention that there had only been one lesson since this voyage began, and that was something he hoped to remedy when this was all over.

"I am seriously doubting that," she said. "in fact, I am thinking that there would be more tears than blood. She has been working very hard lately and deserves something special. You are being her special man and to be seeing you in grass skirt would be making her day, da?"

Harvey couldn't argue that. "But do we have to feign an emergency call. Surely I could lure her down there on my own. And, does grass chafe or do I get to wear something underneath it?" The last thing he wanted to do was deal with an unwanted rash while on the bridge in the heat of battle.

"It would not be real grass, Harvey," Mila laughed as she pictured him on the bridge in a grass skirt with a rash. "Besides, it would strike fear in heart of enemy if you were seen on screen in such ensemble. Still, would be best if you wore something under it. What are you thinking as way to get her there?"

"Holograms itch just like the real thing." Harvey shook his head and grinned. "Or so I can imagine. As far as getting her there, I can take a simple approach. Just tell her to meet me on the holodeck and what to wear and so on. The surprise will still work, especially since I haven't said anything about her birthday which is... Computer, what is today? The earth date?"

=^= "Today is August 14, 2388," =^= droned the computer.

"Tomorrow," Harvey said slowly, his eyes wide. "This is tomorrow."

"Da," she said. "Is being better plan than faking emergency call," she agreed. "All you are having to be doing is showing up. I am taking care of program, food, and drinks. Do not worry, Harvey. It will be good and all shall have fun. I am thinking of inviting Aidan, Lieutenant Di Pasquale, Commander Bast and few others. Is there being anyone else you are able to think of?"

"Di Pasquale and Bast?" Harvey repeated. Though they certainly had not made their relationship public, he knew Camila knew. Bast probably didn't know yet, considering he spent most of the week in the hands of the Confederation or confined to a biobed. "I'm not sure if there's anyone else that's close enough to either of us on board. If Adam was still around, he'd probably invite him, but he couldn't blame the guy for departing back at Unity.

"Yes, Bast," Mila said. "I am doubting that Di Pasquale would be wishing to come if she were not able to invite him to birthday party. Is not like you are planning on announcing engagement." She paused and looked at him. "Are you?"

Harvey shook his head. "It's too soon for anything like that," he confirmed. "I'm sure she'd be open to it if I ever asked the question. For now, one step at a time is enough. And Bast is certainly welcome."

Mila's eyes went wide and she mentally stumbled, something the career Yeoman did on very rare occasions. "I...I was to be making joke," she stammered.

His right eyebrow arched as he took in Mila's reaction. It certainly was one of the last things he ever expected to see from her. "You know I love her, Mila. I never would have asked her to move in if it wasn't at least somewhere on my mind." Truth be told, since he began rediscovering himself, the last thing he ever wanted to be again was to be alone. Joey was not a means to that end. He truly loved her, probably more than Alison. Moving forward with an engagement would only serve to publicly declare that love.

But, as he said, one step at a time.

She was deflated and elated at the same time and sought an area that would bring them both to an even footing, but her body and mind had other plans. She threw herself forward and gave him a hug and a brilliant smile lit up her face. "I am being so happy for you," she said. "I am thinking that you and she were meant to be together and that nothing will be taking you apart."

Harvey could only hope. Truth be told, he was taking a great risk. The last time he opened his heart like this, he was ultimately rewarded with more than a lifetime's worth of pain. Changing the subject, he simply said, "Thank you. So, five guests plus the birthday girl. Rico and Pequeno will need to come, of course. Are you bringing Chow?"

Mila released him and stepped back. "I would like to be bringing Chow," she said. "But first reaction to Rico was not good one. Since them, me and Joey have been slowly getting them used to each other, but he is still leery. Still in area such as picture, I am thinking he would have many safe places to go if he is feeling the need."

She paused as she remembered a Hawaiian custom she had read about in the database and looked at him. "When she is showing up, I am thinking you should be one to lei her."

It was now Harvey's turn to bear an expression of surprise. "I most certainly will not!" he declared. Harvey simply could not believe she would have suggested such a thing.

Mila blinked. "But what is being wrong with putting flower garland around her neck?" she asked in surprise. "Is tradition in Hawaii and it is being her birthday, after all. I am thinking she would love it."

"Flower... garland...?" Harvey asked, his tone low. Only then did he realize what she meant. "Well, I owe you an apology. I must confess I'm still not all that accustomed to Hawaiian culture and tradition."

"What are you thinking that I was meaning?" she asked, then dawning came to her and she nearly doubled over with laughter. She held her sides and fought for breath as she looked up at him. "That...would be...some surprise present at party," she wheezed through gales of laughter.

"Not happening," Harvey affirmed. He understood why she was laughing, but he certainly did not find it humorous. "It sounds like I need to be a quick study though." And figure out a gift.

"Is there anything special you are requesting for party?" Mila asked as she decided to change the subject and get back on track. "I am going to be replicating Hawaiian style food since we are having very limited supplies for authentic cooking, but I do have several bottles of vodka which I have been saving for special occasion."

Harvey shook his head. "I don't think I've got any special requests." He handed Mila back the PADD. "Sounds like you both have it well under control." Besides, he'd only just found out about it. "It's been a few years since I've attended a birthday party. I'm not even sure these days what is expected."

"Be yourself and enjoy time with guest of honor," she said. "Is simple. Eat, drink, be merry. Simple."

"That I can do," Harvey said with a smile. "That I can do."

"Then I will be expecting you at holodeck two at eighteen hundred hours tomorrow," Mila said. "Is good time?"

Harvey nodded. "It'll be perfect." That would give him just enough time to slip away and change. Then he remembered that Joey would likely be here at the same time, so he'd have to probably get the dogs earlier and change at the holodeck as to not give Joey any hints.

"See you then, Harvey," she said with a smile before she leaned down to give Pequeno another pet and headed out to make other preparations.


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