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Posted on 15 Feb 2017 @ 4:35am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Endgame
Location: Security - Brig
Timeline: MD 14 || 1415 Hours

Once the Security briefing concluded, Joey made her way out of the briefing room and threw her arms up in the air as she let out a frustrated sound. Why did those have to be so painful? At least now she felt a bit better even if she did appear to look foolish. However, the look on her face told those around her not to ask any questions, or she was likely to do something vile.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, the tall woman composed herself and made her way toward the brig. She knew Gutierrez was currently on duty, so she tapped her combadge. "Corwin to Miller. Meet me and Gutierrez in the brig as soon as possible," she said, tapping the device a second time to end the link.

She turned into the brig and moved through it without so much as looking at anyone, finally coming to a stop in front of Jackson's cell. There he was, sprawled out on the small bed, completely unconscious. This was how it should be. An extremely dangerous man out like a light and unable to hurt anyone. But a large part of her wanted to hurt him. Hurt him for the tings he'd done to her... to Harvey... to Lieutenant Blake... and countless others. Sadly, it wasn't up to her to be his judge, jury and executioner no matter how much she wanted to be.

Seeing him, though... it brought things to the front of her mind. Things she'd rather bury and forget forever. A few angry tears rolled down her cheeks and her fists clenched into tight balls. He deserved everything that JAG could throw at him and then some. Taking his life wasn't an option, but putting him on the worst penal prison planet they had to offer would be a nice start.

Ricardo came to attention when the Lieutenant came in and started to say something, but when she walked passed without saying a word, he reached out with his empathy and felt the anger radiating off of her. Instead of interrupting her, he chose to stay silent and alert.

===[Rec Room]===

"And that's when I just jumped straight in. No questions. Man, I swear I never thought gelatin..." That's when his combadge chirruped and a female voice came through. =^=Corwin to Miller. Meet me and Gutierrez in the brig as soon as possible.=^= Allen frowned at the group of Ensigns he'd been talking to. He tapped his combadge and replied, =^=Miller here, understood, Lieutenant. On my way.=^= He tapped it again, closing the channel. "I'm sorry, we'll have to continue this some other time." After a few laughs, he headed out the door and to the Brig. PO3 Miller hadn't even gone to change out of his uniform yet.


Joey finally stepped away from the cell and turned to look at Ricardo. "When Miller gets here, I have to talk to the both of you. Until then, have their been any further incidents with our prisoner?"

"No, Lieutenant," Ricardo said, thinking it wouldn't be relevant to mention that Jackson had a horrible case of gas or how grateful he was for the ventilation and air purification system scrubbers.

"I suppose we're entitled to small miracles," she said, glancing back toward the former Major. He was a murderer and then some... to her... he wasn't worthy of his rank any longer, and would never be referred to as such from her. "I'm glad to hear that things have been smooth."

Allen paused outside the door and straightened his uniform. He cleared his throat and stepped up. The doors swished close behind him as he entered. He quickly picked out the Lieutenant and stood at the ready. "Petty Officer Miller reporting as ordered, Ma'am."

Joey looked over to Allen when he joined them. "Thank you for coming so quickly, and now that you're both here, I can get started. Were going to infiltrate Deep Space Eleven in two groups of ten. I'm heading up one of those teams, and Lieutenant Di Pasquale is in charge of the other. Each individual will be carrying a chip. Our objective is to get to one of two computer cores and slip those in so the truth will start to broadcast for everyone to hear," she said, pausing to give them the chance to process it all.

"We're going to infiltrate a Regulus class station that's Consortium controlled?" Ricardo asked with a blink. He had heard there were other starships...and Dominion ships...that were there to assist, but he also knew the station contained thousands of personnel. "Isn't this, I don't know, suicide?"

"There will be other teams going from other ships, so not all of the heat is going to fall on us," Joey pointed out. "I want you two on my team. If you choose not to go, I'll understand, but there aren't many others I trust more than I trust you two."

To Allen, the whole idea sounded pretty, well, hard was putting it mildly. Then the Lieutenant said that she trusted them. After everything they had just been through, the chewing out, the Captain's Mast, and so on, she said she trusted them. How could he break that trust at a time like this. "I'm in," said the Petty Officer.

Ricardo listened to what Corwin had to say and thought for a moment. Finally, he nodded. "I'm in, too, Lieutenant," he said. "You trusted us at Razmena and we won't let you down now. What's the plan?"

"Based on my experience on the Chimera, there's not amount of planning we can do that will actually work out," Joey stated. "We know what our objective is, and anything else that happens between being beamed over and completing our task will have to be thought of on the spot. We have no idea what's going to be waiting for us. We want as many of our own people to come back as possible."

"I hear objectives, on the spot planning, and coming back alive," said Allen. "But, um, how many actual people does the station have? I mean, I'm sure some of them won't be fighting, but still..."

"Five thousand," she replied, waiting for them both to change their minds. "As I said, our ship isn't the only one sending in ground troops, so to speak."

"Two teams of ten, you said," Ricardo said as he thought. "We can do two rotating back to back squads per team as we move and cover every angle. The other team could do the same. That way, no one could sneak up on us. When we beam in, I assume we'll be as close as they can get it, but how are we going to actually reach the objective short of a firefight?"

Joey ran a hand through her hair. She had no idea how to answer that question. "The best we can. When I was on the Chimera, I made my own entrances and exits. That might be the way to go this time, too."

"If that's the case," said Allen, "I presume we're going in pretty heavily armed?"

"I can bench two fifty and I plan on carrying that in weapons," Ricardo said.

"Yes, we're going to be heavily armed," she replied, already thinking about what all would need to be taken. "We'll be taking a phaser drill as well... to help make our entrances and exits. Since you two couldn't be at the briefing, I'm open to any suggestions you may have. Just remember our primary goal."

"Which core will we be going after?" Ricardo asked.

"I'll know once we're beamed over. The primary is one deck thirty, and the secondary is on deck eighty-four. Like I did when I was beamed over to the Chimera, I'm going to study the deck listings so we'll know where we are. It might seem easier to just beam into the area of the core itself, but you can bet they'll have those well covered. Sadly, Deep Space Eleven will know we're coming, and they'll be well prepared for that. Nothing about this is going to be easy, so we're going to have to have to prepare for everything."

Allen ran his hands through his hair. Preparing for everything was going to be hard. "Hey Lieutenant, what about forcefields? I mean, we are going up against trained Starfleet personnel regardless. So ask myself, what would we do in Security if we were fending off an invasion. And forcefields would be at the top."

"That's exactly what we're going to do, Miller. Treat this as though we've been boarded. Whatever we can take that won't slow us down, we'll take," Joey stated.

"Are we taking a portable forcefield generator, too?" Ricardo asked as forcefields were mentioned. He had no plans to make it easy for the enemy.

"Yes. As I said... Anything that won't slow us down," she answered, looking between the two of them. "Congratulations, gentlemen. You've just been sprung from brig duty to face a shitstorm where we've lost the element of surprise. A warm welcome and the offer of a drink won't be waiting for us. Are you both ready for that?"

Allen piped up first. "Guess you'd better bring a mask of some sort, Baby Face. Can't have any of that storm marring your mug for the ladies." He laughed and looked back to the Lieutenant. "I'm as ready as he'll ever be, ma'am."

"When are we going in?" Ricardo asked her before he glanced over at the cell and monitor to make sure Jackson was still out cold.

"The second we're given the word," the Lieutenant replied. "About all we can do is prepare as best we can and hope one of the two teams will be able to make it. In the meantime, Gutierrez... you're already off duty. Get some rest. Miller... finish your shift, then do the same. You're both going to need it. We've got a lot of prep to do." With that, she made her way out of the brig again.


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