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A Merry Escape

Posted on 11 Mar 2017 @ 8:18pm by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Endgame
Location: Brig/Ship
Timeline: MD 17 || 1000 Hours

Since Guiterrez wasn't assigned to the brig or his buddy Miller, Richardson had managed to get assigned to watching Jackson and the others in the brig. He had managed to get a bag with four stun grenades, two Type III phaser rifles with extra energy clips, two Type II phaser pistols, two rebreather masks, a Security uniform with the collar pips of an Ensign and a combadge that he had liberated from Security. No one had been around with half the personnel on the starbase and the rest running around the ship. In fact, he had gotten lucky in the fact that they couldn't spare more than one person to watch the prisoners.

He pulled a hypospray from a medkit and lowered the forcefield to the brig after he shut off the gas that was keeping Jackson unconscious, disabled the cameras and entered the cell. He pressed it against Jackson's neck and released a stimulant after having checked the dosage levels required and stepped back quickly. He knew Jackson was a very dangerous man and that he would likely try to attack whoever was between him and freedom.

The stimulant coursed through his system. He could already feel the effects of the Anesthezine lifting, but there was still a haze he was struggling to fight his way through. The Marine didn't move for a few moments as he listened to what was going on around him. Things were quiet, and with his senses still a bit dulled, his reaction time would be a bit off before the medication kicked in full force. It was only a matter of time before that happened, and he'd be able to embark on his journey of revenge.

Slowly, the older man sat up just in case he got dizzy, then opened his eyes to fix them on the younger man present. A slow smile spread on his lips. "You've always made me proud, son," he said, gesturing for his boy to come closer. Jackson wasn't worried about anyone finding them, or any alarms sounding. His son was part of the ship's Security roster, and he'd done everything by the book as to not raise suspicion just as they'd discussed. That would buy them all sorts of time. "It's good to see you again."

"It's good to see you too, Dad," he said with a smile at the acknowledgement. He set the bag with the goodies down and moved to give his father a hug before he offered him a hand to help him up. "Everyone else is busy and the ship is at Deep Space Eleven in a battle. I figured now would be the best time to get you out of this dump. Dealing with these idiots is making me sick."

Jackson rose to his feet with the help of his son and tousled his hair a bit. "I've dealt with a few of them myself, and I agree with you. This ship is full of idiots. We won't have to deal with them long, though. Soon, they'll all be dead, and we'll be the one's who are victorious," he said with a grin. "Were you able to get what we talked about?"

Richardson picked the bag up and set it on the bunk, then opened it and pulled out the uniform to hand to his Dad. "Sorry, you're only an Ensign but the combadge works. I got the rifles, pistols, grenades and the masks, too."

"I only plan on wearing it long enough to do what we need to, then we're out of here," the older man said, taking the uniform. He changed quickly and smoothed his hands over the material, then clipped the combadge to it. This was going to be an interesting excursion, but as long as he got to take out Geisler in the end, that's what mattered. "You did get everything we talked about. What about the blue bitch?"

Richardson snorted. "She's dead and they think she was a Consortium sympathizer," he told his Dad after he pulled the phasers and grenades out to clip to his belt. "I made it look like she broke her neck in a cleaning closet, just like you told me. She never knew what hit her." He gave a laugh. "It felt good hearing her neck snap, but it's a shame I couldn't cut her antenna off as a trophy."

"That would have led back to you, and that could have ended everything before it had the chance to start," Jackson commented as he began to clip some grenades to his own belt. He shouldered one of the phaser rifles. "Are you ready for this? We may not be able to help them against the infiltration on Deep Space Eleven, but we'll be able to help them from the inside. These Starfleet bastards need to die so that we can take our rightful place."

"Guess what else?" Richardson asked as he handed Jackson a rebreather mask. "Half of Security is on the base right now, including the Chief and that brunette bitch. Only the Tactical Chief and some other idiots are here and they're guarding the computer core and other areas, but they're stretched thin. They couldn't even spare more than me to watch the brig."

At the mention of Joey being gone, Jackson frowned. If he had the opportunity to get her in the future, he would, but his focus needed to be channeled on the big fish right now. And as determined as he was, he planned to fry Geisler in the most painful way possible. However, hearing that Security was spread so thin was definitely good news, and made him feel almost giddy with excitement. "Then, it shouldn't be too hard to do what needs to be done. Here's hoping the brunette Security bitch gets taken out over there, and that if her body makes it back here, they won't have enough to make a positive ID."

"So where are we going first?" Richardson asked. "Fry the computer core? Engineering to set off a breach? Where, Dad? I want to have some fun after pretending to like these people and put up with being questioned about the blue bitch."

"You said the computer core is being heavily guarded, right? Or their definition of heavily guarded," he said, looking thoughtful. The fact his son was as eager as he was pleased him a great deal.

"They put four there and four in Engineering as far as I know," Richardson said. "They also have forcefields and a few patrols, too, but I'm Security, Daddy. I know the access codes." He looked proud of himself for having fooled the Starfleet officers by acting like he was one of them.

"I'm very proud of you, son. I know what you've been doing hasn't been easy, but look at what you've accomplished. You managed to pull the wool over the eyes of all these idiots, and not a single one of them suspects anything. They're about to realize all too soon that they're going to lose," he said. "Let's go to the computer core. Perhaps we might be able to cause enough damage that most of their systems are knocked offline."

"That should piss them off real good," Richardson said. "They had a hell of a time fighting the virus that was in the computer when we got blown through the rift. I heard the dumbasses gave the aliens a replicator and let them scan the engines of a runabout while they were there." He picked up a tricorder from the console and checked it. "Come on, Dad. Let's go tear this place up!"

Jackson grinned. "Lead the way, son. You know your way around this bucket of bolts better than I do."

"Just act like you're part of the crew, Dad," Richardson said as he headed out of the Brig after a quick scan of the tricorder to make sure no one was outside of it. "We're on deck four and the primary computer core control room is on deck six. The actual core is on deck seven and eight and the backup is on sixteen. Which one did you want to go for?"

"The control room," Jackson replied as he finished getting dressed. The time for planning was done, and now it was straight action. The ship, and all of their crew, were going to go down. They needed to pay for the trouble they'd caused. "That's where we can probably do the most damage, I think. Do you have any objections?"

"None at all," Richardson said as he finished checking the phasers and packing energy clips into the belts that he had brought. "This shouldn't be too hard at all the way the ship is going. I'm willing to bet that we can just walk up and do whatever we want."

"The possibility of that is there, but never count on anything until you know for sure," his father said, putting his own belt around his waist. Once everything was in place, he smiled a sinister smile. "Let's show Geisler exactly why he won't win."

"I like the way that sounds, Dad," Richardson said as he left the brig and headed for the nearest turbolift as if he were on an assignment. He didn't glance over his shoulders as he reached to summon it, but he did lower his voice. "Don't forget that you're the ranking officer, so I'll follow your lead."

Jackson smiled. "Then let's get moving. Remember... when we come across Geisler, I want to be the one to kill him."

"You got it," Richardson said as he summoned the turbolift. When it arrived, he called for deck six and looked at his Dad. "You owe him big, Dad. Make it hurt."

"Oh, I plan to. Don't worry about that," Jackson said, as he waited for the turbolift to deposit them on deck six. He had no idea what would be waiting for them when they got to where they were going, but it didn't matter. He'd handle it, then begin the process of making the ship's Captain's life a living hell.

The doors to the turbolift open and Richardson nodded ahead. "It's just around the corridor, Dad. There should be two Security people on duty and something about general quarters for. There's forcefields everywhere in critical areas, but I know what the overrides are."

Jackson stepped out of the turbolift and looked down one end of the corridor, then the other. Someone might recognize him, but that was a chance he was willing to take. He looked back to his son. "You can't hesitate to kill any of these people, because they wouldn't hesitate to do that to you."

Richardson nodded and help his phaser up for his Dad to see that it was set on Setting Ten. "Don't worry about me, Daddy," he said. "These sumbitches are going to pay."

Up ahead, two Security officers stood outside of the computer core control room and gave a nod as they saw the two other Security personnel on an apparent patrol. "You guys are the lucky ones," one Ensign said. "All we get to do is stand in front of a forcefielded locked, door."

The other guy, a Petty Officer leaned against the wall and pointed at the door with his thumb. "Yeah. No one is going to come for this place. They'd go for the actual core like the Consortium did with that virus."

"Running patrol isn't much better," Jackson said, grateful he'd already set his phaser on a higher level. There only appeared to be two Security personnel present, but that didn't mean there weren't more. "You don't think anyone would come here? You think they'd go for the actual core when just as much damage from here? Starfleet really does teach stupid, don't they?" He raised his phaser and shot one of the two officers point blank without so much as flinching.

"What he said," Richardson said as he shot the bored Ensign. "Dumbasses." He holstered his phaser and went to the control panel by the door and yanked it off. He reached inside and bent down to be able to see what he was doing. A shower of sparks came out from it and the door opened, even though the force field remained in place.

"We won't have much time. The alarm..." And before he could even finish that sentence, an alarm sounded. "Shit! We need to move! This place will be crawling soon!" He raised his phaser rifle and hit the forcefield emitter to short it out, dropping the only thing keeping them from their ultimate goal.

"Shit," Richardson muttered as he fired at two Operations division personnel who had been monitoring core activity when the door opened and the forcefield shorted out. "They had the damned thing linked together."

"Maybe they're not as stupid as I think they are, and that just pisses me off even more," Jackson snarled as he moved inside.

Richardson started to go in, then he grunted and hit the floor, his phaser clattering from his grip.

A burly Andorian came into the room without seeing Jackson at first as he headed for Richardson who lay unconscious on the ground.

Jackson looked to his son, but spotted the Andorian before he spotted him. It was on now. With a roar of pure rage, the Marine fired his own phaser at the bastard who dared harm his son. "You blue skinned son of a bitch!" He shouted, firing a second time for good measure.

While his son was only stunned, the Andorian was not. His weapon was set to kill. He was a highly dangerous man with nothing but death and destruction on his mind. Jackson moved over to the core and yanked a panel from it. Everything inside looked so important... he found himself wondering what would happen if he fired his phaser into it. Well, there was only one way to find out. He leveled the weapon on the exposed guts of the control panel and prepared to fire.

"Put the phaser down!" a female voice called out from the doorway. A young Bolian Ensign in the gold uniform of either Security, Operations or Engineering stood there with a phaser in her own hand looking as nervous as a tube worm in front of Ferengi. The phaser wavered in her hand, but still managed to point in his direction.

"You shouldn't have gotten out of bed today, angel," Jackson said, turning his head in her direction just as he raised his phaser rifle and pulled the trigger. In fact, the entire ship should have skipped today and let the Consortium take over. It would have been less deadly for them. "Why do you Starfleet assholes insist on ruining things for me?"

With a sick and twisted smile, he turned the rifle back to the control panel and fired on it, sending a flurry of sparks spraying out just before a fire broke out. He froze when he heard something outside and looked around. Grabbing his son by the front of his shirt, he got them both to cover before and hunkered down.

The Ensign crumbled to the deck, dead before she had a chance to fire.

"Dad?" Richardson muttered as a orange phaser beam blasted a section of the wall over Jackson's head. He tried to shake himself awake, but the effects of the stun were still making him groggy.

A team of four Security personnel arrived at were setting up a crossfire into the room without hitting any of the control panels while the one who had accompanied the Bolian Ensign crouched down and began to ease into the room with a phaser in his hand.

"Shit!" Jackson growled as he placed a hand against his boy's chest. He'd expected a fight, and that's just what he was getting. Oh glorious day! These pathetic excuses would be taken out. "Stay. Down." The man barked at Richardson as he raised his phaser and fired, then grabbed a stun grenade and lobbed it out the entrance and into the corridor.

One of the Security personnel threw himself on the grenade, but the effect blast was more then enough to take out one next to him as well in stunned unconsciousness. The two remaining ones outside the door began to increase the phaser fire to keep Jackson pinned down while the one crawling got into position to where he could take a shot around the corner of the door without getting his head taken off.

"I got it, Daddy," Richardson said as he began to pull the power cell out of his phaser. "Get 'em all," he said as he made a decision in his mind.

The fire would take care of what Jackson couldn't accomplish, and that gave him a twisted warm and fuzzy feeling. He looked to his son as he grabbed the power cell and snatched it from him. "No!" He bellowed, his anger boiling into rage. He set the phaser rifle in his hand to overload and held it for fifteen seconds before he threw it in the same direction the stun grenade was tossed in.

One of the two remaining personnel outside threw himself at the rifle and grabbed it. He was grateful for all the training that Lieutenant Di Pasquale had given them after she had had to disable a phaser set on overload after her incident with Commander Bast while he was under Consortium control. He quickly yanked the cover off the cell housing and hit the override switch on it, then yanked the cell out and burned his hand in the process. Still, it was better than a huge hole being blown in the ship.

The one who had been creeping forward lined up a shot but the phaser rifle being thrown out made him jerk and bump the setting on his phaser to a lethal setting. He fired and hit Richardson, killing the young man instantly and winced as he saw a huge hole get burned into him.

Jackson saw it all happen in slow motion. He let out a roar of pure rage and grabbed the Type II phaser in his holster. He switched it to its highest setting with a wide beam and blasted the area where the shot came from that killed his son. The time for games was done. This was war. Geisler was going to be the one to pay for the loss of his boy. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. A life for a life.

That was more than enough to kill the last pocket of resistance at the moment when the lethal beam took out a section of bulkhead, part of the doorway and the three Security personnel who were there. Still, more would be coming soon but he had a moment of respite.

"I'll see you on the other side," Jackson said, lowering his head to press a kiss to his son's forehead. It was odd... that someone as monstrous as the Marine could exhibit a moment of compassion toward another being. He didn't want to leave Richardson behind, but he had to move before more showed up.

Grabbing his son's phaser rifle and power cells, he rose to his feet and holstered his Type II once again. It was time to end this, and the only way that was going to happen was when the Captain's blood was on his hands. He ran from the control room and into the corridor. The turbolift would be shut down by now, which meant he was limited in options for getting around.

Jackson yanked an access hatch to the Jeffries tube open and crawled inside, then began to make his way down. He wanted these people to suffer.

About halfway down, a forcefield flickered into existence and blocked his way down and other flickered into being a deck up from where he was.

He only had a couple more decks to go before the forcefields went up. He growled a curse and quickly opened the hatch on the deck, then deployed a stun grenade. He slammed the hatch shut and waited until it was safe to come out.

Opening the hatch once more, Jackson climbed out to see four unconscious forms on the deck. He grinned, but didn't have time to kill them as he wanted, then took off down the corridor. He had a date with another man's fate, and time was not on his side.

A young woman in a teal uniform came around the corner and saw the four unconscious personnel and the man running down the corridor and tapped her combadge. =^=Security to deck nine!=^= she called and dove for a doorway since she wasn't armed.

Jackson heard the call for Security. He was beyond pissed off, and the twit of a woman needed to suffer for daring to interfere in matters that didn't concern her. He stopped and turned around, aiming his phaser in her direction. It was still on it's highest setting with a wide beam. He fired, not caring who he took out with her.

He replaced the power cell in his phaser and turned to walk away, but not before he removed a photon grenade from the belt he wore. The Marine allowed a slow, evil, sadistic smile to spread as he began to walk away, tossing the grenade behind him just before he turned a corner. When he was a safe distance away, he stopped and listened the explosion and everything that came with it. The bulkheads undoubtedly buckled under the force, as did the floor. He could only feel pride in the damage he was doing. This was for his son... a young man who was forced to serve these assholes for too long. A young man who had lost his life at the hands of them.

Not only was Geisler going to pay, but all of the ship's crew would. They'd regret the day they'd ever thought keeping him locked up and unconscious was a good idea. Up ahead, he spotted movement. It was a woman... long dark hair... wearing Command red. Oh... this just got better. He raised his phaser and lowered it to the lowest stun setting, then fired, watching as the shot connected just before she crumbled to the floor.

He moved over to her and pushed her hair aside, looking at the rank on her collar. Senior Chief Petty Officer. She was enlisted, but she would make the perfect human shield. He lifted her as if she weighed nothing and tossed her over his shoulder before going about his business again.


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