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The Black Knights Ride - Part Two

Posted on 23 Mar 2017 @ 4:11am by Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Gemma Alexander & Ensign Aurilia Moretti
Edited on on 23 Mar 2017 @ 4:12am

Mission: Endgame
Location: Space
Timeline: MD 17

Terry dropped out of warp and immediately took note of his sensor scans. No loss of Knights so far. =^=Rocco to Archer, got a copy?=^=

Archer's eyes blinked open to flashing red lights. One light telling her the inertial dampeners were damaged and shield were down to 34%. She shook her head as she heard Rocco's voice over her head set, =/\="Sorry, Blackout, um copy. Shield's 34%, 2 torpedoes, phasers online, navigation online but sluggish, inertial dampeners are damaged..."=/\= She said as she quickly tested systems. Her voice getting more clear and confident as her mind finished coming back online. =/\="The bigger they are eh?"=/\= She said pleased when the Black Knight dots that were there before the explosion showed up again.

Terry started laughing. =^=That's what they say alright. Sounds like you took a bit of a beating, but then I think we all may have to a point." He checked his sensors. =^=And it looks like we still have quite a few bogies out there. Rocco to Knights, target the fighters.=^=

Galahad came out of his initial dodging speeding, flaming debris like some kind of surfer in the Fire Caves of Bajor. It was fast and chaotic, he flew by instinct just trying to avoid the chunks of death speeding off in all directions as well as the flaming ball at the center. Finally he got clear and realizing he wasn't dead got on coms. =/\="Galahad online, how's that for strength you Consortium pansies!"=/\= He said jubilant as his sensors came back with the data of the sheer destruction and the current safety of the remaining Black Knights.

The Valkyrie fighter Terry was chasing, and unleashing massive amounts of phaser energy on, looped and decided to play chicken. Terry grinned and began dodging the enemy fire while letting loose some of his own. The old Starfleet Marin fighter pilot hadn't had fun like this in a long time. "Come on...come on...," he muttered. At the last moment, the Consortium fighter dropped. Terry looped, pushing his inertial dampeners to their limits, opened fire. He saw the shields drop and wondered what took so long. That battle had been raging for quite a while now and he expected the shields to be weaker. But...take what you can get. He fired his J's and took off part of the wingtip, sending the Valkyrie into an uncontrolled spin towards the debris field.

To Aurilia, time seemed to alternate between taking a lifetime between volleys of fire and heartbeats as she brought her Peregrine around. She glanced and saw she was out of torpedoes and brought her Type J and Type VII phasers online. A look at her shields indicated she couldn't take too much more as she targeted a Javelin and succeeded in a lucky shot at the cockpit which shredded it. =^=Tango to Rocco. I have no more cigars=^= she said.

=^=Roger that, Tango. Me either. I have a bad feeling we're all out, or running low, and resorting to phasers only. How're you holding up?=^= The enemy he was firing on took to a more clustered part of the debris field. Terry pulled away and targeted another. "Coward."

=^=If you consider skin thin shields a good thing, I'm fine=^= Aurilia said as she veered hard to port and went into a roll while firing her phasers at another target and dodged more debris.

=^=Um, no, not in my book. Watch yourself then, Tango. Hopefully this will be over soon.=^= Terry narrowly missed a chunk of ship. But the phaser fire coming from the bogie on his six hit it and not him. So he wasn't too upset.

The battle continued to rage on around them. Miraculously, the USS O'Carroll continued to survive, despite her severe injuries first suffered at the Battle for Starbase Unity. With the USS Freedom at her side, the two ships continued to exchange weapons blasts with the Antares and Ticonderoga. Neither side was gaining any ground, but their stray weapons fire was causing more havoc with the fighters than the debris that continued to drift around everyone.

The 325th was already down some fighters because of their battle with the Consortium and Romulan Warbird in the Nebula. Between the radiation and the battle, they had lost a total of six personnel and Valkyries. Now, with Alpha Six gone, they were up to seven. Seven out of twenty, save the refit of the Peregrine. The bottom line was that they had a total of fourteen fighters because they hadn't had a chance to 'resupply.' But at least they had a Squadron of Javelins and some Jem'Hadar attack fighters on their side.

Ap'eth refused to use the call sign that her buddies had given her at her first assignment. Or rather, at the drunken party that ensued after their mission. One of them had said that her name sounded like a sneeze. And it stuck, Sneezy. =^=Rocco, I am bringing Bravo Flight and Charlie Flight to your aid,=^= stated Ap'eth, the Klingon-Human woman. She knew that he and Alpha Flight would need help in dispatching the rest of the of the Consortium fighters.

Before Terry could answer, another voice broke into their communications. =^=I am First Kudak'Adar of the Jem'Hadar. I have two other attack fighters with me, we will aid your Alpha Flight. We will target the enemy fighters with our phased polaron beams and energy dissipators. And then together, we will destroy them.=^=

Ap'eth was surprised, but pleased. She knew what the Jem'Hadar polaron beams and retrofitted Breen energy dissipators could do. The Klingon in her grinned. =^=Understood. Rocco, orders?=^=

Terry had been gritting his teeth though the whole thing. He hadn't wanted to go along with this, but knew that if they were going to win, he had no choice. =^=Take Bravo and Charlie and target the Consortium's Akira class ship.=^= Terry paused a second and knew that his next order would mean that he would lose his wingperson. And possibly result in some pushback. But someone needed to take charge of that attack run, especially as he hadn't heard from his Charlie Flight Lead in quite a while. =^=Sneezy, standby. Archer, take charge of Bravo and Charlie Flights. That's an order."

=/\="And what will you be doing all by your lonesome?"=/\= Archer asked vaguely disapproving, who would watch his back? Even as she rechecked her systems and called up the data she would needed as she prepared to shift focus, very reluctantly but orders were orders.

Terry chuckled into the comm. =^=I'll be fine, Archer. I'll find another Element to join up with. Thanks. Aurilia, I need a wingperson. Alpha Flight, as soon as the Jem'Hadar disable the fighters, they're all yours. Let's end this.=^=

=^=I'm on it,=^= Aurilia responded and opened a com to Mal =^=Tango to Grand, we need to line up with the Jem'Hadar and light some fighters up.=^= she said as she brought her fighter around in a series of maneuvers to avoid debris and phaser fire. One hit her shields and she cringed as she looked a the readout and saw she was down to twenty-four percent.

=^=Roger that, Tango. Coming up on your six.=^= Mal pulled up behind Aurilia and to her port.

=/\="This is Galahad, Striker not answering coms and is flickering on my HUD..." He hit the console with his fist..."Nevermind link solid but I've lost visual. Repeat I do not have eyeballs on..."=/\= He sounded angry but it was at himself. He was her wingman and could not find her.

=^=Copy that, Galahad.=^= Striker's wingperson had lost her on his HUD. They would have to deal with that later, though. He was sure that Striker had found a safe place. =^=We'll have to take care of that after the battle.=^=

=/\="This is Archer, Bravo and Charlie form up on me, staggered wedge we're going to kick in the door..."=/\=. A staggered wedge was an arrow head formation but making full use of the possible randomness of a 3D flight path stacking fighters at different levels and locations but effectively maximizing their ability to overlap fire. In short a group with redundancy and hard to hit all once with the ability to hit the same target with minute fire solution changes.

Ap'eth acknowledged the transmission and brought Bravo Flight up in the specified formation. =^=Ready and waiting, Archer.=^=

Reluctantly Galahad left off his search and joined the group flying toward their target. =/\="Galahad acknowledging."=/\= Other pilots acknowledged as they prepared their run.

The remainder of the Javelin Squadron returned into a standard formation. They might have been outnumbered by the Black Knights, but at least they had stronger weapons. As soon as they were within range, every single craft opened fire.

The Javelin's appeared on the HUD's of the combined Bravo/Charlie group Archer looked determined, =/\="Bravo Charlie, guests ahead let's get them seated and return to primary target. Save boomers if possible and low. Dance if you need to but return home, Keep with your buddy. Ap'eth on me.". Her words were rapid fire but clear as she prepared to fill her dance card again. The last order in essence meant 'If possible keep in relation to each other to improve overlapping fire but if you need to adjust do it but try to get back into position when it safe'. The formation Bravo Charlie was in gave them multiple angles of fire on any one target, basically less of a line and more of a wall of phaser fire shot out from the grouping, multiple phasers shooting out as pilots got their own locks even as they attempted to dodge incoming fire and debris using every bit of the functionality of three dimensional space.

=^=Understood, Archer. Coming up on your port.=^= She grinned as she saw the green indicators forming on her screen. This formation was new to her, but she wasn't reluctant at all to try it. Sometimes the best strategies were born in combat. She then unleashed a barrage of phaser fire at the incoming Javelins.

=/\="Let's mow the grass shall we?"=/\=" Archer replied to Ap'eth, as she matched Ap'eth's barrage with her own unyielding rate of fire. Constant and accurate if there was anything left after Ap'eth hit it, Archer's fire followed up. If not well this was what they liked to call a "Target Rich Environment".

As soon as she saw Mal was once again on her wing, Aurilia headed to intercept with Rocco. =^=Tango to Rocco. We are in step. Confirm target.=^=

=^=Copy that Tango, target confirmed as incoming Javelin squadron.=^= Before Terry could get another word out, he saw the three polaron beams lance out from the Jem'Hadar fighters. One more shot and he saw that his monitors registered no shields on his enemies. He prepared to open fire on the fighters until he saw a tactic that he hadn't seen. Not even in the Dominion War. Three different waves of Dominion transporter light appeared in space, replaced by Consortium pilots in their flight suits.

=^=Javelin's confirmed=^= Aurilia responded as she looked her Peregrin around matching velocity and trajectory with Rocco's. She fired her Type J pulse and Type VII phasers in continuous volleys as she bore down on them with a single mindset while executing maneuvers.

=^=First Kudak'Adar to Starfleet fighters. You may now destroy the enemy fighters. They're shields are not as strong as a starship's.=^= The three Jem'Hadar fighters started to repeat their tactics on three more Javelins. Only this time, they fired their energy dissipators before transport.

Archer blinked, "Well hell..." She said momentarily surprised by the tactic, then quickly gathered herself, =/\="Bravo Charlie you heard the man, pop the bubbles." She said a hint of bemusement in her voice as she went gunning for the unshielded fighters.

Galahad made a mental note to make sure they learned to counter that, you know in case they weren't friends anymore. For now though he got weapons lock on the nearest Javelin and let loose, banking around for another pass with another wingman from Bravo flight. Another pilot started to play 'Flight of the Valkyries' in his cockpit

The remaining Consortium fighters scrambled, panicked by the Dominion's unusual tactics. Instantly, they scrambled, trying to escape the polaron beams.

=^=Tango to Rocco, are you seeing this?=^= Aurilia asked as she pulled her Peregrine away from the conflagration of polaron breams coming from the Dominion craft.

=^=Copy, Tango. I'm seeing, still working on believing. I didn't even see this during the Dominion War. But at least it split up their formation.=^= Terry looked up as he zoomed by one of the Consortium pilots. He was still a fair distance away, but still...

=^=Well what are we waiting for? Let's take them while we can.=^= said Mal. He pulled around and targeted one of the stray Javelins. =^=Now is the best time, when they're scattered.=^= He opened fire and watched as the shields flickered.

=^=Let's rock,=^= Aurilia said as she fired her phasers on another Javelin as she flew her Peregrine after it in a tight formation with the others.

Taking advantage of an opportunity, the Consortium Valkyrie squadron abandoned their assault on the Sovereign-Class USS Freedom and turned their attention to the Black Knights. They might not be able to overpower the Starfleet dreadnoughts, but they could eliminate one of Starfleet's most revered squadrons. As soon as several of their fighters had a member of the Black Knights in their sights, they opened fire.

Terry's shields had been down to twenty percent earlier. He checked again, worried. "Nine have to be kidding me," he muttered. "This isn't...oh hell." The Squadron Commander checked his tactical sensors and noticed eighteen Valkyries inbound on their location at high impulse. =^=Rocco to Knights! Eighteen bogies inbound! Eyes up! Eyes up!=^=

No sooner had he got the transmission out, than he felt his fighter rock from phaser fire. Red lights started flashing and screens darkened as his shields fell. He executed evasive maneuvers and tried to escape. Another two shots landed and he watched a part of his wing fall away. The second shot hit the area around the small warp core. Alarms sounded. Terry quickly set the emergency transporter for a distance far enough away from the immediate battle and energized. The shimmering light faded and he found himself floating in space, thankful for the XN-8 flight suit and it's hour of life support. He watched as his Valkyrie exploded and then shook his head. "They're gonna pay," he muttered.

Galahad swooped in firing phasers, he was out of torpedoes at the Javelin he was locked on to. It blew up as he banked around looking for another target. He didn’t have time to react as the enemy boogies came out of no where to smash into their flank. Galahad got hit and went spinning, he was trying to regain control as the console alarms went off. =/\=”Galahad to flight, shields down, phasers fried I…” =/\=” then he noticed one of the newcomers had gotten a torpedo off and it was locked on to one of the Black Hawk Fighters like mark of doom. He saw the pilot couldn’t shake it and it was getting closer, he did not even pause as he did the first thing that came to mind. He didn't even know which pilot it was, he didn't need to know. It was one of his own that's all he needed. He aimed his craft for it, dodging random fire his goal to stop it. =/\=”I’m out!”=/\= he said and did two things. One he locked his craft on the torpedo and two he hid the emergency transport button which sent him and his sealed suit into space

He didn’t have time to get it set far as the shockwave hit him, but he was pleased to note it looked like it took out an enemy ship. That was the last feeling he took with him as he spun out of control, losing consciousness.

Archer cursed, phaser fire dropped her shields to 15%. She regained control, her eyes flicked to the readouts. Rocco's life signs were still active but his craft was gone. She noted where he and a few others beacons were blinking. =/\="Black Knights, Black Knights regroup. Freeform for max effect. We've got men in the water they do not get past us. We have to hold them until they can be rescued. Hey Jem'Hadar, you got any other fancy tricks now's the time. Ap'eth let's do this, free for all!" She said her focus intense the yo yo of battle turned against them once more.

Aurilia gasped when she saw Rocco's Valkyrie explode and tried to check her sensors to see if he were still alive. A tiny blip showed up on it and she saw that he had beamed out. While she had space for another pilot in her Peregrine, she only had the option of beaming out in an emergency, but couldn't beam someone in. She briefly thought about hovering near him to allow him to grab hold of her fighter, but dismissed it as it would paint a bigger target on him. She dodged a blast of polaron beams that blew another Javelin fighter out of space and set a course for another that was nearby.

===Jem'Hadar Attack Fighter===

Terry floated in space, looking at the devastation until his vision was blurred by transporter beam. In a matter of seconds, he found himself and Galahad laying on the floor of something that wasn't Federation. Sitting up and looking around, Terry saw Jem'Hadar. He gritted his teeth and then gasped when he realized where he was. A small room in Jem'Hadar attack ship, or fighter. He pulled his helmet off and ran to check Galahad. There was a faint pulse and slight breathing. He appeared unconscious, but alive. Terry couldn't check to be sure as he had no tricorder. But when the doors suddenly opened, Terry jerked backwards.

"I am First Kudak'Adar. You and your Starfleet fight well, but your fighters are puny and fall apart easily. Come, the Vorta wishes you to be on the Bridge." He grinned at the human and left.

Terry quickly came to his feet, grabbed his helmet, and followed the sworn enemy of his old battle buddy to the Bridge. Never in my life, he thought, never in my life did I ever think this would happen. Something is wrong in the universe somewhere.


The three Jem'Hadar fighters, including the one that Terry had beamed to, continued to attack the Javelins while Starfleet took care of the Valkyries. Between their polaron beams, the energy dissipators, and the disruptors, they had been able to disable or destroy four more Javelins. =^=Attention Starfleet fighters, this is First Kudak'Adar of the Jem'Hadar. We have your two pilots on our attack fighter. They are safe. We will continue to assist.=^= With that, the channel went silent.

It felt like a weight had been taken off her shoulders as Archer breathed a sigh of relief at the news.
=/\="Archer to Kudak'Adar, I never thought I'd say this but Thank You....Archer to Bravo Charlie let's show these gate crashers and their buddies why it's rude to invite themselves along for the ride." She bore down on the nearest one coming from an oblique angle above, going full force on them coordinating as best she could with ones labeled as being unshielded but keeping eyes open for threat changes.

===Jem'Hadar Attack Fighter, Bridge===

There was no viewscreen on their attack ships. Where the Captain’s chair would have been, there was a central position with several access points to various controls. Terry was standing at one of the several stations pointed inward, facing the command position. He wasn’t that well versed in reading Jem’Hadar tactical layouts, but he’d finally managed to figure out what was Starfleet, Consortium, and Jem’Hadar. It looked like the Black Knights were doing a fairly decent job.

Kudak’Adar walked up beside Terry. “I can show you which emblems are which,” he said. Their displays didn’t show as much as Starfleet’s. But all they needed to know was who was the enemy. Beyond that, it was destroy them.

Terry visibly shuddered as the Jem’Hadar walked up beside him and began talking. He knew that it would be seen, but he didn’t care. Was he grateful for their help? Of course. Could he wait until this was all over and he never had to see another Jemmie again? Absolutely not. “I think I have it figured out,” he said.

Kudak’Adar noticed the shaking of the human’s body. He determined that either this man was sick or he had a deep-seated hatred for the Dominion. Most likely, it was the second. So rather than push the man to the edge that he suspected was there, he stepped back. “If you need assistance, ask,” he said simply.

It was then that the Vorta commanding the fighter spoke. “First, lend the human your virtual display device. We have picked up something that he may want to see.”

Terry looked from the Vorta to the Jem’Hadar. He wasn’t sure what was going on and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know. He took a quick look at the tactical display again and noticed that there was no sudden loss his fighters. He turned his attention back to the First and silently extended his hand.

Kudak’Adar removed his display and device and gave it to the human. He then turned to the Vorta commander and shook his head. He took up position near the commander and gave silent nods to the other to back away. He had no idea how the human was about to respond.

Terry put the virtual display device on. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. way it could be. This wasn't right, none of it was right. The Black Hawk was going down...towards the planet. It was crashing. Terry fell to his knees as he watched pieces fly off and flames shoot out. No.



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